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How Purify Your Ancient Bloodline to Align With the San Graal

Your blood is actually a sacred river that passes through many generations, holding memory and data that comes directly from Source Consciousness, Oneness. Divine crystalline codes are literally held in your blood within the structure of water. H2O holds a sacred geometry that is present in all life. This is the perfectly aligned Flower of Life structure represented by […]

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Alpha Rho Delta

When you enroll at Aphrodite University, you are automatically accepted into Alpha Rho Delta, the coolest sorority in the galaxy. There is no sorority rush process, apart from the incredible head rushes we get from all the BLI$$ of our collaboration, celebration, and sacred sisterhood. We meet live monthly on Google Hangouts (live video streaming […]

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Thank You!

First of all I want to express my love and gratitude for your involvement in Aphrodite University (AU) in whatever way you are involved (i.e. by reading this you are involved energetically and consciously). I thank you for our old soul connection. It is time sister, to rock this place and turn it into a Heaven on Earth, a space station for all the different starseeds on the galaxy to co-create and unite.

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