alpha delta rhoWhen you enroll at Aphrodite University, you are automatically accepted into Alpha Rho Delta, the coolest sorority in the galaxy. There is no sorority rush process, apart from the incredible head rushes we get from all the BLI$$ of our collaboration, celebration, and sacred sisterhood.

We meet live monthly on Google Hangouts (live video streaming or voice streaming) where we sip pink champagne, prank call boys, decorate our nipples with flowers and butterflies, whatever we feel. We also arrange to meet up in our local areas and celebrate in person. When Aphrodite University hosts retreats, our sorority takes over the entire island in dance party sorority bliss!  This one time on Crete, we had the Greek gods crawling at our feet at one beach nightclubs. They were circled around us looking dazed, confused, and drooling. It was pretty hilarious, sexy, and awesome.



Aphrodite University Greek Sorority


The origins of Alpha Rho Delta date back to the ancient sororities on Greece, Cyprus, and Rhodes where sisters were initiated together through ancient wisdom, elixirs, spiritual ceremonies, celebration of the goddess Aphrodite, and sensual pleasure.


sacred sisterhood


What Alpha Rho Delta is not is your average repressive cookie cutter sorority where you have to conform to the rules, looks, attitudes, and judgement of your ‘sisters.’ There is no such thing as competition at Alpha Rho Delta, just collaboration, cooperation, and celebration. Yep, we only subscribe to true sisterhood, where you fit in whether you are a mermaid, a hippie, a tribal ancient sista’, a glamma diva, an old crone, or a young sexy fairy.  It’s all good, as long as you are open to experience heart-based love of sisterhood! At Alpha Rho Delta, you finally get to fit in by not fitting in at all, and loving ourselves with each other, together!


Greek Aphrodite Sorority


There is no hazing of our freshman, (only light spankings and pink champagne bottles if you absolutely want them) pink jelly beans, and lots of giggles and cupcakes. At Alpha Rho, we celebrate your power, your body, your beauty, uniqueness! Plus, our parties are out of this world and attract the cutest boys from all of the Dimensions! He he he…


Aphrodite Sorority


See you there, with your pink toga on SeaStar (sister of the Seven Sisters)! <3

If you are already enrolled at Aphrodite University and wish to join Alpha Rho Delta, click here.  Here’s to sisterhood (SeaStars we are!).

cheers sisterhood