BA Program


Are you a woman who is ready to:

  • Develop her skills as a healer and high priestess?
  • Tap into her Pussy Power and create a life based on pleasure?
  • Call in her Twin Flame at light speed?
  • Learn our sacred Law of Attraction method called Manifest With Orgasm?
  • Wishes to study mysticism, metaphysics, and the Divine Feminine Healing Arts?

Our BA degree, aka the “Bachelorette’s Degree,” is an  High-Healed Priestess initiation, and an exploration of the Divine Feminine Healing Arts.

The BA Program is designed for women who are ready to graduate from being “bachelorettes,” and who wish to call in their Twin Flame within 6-12 months or less. This self-paced program takes roughly 12 months to complete.

See the BA graduation requirements here.

The Bachelorette’s Degree provides you with the confidence, courage, and specific curriculum to  develop your inherent healing gifts and take them to the next level, so that you can feel healed and whole while having a powerful impact on the planet.

Aphrodite University will teach you how to:

  • Clear current and past life energy blocks stopping your Twin Flame Attraction
  • Release psychic energies held in your cellular memory, DNA, and epigenetics
  • Gain a sense of deep self-love and self-confidence
  • Coach yourself and others using Alchemical Life Coaching
  • Create a relationship, bli$$ness, and life you love, the Divine Feminine way

A Sample of Topics Covered in the BA Program:


The BA courses are taught by Dr. Amanda Noelle and our entourage of High Priestess Professors–heart-based teachers, leaders, healers, Lightworkers, spiritual bli$$ness women and coaches, millionaires, revolutionaries, authors, bloggers, and/or successful business owners.

All of our coursework is self-paced, can be done on a full or part-time basis.

We offer a combination of live and recorded materials (mp3s, videos, PDFs), plus live group coaching, “Power Hour” (done from the comfort of your own home), and occasional in-person retreats for all Aphrodite University undergraduates.