Photo Credit: WeHeartIt

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt

Are you a shaman, a holder of royal blood, or an ancient Egyptian high priestess and don’t know it?!

I had the wildest meditation a few months ago, and I want to warn you that it might sound a little on the edge…  And though I am a graduate of an Ivy Leage type school and consider myself to have some sense of sanity, I can also be pretty wild and woo woo. But this is the meditation that rocked my world and took my shamanic abilities to the next level and may make me sound, well, nuts!

I want to share it with you because it will help you forgive the past, the darkness of Egypt–where modern-society came from. Ancient Egypt is a place that symbolizes great dynasties, leadership, power, and also control, slavery, and where the hopes of the High Priestess went under for some time. This impacted us and still influences where we are today as women, mothers, and Divine Feminine entrepreneurs.

I also consider myself to be a starseed which means that you are both a human, but you also have access to higher dimensional information via channeling, meditation, and just feeling into your body. Maybe you too are a starseed, and have special gifts to cultivate and share with the world in a unique way? In fact, our bodies are made of stars, and it’s possibly where our souls come from too.

I had a very interesting meditation a few months ago.

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I astral traveled to a place… I was told I had “family”–ancient very very very old ancestors who are underground beneath the Pyramid of Giza. I arrived in the body of a small child, and I was told that I was to meet my grandmother. She was in the body of a giant cobra, and she was more intelligent than a snake, or perhaps even a human. A voice telepathed me that I came from a royal bloodline that came from these snakes who have magical powers and that in order to fully integrate my magic as a modern-day high priestess (aka High-Healed Priestess), I would need to integrate and forgive these ancestors and heal/accept what they have done.

At first I was terrified, I thought that maybe it was a trap that I was told that I was family, but that the venomous snake would eat me alive or something. Then I realized that I was in meditation and I create my reality. So I looked in to the Grandma’s eyes and I looked at all parts of her with Christed love, like deep devotional self-as-other LOVE. I had tears coming down my face as I knew it was time for me to FORGIVE.

The download was strong, that whatever my past ancestors have done is not my responsibility. However, I do hold their unlearned lessons and if I don’t clear it, I can carry their karma as well.

Egyptian snake goddess

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High-Healed Priestesses, it’s time to forgive.

There are parts of us that naturally hunger for gold, for blood, for sunshine. It’s inherent in our DNA. There is nothing wrong with desiring wealth, gold, and a snaky-smooth life. That is why the cobra couture is starting to come back into High-Healed Priestess fashion.

I forgive you, reptilian roots–those which chose slavery over Oneness. I choose to spread love and light, and I do it for all humanity.

Please forgive my ancestors for any wrongs that they have done in their unconscious nature.

Please forgive all humanity on the planet who acts as snake, reptile, or venomous creature. They are simply doing so because they are unconscious, and we go unconscious when we are not ready to feel.

I am falling in love with my life more and more everyday. I feel I am re-entering an ancient temple that I left long ago because I was ashamed to have reptilian roots, or roots to people who did wrongs. But aren’t we all made of a spine that aligns with Divine in the shape of the snake?

Holler if you love and forgive the reptilian essence that we’ve been constructed from by the Divine Creator as well as intel. Forgive, live, thrive and do more than just survive!

Aho love and light! <3

Dr. Amanda Noelle​, Founder of AphroditeUniversity
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PPS: Thank you for reading this, it means a lot to be able to share!