A Complimentary New Moon Ritual for Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs and Leaders. 

Become the most powerful and influential Love Leader you can be. Flow with your creative feminine energy and intuition. Birth your own monthly business roadmap, a plan-of-action that aligns with powerful lunar energy. Grow your income to 6 or 7 figures in ease, while making more impact.

Are a highly curated gathering designed for vibrant and successful spiritual business owners, female leaders, visionaries, and Keepers of the Earth to achieve their dreams.
Feel new moon activated and inspired. New Moon energy + sisterhood = increased magic for manifestation!
Grow your business as a 'blissness.'  Create financial wealth and abundance your way.
Each new moon ritual begins with a guided meditation to gain a clear vision of what you want to create this month.
Get soul-guided action steps and on your way to manifesting your goals in feminine flow.
Share your vision and be held accountable in sisterhood in small breakout groups. Get valuable feedback and celebrate!
Take action from your feminine power using our FREE New Moon Playsheet.

The Moonifestation Playsheet is a PDF download to fast-track your success! Use it to vision your monthly goals, track your soul-guided action steps, manifest in the feminine flow, and be held accountable. A must-have for the Lunar Priestess Collective Ritual!

“I’ve had such incredible things that are still happening just after the New Moon Class/Ceremony. I’m getting lots more buyers at my shop where I sell healing crystal jewelry and art. I was able to actually upgrade the look and finally open my photography site which is so huge! That class just completely opened so many things for me and I’m so grateful for your energy. It’s been pure MAGIC! Thank you so much!” 
-Laura Villanueva, Photographer and Crystal Jeweler

"I honestly started attracting more money...as I  was attending the monthly new moon ceremonies and implementing some teachings. You will carry these teachings for the rest of your life.

"[This] is for the Goddess boss babes out there who are over living in the matrix.  If you are a planetary healer, light-worker and leader paving the way for a new paradigm on earth, do yourself and Mama Gaia a favor by signing up now! It is time for the divine feminine to step out of the closet and into her full divine priestess power. Aho!"

-Elli Yokochi, Founder of Light Code Medicine
"I can’t wait for the next one! I’ve listened to the call replay about six times. I’m just blown away. By all of it. Like I know it’s out there... I knew it’s been missing, like that’s how it’s really like, in a Divine Feminine way. I discovered how leisurely 7-figures feels, and now feel that it’s easier to make more money than less. That it’s a willingness to go with more ease.”
- Cassie Price, Business Credit Lab
Create the powerful feminine space you need to build your dreams.
About Aphrodite University
Aphrodite University is the premiere Divine Feminine university and mystery school for Twin Flame women. We are a sisterhood of smart successful spiritual entrepreneurs and Love Leaders here to build the New Earth and make Love the new black. 
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