Course Categories:

ALC – Alchemical Life Coaching

BL – Bli$$ness

DFC – Divine Feminine Communications

GE – Goddess Economics

HM – HerMedica

HS – HerStory

LA – Law of Attraction

SB – Shamanic Beauty

TC – Transpersonal Counseling

TFL – Twin Flame Loveology

VN – VagiNational Relations/Sexuality Studies

List of Schools and Departments:

College of Alchemical Life Coaching (ALC) – Learn how to be become an Alchemical Life Coach with our intuitive life coach training program. Alchemical Life Coaching is an intuitive approach to life coaching; you help clients design action plans, set goals, and combine this with an intuitive Divine Feminine approach. Coach clients remotely or in person, in the areas of health, relationships, finances, business, and more. You will receive a Alchemical Life Coaching certificate upon completion of your program (can be done as part of the MBA or PhD program).

Bli$$ness School (BL) – Receive your MBA degree in Divine Feminine way of doing business. We are a Bli$$ness and luxury branding school for High-Healed Priestesses, combining spiritual alignment and Bli$$ buck$. Learn how to launch your 7-figure biz step-by-step program which includes training in online marketing, social media, bli$$ness launching, branding, and sales training.

Divine Feminine Communication and Media School (DFC) – AU’s new Divine Feminine based media and healing the scars created by the old-paradigm patriarchal media and rising new stars to lead the new spirit-conscious movement. We train our graduates how to create their own media movements using video, writing blogs, getting published, and doing public speaking.

HerMedical School (HM) – Hermedica = her medical + hermetically sealed secret + healing. This is a modern-day mystery school of plant magic, and crystal, sound, energy, Pleiadian and Atlantean healing. We make healing fun, proactive, and we believe in the power of miracles.

HerStory Department (HS) – A school of Divine Feminine history studies, Magdalene/Roseline studies, Goddess and mystery school studies.

The Law (of Attraction) School (LA) – Become a Lawyer of Attraction (lol!) who misstresses the art of the Law of Attraction. Help yourself and your clients attract your heart’s desires, no matter how big or small, in bli$$ness, money, love, health, home, and anything else.

Metaphysical Sciences (MS) – A modern-day university metaphysics department at its best, we train our graduates to be experts in channeling, past-life regression therapy, aura healing, akashic record reading, energy attunements, and psychic healing and meditation.

Shamanic Beauty School (SB) – Become part of the only cosmic cosmetology school in the galaxy! As a Shamanic Beauty School student,  you’ll be trained in the field of holistic health and beauty. You will learn how to transform your client’s mind, body and spirit via body image and mystical makeovers, healthy weight loss, reverse aging, and hot beauty SeaCrets of the sea!

School of Transpersonal Counseling (TC) – Our transpersonal counseling school will fine tune your high priestess counseling, metaphysical counseling, and healing practitioner skills. Become an expert transpersonal counselor counseling clients on their spiritual paths to support, heal, and awaken their destiny.

Temple of the Twin Flames (TFL) – Twin Flame Matchmaker Certification. Twin Flame theory, intuitive love counseling, Twin Flames Matchmaking, and self-love healing. Become an expert on Twin Flames as a Certified Twin Flame Matchmaker, love coach, spiritual relationship counselor, or dating coach at the Temple of the Twin Flames!

School of VagiNational Relations (VN) – Rediscover and awaken the ancient art of PU$$Y Power. Learn to harness this Divine Feminine force of nature that can birth infinity from nothing, and bringing heaven to earth. Discover the ancient secrets of tantra, G-spot massage, female ejaculation, and breath work.

Bli$$ness Curriculum

As a SeaStar, the first year of your AU program includes our bli$$ness curriculum based on our signature 7-Chakra, 7-Figure ORGASM Formula. 

The following business (aka bli$$ness) courses are taught as part of the Aphrodite University MBA, PhD, and BA degree programs:

BL 101: Bli$$ness 101 (Dr. Amanda Noelle) In this 8-module course, you’ll get a broad overview of what you need to launch a successful 6-figure business online. You’ll discover your soul purpose and passions, and turn them into a thriving bli$$ness as we design your streamlined bli$$ness plan! Start generating leads right away with your upleveled brand, marketing strategy in place, and a new fresh bli$$ness vibe your Soulmate Clients will love.

