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aphrodite university

Aphrodite University is the premier Divine Feminine university for Twin Flame women.

We provide MBA, PhD, and BA programs to women healers, intuitive coaches, therapists, and consultants who are ready to go high-end and launch 6 or 7-figure soul-aligned bli$$ness that heal the planet.

Our programs are attuned to the needs of modern-day entrepreneurs who are ready to attract and activate their Twin Flame relationship (soulmate beloved) as High-Healed Priestesses.

The MBA Program helps students birth high-end luxury brands that align at the soul, to create successful 6 and 7-figure bli$$nesses that heal the world.

The PhD Program trains students to become new paradigm celebs: expert energy healers, authors, powerful high priestesses, and 6-figure mystics.

The BA Program fulfills your undergraduate level education, while helping you become an accomplished energy healer, academic mystic, or lightworker.

We include money mindset tools plus business trainings in our PhD/BA programs to help each graduate embody abundance consciousness to rise fully as a High-Healed Priestess.

twin flame mbaWe serve women who are looking to become:

  • Life coaches
  • Twin Flame Matchmakers
  • Dating and relationship coaches
  • 6-figure earners who work from home/anywhere where there is internet
  • Spiritual celebrities and movement leaders
  • Expert energy healers
  • Divine Feminine entrepreneurs
  • New Paradigm leaders
  • More beautiful, healthy, healed and whole than ever
  • Confident and loving leaders, lovers, daughters, sisters, and mothers


About the Founder

Dr. Noelle is the Twin Flame Matchmaker and Founder of Aphrodite University, the premier Divine Feminine university offering MBA, BA, and PhD programs that integrate sacred feminine leadership with sexuality, money, and pleasure.

Dr. Noelle gradiated Cum Laude from from Duke University with a BA in women’s studies and sexuality studies, then went on to receive her PhD in transpersonal counseling. Amanda is also a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition consultant, certified life coach, certified past life regression therapist, and licensed esthetician.

As an author, teacher, and 6-figure bli$$preneur, Amanda believes that all women are meant to become embodied goddesses standing in their value next to their divine partners, while pleasurably making 6 figures or more from their divine gifts.

Dr.-Amanda-Noelle-SmallAmanda helps spiritually gifted women launch 6-figure soul-aligned businesses that call in their Twin Flames. As a gifted Twin Flame Matchmaker, she has helped women struggling with that ‘single curse’ to call in their beloved within days, or on occasion, even within hours!

Amanda lives between California, Europe, Central America, and Asia with her Twin Flame Jack Rousseau. She loves eating raw cacao (naked in bed), and dancing wildly with full abandon!


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