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Dr. Amanda Noelle and the tribe at Aphrodite University are excited to have you at the New Moon Ceremony in Scorpio!

Here's a fabulous bonus for being committed to manifesting your dreams: you are invited to experiencing a life shifting Twin Flame Activation Session (a $697 value) with Dr. Amanda Noelle for FREE!

The Twin Flame Activation Session is meant for you if you are a conscious bachelorette who is ready attract your Twin Flame Union in 12 months, or if you interested in starting your career as a Certified Love Coach and Certified Twin Flame Matchmaker!

During the private 1 on 1 session with Dr. Amanda Noelle, you will:

  • Understand exactly what's not flowing smoothly in your 11 Twin Flame Chakras

  • Identify your biggest soul wound (the Sacred Wound) and learn how to clear it

  • Activate your Twin Flame energy as you envision your new life with your Twin Flame

  • Map out your next steps in your Twin Flame attraction and awakening process

  • Learn how to magnetize your beloved, someone who fully supports your life purpose 

  • And if you're interested in becoming a love coach, assess your desires in business, personal growth, and beyond

  • Ask any questions you have about Aphrodite University's programs