VN 101: PU$$Y Power Practice 101 – Intro to Manifesting With Orgasm Technique (Dr. Amanda Noelle)  In this sacred training/meditation you will call in your Divine Feminine creative energies to help build a bli$$ness of your wildest fantasies. Clear and ground your wombspace to release old abuse energies and align with your highest abundance and delight!

LO 201: Safety First (High Priestess Professor Sherley Williams) This course is like a root chakra makeover, and takes you through a deep hypnotherapy rebirthing so you’re not longer carrying karmas from your early childhood, your birth experience, and even your past lives. Create the perfectly safe space for you to birth your 6 or 7-figure bli$$ness with ease.

BL 117/LA 301: Divinely Rich! Unleashing Money AND Freedom from Your Higher Self (High Priestess Professor Erika Matos) Are you done with compromising your spiritual path for the sake of money? Or are you tired of losing out on financial opportunities because of your commitment to living a spiritually-aligned life? Attract abundance the High-Healed Priestess way using the Law of Attraction and by utilizing your Higher Self assets!

BL/VN 333: Orgasm for Clearing Sexual Trauma (and Loving Your Bli$$ness Into Being) (SeaStar Asherah Eden)
In this powerful Sea-Star led course, Asherah Eden will help empower you to clear ancestral trauma and karma and create clarity and cash (with edge and sass). You will learn how to clear out sexual abuse and trauma using the power of orgasm. Re-wire yourself sexually for self-love, self-trust, and greater cash flow and clarity. Bust through the blockages that bind and shame that stops the river of your bliss, and re-unite with your true voice, embodied power, fierce presence, and sensual integrated blissness! Learn how to create your blissness from sex-stasy, rather than pain and shame.

BL 012: Your Soulmate Client Avatar (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Are you ready to attract your Soulmate Clients in droves? In order to do so, you’ll first need to identify your Soulmate Client Avatar: an ‘avatar’ of your high-paying soul-aligned clients with whom you have a deep and heart-felt soul connection, who take your biz to 6 or 7-figures faster than ever. This course will help you get 100% clear on who your Soulmate Client Avatar is and ground the energy of your soul-aligned lead attraction. Using our Soulmate Client Avatar Assessment Sheet, you’ll map out her pain and pleasure, and how to speak, market, and sell to her in a sacred way. Before you know it, you’ll have a successful thriving bli$$ness teaming with Soulmate Clients, and you’ll be glad you took the time to take this super-grounding and magical course!

BL 013: Ending the Niche Bitch (Dr. Amanda Noelle) We woo-woo women tend to skip this critical biz step that will sabotage our 6-figure bli$$: having a P2PP, a Pain to Pleasure Problem. A P2PP is the key problem(s) we solve in our clients/customers. They are urgent issues in a person’s life that need fixing that they will pay for so you can get paid! Let’s find your urgent problem that the marketplace needs help on that you are designed to solve for the BIG Love Buck$! Get your soul purpose aligned with this and step into your money game.

BL 022: Birthing Your Sexy Signature System (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Your SSS is the basic blueprint to your biz; it is a unique streamlined set of 3-7 steps that help your Soulmate Clients get the golden results. Your SSS takes high-paying Soulmate Clients from their pain to their pleasure, using your most effective method possible that we’ll quickly teach you how to design during this course.  You’ll also design your Sexy Signature High-End Program, your SSS VIP Days, and map out where else you’ll be implementing your SSS in your bli$$ness (SSS talks, SSS blogs, SSS books, etc!).

BL 033: Your 7-Figure ORGASMIC Website (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Learn exactly how to design a sexy 7-Figure ORGASMIC Website that converts (rather than having a fancy and costly website that doesn’t make da money!). We’ll talk about high-end branding, selecting images, font, design, and color. You’ll also create your sexy free gift–a gift that sparks their desire to opt-in and start to know like and trust you. Then, you’ll draft an autoresponder series to drip juicy content to potential customers, so by the time you sell to Soulmate Clients, they’re already sold 😉 We’ll also craft sexy web copy that sells–we’ll write up your: sales page(s), home, about/bio, blog, and contact pages. Express the upleveled brand you ARE upon the magical expression of cyber space, within our web of SeaStars AU!

