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Thank You!

1656020_601121056629531_531785065_nFirst of all I want to express my love and gratitude for your involvement in Aphrodite University (AU) in whatever way you are involved (i.e. by reading this you are involved energetically and consciously). I thank you for our old soul connection. It is time sister, to rock this place and turn it into a Heaven on Earth, a space station for all the different starseeds on the galaxy to co-create and unite.

We’re bringing together all kinds of earthy and non-earthly beings at AU. Business women, lawyers, Starbeings from the Pleiades, hippy chicks, Indians, Californians, dancers, doctors, ex fundamentalist Christians, born again pagans, dakinis in bikinis. It’s gonna be one nation under God/dess!

The United States of America is like this too; a conglomeration of various energies that decided to create a new peaceful nation together, under God. In the same way, the earth was really meant for a union between all of the stars and planets, celestial bodies and our bodies (which are made of living stardust). Our human forms are are united states of water, earth, fire, light, air ethers etc, and we have the DNA of many different animals inside of us. Do you hear that                                                                        reptilian brain inside of me that wants to deny this fact!? We are all one.


Aphrodite University is part of this initial ‘ancient’ (but goes before time was created) intention of unionizing the different celestial bodies. Unionizing particular (particle-you-lar) states of consciousness that seem un-unitible because they are ‘too different’ -they are polarities that have split from consciousness in the original creation of the universe.

The one I am naming is the Divine in the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. This was like a divorce that the entire universe is suffering from, which is why there is so much darkness on earth. Yet bringing it together is where the fun begins, and that’s what we’ve been doing for billions of years. It’s just a game. But right now on earth we are at a critical moment – of both bliss and destruction, of separation and re/union. It’s ecstatic and traumatic, light and dark.


By uniting thousands of women together here on earth through bodies like Aphrodite University – with our deepest heart’s intention and Light, we are clearing the pain of the Divine Feminine and allowing Her to awaken and arise through us. By coming together in Her vibration – which is bliss, love, nurturing, and beauty – we are creating not only a New Earth but are creating a new alignment for something big that this universe has been struggling with for many eons. Thank GoddessGracious we’re finally doing this! Thanks for being you, thanks for being the eyes to witness the building of AU, and for sending your loving prayers to help us rise the Divine Feminine as swiftly as possible on this planet and through the galaxy!

Love you so much sisters,

Dr. Amanda Noelle,
Founder of Aphrodite University

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