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Hey Bachelorette!

Ready to Become a Twin Flame Bride?


Fondly called the “Bachelorette’s Degree,” the Aphrodite University BA Program is designed to help smart conscious women become initiated as Twin Flame Brides. Our graduates go from struggling with settling for less or staying single as bachelorettes, to becoming aligned with their Twin Flames via self-marriage. The program takes around 12 months to complete.

Are you a smart conscious woman who is ready to:

  • Heal and marry your whole self?
  • Unblock all of your chakras, heal past heartbreaks and wounds?
  • Attract her ultimate Beloved within the next year?
  • Tap into your ‘Pussy Power’–your womb wisdom and wealth, to create a life based on bliss?

Our Bachelorette’s Degree is an intensive High-Healed Priestess initiation into Twin Flame Love, bliss, and self-realization. deep immersion in the Divine Feminine Healing Arts. 

The specific BA curriculum provides women with the tools, trainings, and encouragement it takes to develop self-confidence and healing skills so they can quickly magnetize their Twin Flame Union.

See the BA graduation requirements here.

The BA Program will teach you how to:

  • Clear current and past life energy blocks stopping your Twin Flame Attraction
  • Release negative psychic energies held in your cellular memory, DNA, and epigenetics
  • Navigate through your Mother and Father Wounds
  • Heal all fear and doubt, and turn it into LOVE using Twin Flame Alchemy
  • Gain a sense of UNSTOPPABLE Higher Self-Esteem
  • Perform a Twin Flame Self-Marriage Ritual that awakens you as Aphrodite, the goddess and queen of infinite unconditional love
  • Create a Twin Flame relationship and life you love, the Divine Feminine way
  • Manifest With ORGASM! Manifest what you desire using ancient sacred sex magic secrets from the Temple of Aphrodite

The BA courses are taught by Dr. Amanda Noelle and her entourage of High Priestess Professors–heart-based teachers, leaders, healers, Lightworkers, spiritual bli$$ness women and coaches, millionaires, revolutionaries, authors, bloggers, and/or successful business owners.

Current BA Program Curriculum:

Here is a sample list of our constantly growing list of courses. Most courses are 6-modules each (6 units):

  • ALC 101: Alchemical Life Coaching With Dr. Amanda Noelle
  • ALC 10: The Foundation to Fully Embodying Your Sacred Life Purpose With Incan Priestess Jessica Cornejo Gallegos
  • DFC 101: Sacral Speech With High Priestess Professor Positive Polly Anna
  • DFC/VN 222: Merotica With High Priestess Professor Cora Flora
  • DFC 333: Intro to Goddess Social Media Marketing With High Priestess Professor Kara Maria Ananda
  • DFC 633: How to Embody Your Video Priestess so That You Can Captivate Your Soulmate Clients With High Priestess Professor Michelle Hart
  • LA 301: Divinely Rich! With High Priestess Professor Erika Matos
  • HM 011: High-Healed Priestess Bootcamp With Dr. Amanda Noelle
  • HM 012/TF 012: Twin Flame Love Elixirs With Dr. Amanda Noelle
  • HM 029: Green Magic High Priestess Professor Beth SteinmannHM 013: Twin Flame Anointments Dr. Amanda Noelle
  • HM 099: Ayahuasca – Sacred Vortex of Life Transformation High Priestess Professor Q’Orianka Jessica Gallegos
  • HM 102: Body and Soul Clarity Cleanse High Priestess Professor Jennifer Nassi
  • HM 133: Freedom Weight Loss System High Priestess Professor Andrea Silver
  • HM 211: Chocananda Bliss: What Every High-Healed Priestess Needs to Know High Priestess raw cacao With High Priestess Professor Dara Merin
  • HM 622: The Chinese Five Elements and How They Relate to Our Energy, Health, Relationships and More High Priestess Professor Jennifer Nassi
  • SB 434: Divine Self Care With High Priestess Professor Jennifer Nassi
  • SB 333: A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet With High Priestess Professor K. Beate Richter
  • TC 201: Safety First With High Priestess Professor Sherley Williams
  • TC 314 Rainbow Past Life Regression Therapy With Dr. Amanda Noelle
  • TC 609: Priestess Past Lives With High Priestess Professor Beth Steinmann
  • TFL 014: Identify and Bust Your Twin Flame Love Blocks With Dr. Amanda Noelle
  • TFL 111: The Twin Flame Attraction Program With Dr. Amanda Noelle
  • VN 101 – PU$$Y Power Practices With Dr. Amanda Noelle

All of our coursework is self-paced, can be done on a full or part-time basis.

We offer a combination of live and recorded materials (mp3s, videos, PDFs), plus live group coaching, “Power Hour” (done from the comfort of your own home), and occasional in-person retreats for all Aphrodite University undergraduates.