BL 017: Be Irresistible Online (High Priestess Professor Jesse Webb) A big-picture view of your online empire and what’s really possible for you & your Irresistible Website.

BL 039: Irresistible List Building (High Priestess Professor Jesse Webb) The art of building an email list of the right peeps who love what you’re up to and want MORE!

BL 044: Soulmate Client Attraction Launches (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Welcome to Soulmate Client Attraction Launches! You’re about to learn the secret to growing your bli$$ness to 6-figures as quickly as possible. At AU we call this your Soulmate Client Attraction Launch, an organized marketing campaign to launch your Sexy Signature High-End Program, group programs, or products. You’ll walk away from this course having the opt-in page, event titles and copy, autoresponders, joint venture and Facebook marketing done. Plus, you’ll do your first Soulmate Client Attraction Launch and get feedback from our team to make it a 5-figure launch!

BL 055: Seductive Selling (Dr. Amanda Noelle) This course is especially for bli$$ness women who sell to your Soulmate Clients. You’re selling love! This course will specifically help you sell from all parts of your being, including: your female intuition, compassion, and heart, and of course your PU$$Y Power! You’ll learn how to craft your own unique sales scripts and sell during your discovery sessions, group launch calls, and via videos and sales pages the the most authentic and seductive soul-based way possible.

BL 051: From Fear to Focus (High Priestess Professor Vanessa Velez) Learn how to embrace your inner resistance, and shape shift it into 6 or 7-Figure golden results. Get the hot tools to break down the old fears and blocks around selling and receiving money. 

BL 066: Erotic Brand Equity (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Would you like a sleek and sexy luxury brand that sells from your soul? In this course, we will take you from an average healer, to a 6 + 7 figure High-Healed Priestess. We’ll uplevel your personal brand, go through every aspect of your biz, brand, and life to activate your high-end brand presence, and turn you into a first class-flying High-Healed Priestess pronto! Get ready for a total life and biz makeover; you are about to become one high-end cosmic girl living in a material world!

BL 067/GE 321: Luxury High-End Branding (High Priestess Professor Katherine Jupiter) Turn your bli$$ness into a luxury commodity using simple tools to increase your worth. Learn the bizarre mysteries of the real value of money from a former jet-set 6-figure luxury courtesan!

BL 053: Your Mind-Blowing Brand Idea – Sex Magic + Soul Success (High Priestess Professor Vanessa Velez) Your brand idea is the juicy elixir that infuses every part of your bli$$ness – from choosing a business name to designing your website, and even how you show up on social media – it all stems from your brilliant money-making brand idea. Get clear on your juicy brand idea + unleash it with passion, power + purpose.

BL 054: Embody Your Brand – Your Body Speaks (High Priestess Professor Vanessa Velez) Learn how to use your body as the oracle + manifesting powerhouse it’s meant to be. Explore juicy body rituals + sacred sex practices to powerfully ground your high-vibrational business in the physical world. Unleash wild success, attract wild amounts of income + change the world!

BL 077: Aphrodisiac Marketing (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Do you loath marketing but love breeding desire in people? Are you a High-Healed Priestess who has a big message to speak, money to receive, and love to share, but you’re clueless on what marketing strategy to follow? You need to get your sexy Aphrodisiac Marketing booty jiggling! Dr. Noelle will teach you how she turns her clients on and gets them begging for more via marketing, including social media, blogs, speaking gigs, and word of mouth. Get the confidence to share your message, and make the first move! Your clients will be wet n’ wild just waiting to sign up with you! In this 6-module course, we’ll cover the following: (1) Making Marketing Blissful (2) How to Create Authentic Aphrodisiac Content That Sells (3) The 4 Big Blog Bli$$ Basics (4) Secrets to Writing New Paradigm Newsletters (5) Sexy Facebook Skills Revealed! (6) Become a Crazy Ninja Free Spirited Aphrodisiac Marketing Pro!

BL 078: High-Healed Priestess Video Rockstars: How to Create Videos That Rock, Heal, and Sell (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Are you ready to become a YouTube celeb, on-camera pro, and captivate your high-paying Soulmate Clients? Then join us for this profound 6-module awakening course to transform yourself and your biz on-camera! What you’ll need for this course is your e-calendar, a smart phone or video camera, and a bit of makeup; we will teach you the rest!  We’ll also share how to uplevel your videos on all budgets, wahoo!

BL 797/GE 333: How to Design Your 7-Figure Business With Richly Supportive, Highly Profitable, High-End Certification Programs (High Priestess Professor Angela May) How to design your 7-Figure business with richly supportive, highly profitable, high-end certification programs. In this course, you will be richly supported to create a blueprint for your high-end certification program. This program will work for you if you provide products, services, or both. Whether you’re brand new to business, or a seasoned entrepreneur, you can get started on the path to 7-Figures by designing your business the right way from the start. You will be lovingly guided to create your entire blueprint so that you can easily market,fill, and deliver your high-end certification program.

hermetica PhD/BA Course Listings

Our High-Healed Priestess courses focus on helping students become expert coaches, healers, shamans, and transpersonal counselors.

Such courses are available to our PhD, MBA, and BA students. However, the recordings of the courses are only available to our BA and PhD students as they are not part of our Bli$$ness School. 

Note: we constantly release new courses, and not all courses are mentioned here. These are simply presented as sampling of courses available at AU.

ALC – Alchemical Life Coaching

ALC 101: Alchemical Life Coaching Level One (Dr. Amanda Noelle)

al·che·myˈalkəmē/noun – the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.

Become an Alchemical Life Coach so that you can change your client’s lives rapidly and massively from the inside out. Whether you want to become a business coach, health coach, dating/relationship coach, or intuitive coach, Alchemical Life Coaching will give you the tools to yield clients the results they desire using coaching, metaphysical healing, and soul alchemy.

ALC 10: The Foundation to Fully Embodying Your Sacred Life Purpose (High Priestess Professor Jessica Cornejo Gallegos) Activate your life purpose & fulfill your soul’s destiny! Every woman deserves live a life of pure joy. You were born for greatness!

In The Foundation to Fully Embodying Your Sacred Life Purpose, a 6 module program, you´ll activate your life mission, attain a solid foundation that will support you through your life purpose journey, and let go of any blocks that have previously interfered with living a life aligned with your dreams. You’ll quickly transform doubt, struggle, and overwhelm into a life of joy and total satisfaction that already exists in your heart.

DFC – Divine Feminine Communications

DFC 101: Sacral Speech (High Priestess Professor Positive Polly Anna) In this course, we explore the power, presence, and prosperity contained within language and the written word. Priestesses will come into alignment with their most effective patterns of communication and writing to empower themselves, reach their audience, and communicate effectively using the essence of their purpose, services, and offerings. While this course is focused on crafting language using essence and purpose, it simultaneously focuses on healing and activating the sacral chakra to create effective, spirit centered communications.

DFC 222: Merotica (High Priestess Professor Cora Flora) Unlock your treasure chest to receive your deepest heart’s desires! Join Cora Flora in a six week exploration of merotica, the writing of heart-centered erotica from the perspective of your inner mermaid! Heal your beautiful ocean heart, tune into your sacred sexual fantasies, and connect with the ocean of Divine Love that blissfully energizes your life in all ways!

Over the course of 6 weeks we will write our own romance / erotica stories while also enjoying meditations, mermaid rituals, and the support of a caring community. It’s time for us to create new paradigms of romance, where the heart of the Goddess is truly honoured. As we write (and one day share) our stories, we are cleansing ourselves and creating what we truly desire to experience!

DFC 333: Intro to Goddess Social Media Marketing (High Priestess Professor Kara Maria Ananda) Modern media is changing and it’s time for the divine feminine leaders to step up and share our wisdom, truth and authenticity through these new channels of sharing information and empowerment. It’s also vital for us to understand and view the conventional forms of media with love and understanding as well as conscious discernment so that we can understand how media shapes women’s beliefs systems, how we can interact with media in a positive way, and how to influence the shift in modern media toward expressing empowered feminine messages. Through the incredible opportunities in independent publishing and social media, anyone can be a media star, and this is the more powerful way to spread your sacred healing message and work to the world to be a part of the rise of the divine feminine today. In this course we will share tips for both being a rising new star in conscious media as well as healing the traditional media worldview.

BL633/DFC 633: How to Embody Your Video Priestess so That You Can Captivate Your Soulmate Clients (High Priestess Professor Michelle Hart) This course is all about being a confident goddess in your video marketing so you can call in your high-paying Soulmate Clients. Embody your inner High-Healed Priestess on camera and be as magnetic as possible! High Priestess Professor Hart demystifies video-making technology hurdles and visibility challenges, to make your video experience a transformative experience for self and clients/video watchers. You will shoot a video during this time and learn how to build a successful transformational business experience while unleashing your High Priestess shine. Learn simple video making techniques and download ancient high priestess video codes from High Priestess EnheduAna, first know writer of all literature keeps getting more popular after being dead for more than 4,000 years!

GE – Goddess Economics

GE 111: Holy Matrimoney (Dr. Amanda Noelle) This class is a money, love, and Twin Flame activation course where we heal our relationship to men, money, marriage, and our own Divine Feminine selves! Expect to feel turned on, tuned in, and turn around the entire way that you look at, receive, and experience money. We’ll create your Holy MatriMoney wedding ceremony and divorce any old relationship with poverty, greed, lack, or any other silliness that has been created in your past consciousness money bank. You’ll align with the ISIS Codes=$$ to reveal a whole new sacred sexual relationship with money.

GE 222: Financial Freedom for Fairies (Dr. Amanda Noelle) In this 6-module transformational journey, Financial Freedom for Fairies, you will cancel your limiting beliefs around money and awaken to your soul’s limitless financial potential, in a fun playful way. Though your mind might initially ask, “Can this fluffy course actually raise my income?” we ask you to come with an open-heart. We have created this coursework to shift your inner game with money so you can quickly realize your 6-figure business through the Higher Dimensions vs. getting stuck in your head. You will return to your inner child’s fantastic fairy-magic; it has always been inside of you and is ready to be alchemized. Let go of limits and allow yourself full permission to unfurl your Financial Fairy Freedom. You’ll soon see high-paying Soulmate Clients falling into your lap like bees to the flower. Handle your finances like a grown biz woman with a deeper spiritual connection to the fairies. We’ll complete this course by building a Financial Freedom Fairy Bank to create a safe, playful, and fun space to nourish your money magic.

HM – HerMedica

HM 011: High-Healed Priestess Bootcamp (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Welcome to your first mystery school initiation rite online training! In this course, we’ll activate your innate High-Healed Priestess gifts as a Divine Feminine leader, entrepreneur, healer, and juicy intuitive woman. You’ll learn to clear psychic attacks and perfectionist thinking. You’ll awaken your inner and outer magic, beauty, and Twin Flame and Divine Love powers.

We’ll get you shamanically fit fast by activating your higher self gifts and self-esteem. You’ll ignite your HHP tantric sacred sexuality/PU$$Y Power, and awaken your Holy MatriMoney powers too! This course is a level-one initiation rite into becoming a a High-Healed Priestess, a female planetary healer in heels, sparkly flats, or hippie chick bare feet!

HM 012: Twin Flame Love Elixirs (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Hey Twin Flame priestess! Wanna learn how to brew up spells that spell LOVE, and that really work? In this course, you’ll learn Twin Flame elixir basics to help you and your clients call in their Beloved, a few new Soulmate Clients, or clarify their soul purpose.

You’ll become masterful with juicy elixir ingredients. Concoct natural plant and gemstone-based recipes that heal the heart: teas, tisanes, gemstone infusions, and aphrodisiacs, as well as goddess green juices and smoothies. Learn how to create Twin Flame therapeutic beverages that promote healing, love, magic, abundance, beauty, and radiant health.

You don’t have to be a holistic nutrition practitioner or expert to integrate these formulas into your business. Learn how to intuitively prepare and adapt our delicious healing recipes for your retreats, VIP days, or workshops. Additionally, you can offer these elixirs at your wellness center, holistic cafe, nutrition school, or spa. Watch how your powerful natural elixirs to help your Soulmate Clients get their healing results faster. Widen your HHP skills while also enjoying these delicious life-giving recipes yourself for years to come!

HM 013: Twin Flame Anointments (Dr. Amanda Noelle) A High-Healed Priestess’ guide to to anointing with essential oils. Did you know that it takes around 50 rose blossoms to create just a single drop of rose essential oil? As an HPP, it’s your job to adore your Soulmate Clients and initiate them into their mastery as queens and kings. Anointment ceremonies are an ancient tool used among priests and priestesses to crown women and men as queens and kings, goddesses and gods. This course serves both as an introduction to aromatherapy, and as an advanced course to teach you to adore and appreciate your clients so they can feel appreciated, held in the power of the feminine, and activated with pure intention. This is advanced High-Healed Priestess adoration at its best!

HM 029: Green Magic (High Priestess Professor Beth SteinmannDid you know that the devic, plant and faerie realms are naturally sensual, sexual and abundant? Learn how to communicate with plants and faeries to access powerful green magic on a practical level: to improve your blissness, self-love, relationships, sex life, intuition, income-levels, healing powers, etc. These tools will help you heal yourself and others, manifest rapidly on the material plane, and open up a whole new realm of connection and kinship with nature.

HM 099: Ayahuasca – Sacred Vortex of Life Transformation (High Priestess Professor Jessica Cornejo Gallegos)

Come discover Ayahuasca, Grandmother Teacher Plant, an over 5,000 year old vortex of life transformation. Learn how to harness the benefits of Ayahuasca and connect deeply with her to expand in every area of your life and fulfill your sacred life purpose.

This is a 6 module program for conscious women who desire to make a greater positive impact in the world, who feel the calling to heal their lives, go up to their next level of development and manifest expansion in every area of their lives with the ancient powerful wisdom of Ayahuasca. This program is also, for the women who are curious about Ayahuasca, are considering entering Ayahuasca ceremony or just feel in their heart the desire to know more about Grandmother Teacher Plant.

HM 102: Body and Soul Clarity Cleanse (High Priestess Professor Jennifer Nassi) You want to build a 7-figure bli$$ness. You know you have gifts to offer and have a strong desire to serve in a big way. But if you are struggling with extra weight, toxins, fatigue, food sensitivities, cycle woes, off the charts cravings and/or feeling disconnected from your body, it can feel like you will never get there. So, you’ll kick off your bli$$ness coursework with a gentle yet effective 7-day whole foods-based cleanse with Jennifer Nassi, Body and Soul Clarity Coach. Let’s get you feeling radiant on the outside AND inside! This 6-week journey will nourish your body with whole foods while you reconnect with your intuition at the most fundamental level so you can become a clear magnet for your ideal clients and desires. During the cleanse, you will figure out which foods best support your body, lose those pesky pounds, boost your energy, start balancing your hormones, and clear out the gunk holding you back including toxic emotions. Support materials include downloadable handbook, cookbook, meal plans, and shopping lists!

HM 133: Freedom Weight Loss System (High Priestess Professor Andrea Silver) Through the Freedom Weight Loss System, created by Andrea Silver, you will discover an exciting new way attract clients, serve current clients in a fun, new way, and create an additional stream of revenue for your business.

HM 211: Chocananda Bliss: What Every High-Healed Priestess Needs to Know (High Priestess Professor Dara Merin) This class is a content-rich experience that will leave you passionate about the power of cacao and well-versed in how to use it to bring epic amounts of bliss and sweetness to you and your clients. We will cover the origins of cacao, what makes it so sacred, and how to source the highest quality products on the planet, as well as go over a array of recipes. You will certainly leave this class with newfound respect for this beloved food and enough knowledge to teach your own chocolate class if you so desire!

HM 622: The Chinese Five Elements and How They Relate to Our Energy, Health, Relationships and More (High Priestess Professor Jennifer Nassi) A 6-module journey through each element, how they relate to each other, how you and your clients are unique in your elemental make up and what that means for health, relationships, career and more.

LA – Law of Attraction

LA 301/BL117: Divinely Rich! Unleashing Money AND Freedom from Your Higher Self Connection (High Priestess Professor Erika Matos)  Open the floodgates to Your Divine Money and Purpose, enabling you to share your gifts with others and really honing in on what you are here to do, and making LOADS of Dinero with it. Identify and eliminate any blocks keeping you from attracting Divine Abundance in all its glorious forms and lasering in on your perfect vision for prosperity.

SB – Shamanic Beauty/Spa Therapies

SB 002: Temple Priestess Skin Care (Dr. Amanda Noelle) You are going to be on the front cover of everything — videos, photos, speaking gigs, telesummits, and interviews. Don’t you wanna look flawless as a new star celebrity? We thought so! While it’s not possible to be flawless as we are human, it is possible to be flaw-less! By the end of this course, you will be so radiant and full of beauty tips, you’ll look and feel like hot stuff using all natural skin care techniques. What’s more is that you can integrate this knowledge into your practice as a holistic practitioner, esthetician, wellness coach, etc. to give your Soulmate Clients the radiant skin they long for.

SB 434: Divine Self Care (High Priestess Professor Jennifer Nassi) 6-module journey into self care through nourishing food, energy work, natural beauty care, and ritual. Take the most stressful times in your biz and life and turn them into a powerful time for reconnection, growth, and self care. Learn techniques you can use not only for yourself, but with your clients as well.

SB 333: A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet (High Priestess Professor K. Beate Richter) Discover, accept and unfold your feminine beauty so that you can walk the path of the high priestess, and feel more confident in your business and life. In this 12-module course, you’ll learn to look at yourself with loving eyes, quiet your inner critic and embrace your true beauty, no matter what age or size you are. Clear out your emotional and physical clutter to create the self-love and life you’ve always dreamed of!

TC – Transpersonal Counseling

TC 101: Intro to Transpersonal Counseling (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Transpersonal counseling is a term used in conjunction with a variety of counseling techniques or modalities that have developed out of the transpersonal psychology movement. The term ‘transpersonal’ denotes dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. This course incorporates spiritual, metaphysical, and intuitive counseling to support one in the process of deep healing transformation. Learn the difference between Transpersonal Counseling, Transpersonal Psychology, and other various psychological and spiritual modalities, and how to incorporate counseling in your intuitive healing practice. We’ll also discuss when to refer clients to other professionals, liability, and client care ethics.

TC 201: Safety First (High Priestess Professor Sherley Williams) Do you ever not feel safe in the world, your environment , or your own body? This class will delve into where these feelings originate, the significance and importance of feeling safe for your own business and in your personal life, and how to clear this energy so that you can create more freedom and flow for yourself and your clients.

TC 203: Clearing The Sandbox (High Priestess Professor Sherley Williams) Many of the limiting beliefs we hold are developed by the age of 5 and are unconscious, so we may not be aware they have been holding us back from our bliss and influencing our daily choices. Learn about clearing childhood self-esteem blocks using hypnosis and visualizations and how this can change the lives of your clients and yourself.

TC 314: Rainbow Past Life Regression (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Past life regression therapy is a growing trend in the holistic world, and it seems to be bleeding into mainstream populations. In this course, we’ll teach you a colorful version of past life regression that we fondly call Rainbow Past Life Regression. What are past lives, and why are they significant? What must we do to fully heal and free ourselves and history from the past so we can live our fullest today? Once you complete the course taught here, you can immediately begin applying the methods taught here in your body of work on yourself and your clients. We’ll show you how to bring your subject safely into the Akashic Records for a full clearing of their past, present, and future so they can heal mental, emotional, psychic, financial, and physical pain from their realities.

TC 609: Priestess Past Lives (High Priestess Professor Beth Steinmann) So you know you are a priestess, but do you remember just exactly how powerful your priestess soul-lineage is? Journey back into the past to collect your energy from those lifetimes where your priestess self was sabotaged and oppressed, and unlock the hidden power from the lifetimes that you were a High Priestess, connected powerfully into your sensual power, rooted in earth and cosmic magic. Get ready to create a deliciously embodied and empowered life through your High Priestess feminine essence, and uncover gems of past knowledge that will help you evolve your life, bli$$ness, and humanity.

TFL – Twin Flame Loveology

TFL 101: Introduction to Twin Flames (Dr. Amanda Noelle) What is a Twin Flame, and is the Twin Flame Theory Real? How do you tell the difference between a Twin Flame and a soulmate? What is a Karmic Soulmate? In this course, you’ll learn how to identify your client’s needs (or your own) so they can quickly manifest the relationship of their dreams and higher destiny.  Learn how to clear karmic contracts, abuse patterns, and limiting beliefs so you can construct crystalline Twin Flame Love codes in your subconscious mind, heart, and DNA so that you can meet and marry your Twin Flame beloved for a life-long partnership and beyond.

TFL 110: Let Go Let Love (Dr. Amanda Noelle) This course will assist you in awakening to what is real, and you’ll set free the rest! Perhaps you’re ready to drop an unhealthy story, a history with an ex, a pattern from a childhood experience, or a limiting belief about how men or money can love you. You will call your power back from your past, clear your DNA and participate in Dr. Amanda’s Guided Meditation to Clear Out Your Sacred Chalice of Past Lovers, and create a Divine Love resurrection!

TFL 111: The Twin Flame Diet (Dr. Amanda Noelle) This holistic nutrition training is designed so that you and your Soulmate Clients call in the Beloved from ultimate health. Using the Twin Flame Diet, you’ll achieve a balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within the “temple to your soul,” the body. The Twin Flame Diet is really not a “diet” at all, in the traditional sense of the word, since studies show that over 90% of diets fail. Doesn’t the word just kinda freak you out, invoking high school, self-hatred, and bad-tasting food? Not anymore, it doesn’t have to! We can take back the D-word, and set the diet-industry demons on fire! Who wants to count calories and fat grams and limit yourself!? Heck no, that’s lame—you are too precious for that. It’s all about self-love, nurturing, and intuition, not self-deprivation. The Twin Flame Diet is truly a holistic intuitive eating program complete with inspiration and suggestions to help amazing, love-filled women like you enjoy your deliciously sensuous appetites while feeling sexy and harmonized, within and without.

TFL 012: Twin Flame Elixirs (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Hey Twin Flame Lover! Wanna learn how to brew up spells that spell LOVE, and that really work? In this course, you’ll learn Twin Flame elixir basics to help you and your clients call in their Beloved, a few new Soulmate Clients, or clarify their soul purpose.

You’ll become masterful with juicy elixir ingredients. Concoct natural plant and gemstone-based recipes that heal the heart: teas, tisanes, gemstone infusions, and aphrodisiacs, as well as goddess green juices and smoothies. Learn how to create Twin Flame therapeutic beverages that promote healing, love, magic, abundance, beauty, and radiant health.

You don’t have to be a holistic nutrition practitioner or expert to integrate these formulas into your business. Learn how to intuitively prepare and adapt our delicious healing recipes for your retreats, VIP days, or workshops. Additionally, you can offer these elixirs at your wellness center, holistic cafe, nutrition school, or spa. Watch how your powerful natural elixirs to help your Soulmate Clients get their healing results faster. Widen your HHP skills while also enjoying these delicious life-giving recipes yourself for years to come!

TFL 013: Twin Flame Anointments (Dr. Amanda Noelle) A High-Healed Priestess’ guide to to anointing with essential oils. Did you know that it takes around 50 rose blossoms to create just a single drop of rose essential oil? As an HPP, it’s your job to adore your Soulmate Clients and initiate them into their mastery as queens and kings. Anointment ceremonies are an ancient tool used among priests and priestesses to crown women and men as queens and kings, goddesses and gods. This course serves both as an introduction to aromatherapy, and as an advanced course to teach you to adore and appreciate your clients so they can feel appreciated, held in the power of the feminine, and activated with pure intention. This is advanced High-Healed Priestess adoration at its best!

TFL 014: Identify and Bust Your Twin Flame Love Blocks (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Dr. Amanda Noelle and Jack Rousseau have created their 6-module intensive training course to help you quickly identify your Twin Flame Love Blocks and heal your 11 Twin Flame Chakras so that you can bust them and rapidly call in your Twin Flame in ease.

VN – VagiNational Relations/Sexuality Studies

VN 101: PU$$Y Power 101 (Dr. Amanda Noelle) Hey you there, with a pussy, isn’t it time you made boatloads of cash straight from your Divine Feminine birthing center? In ease and Divine Feminine flow?  The same magic and miracles that birth life through a woman’s womb and yoni can birth wisdom, wealth, and your wildest dreams. What are yours, and are you ready to step into this ancient sacred secret?


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