Click here to watch the video, Twin Flame Energy Healing and Emotional Detox:

Are you going through an emotional roller coaster around love, or your Twin Flame attraction process?

Don’t worry sister… You’re not alone. Many of us conscious relationship activists are lifting the heavy love blocks, the emotions around them, in order to raise the love-vibes on the planet.

I have a brief Twin Flame video about emotional detox that’s meant for you if:

  • You’re on the planet to rise divine love, yet you feel frustrated and stuck around your love life
  • You’re going catywompus crazy trying to stay in or let go of a partnership that keeps you spinning your wheels
  • You’re manifesting health issues for no good reason (i.e. you know it’s not your diet or fitness, it’s probably emotional)
  • You have a crush on someone or are in love, and you’re emotionally suffering about it
  • Your emotions and energy feel off, and it feels like something just might be wrong with you or your Twin Flame DNA (it might be in your DNA, but you’ll learn how to fix that in the video)!

My partner Jack and I have been going through a healing process ourselves, doing a lot of deep work around our emotions and childhood wounds. It’s been a truly incredible ride of growth and heart-opening!

What is working to heal our relationship? Emotional detox…

I wanted to share a healing secret weapon that’s shifted my life and relationship…

They day my relationship started unravveling, I broke down in yoga class crying (so embarrassing but I let it happen!). In the process, I made a new connection to an emotional detox healer named Toni…

Both Jack and I got sessions with Toni, who does emotional detox work, and within one session, our relationship made a HUGE come-back!

What’s more is that several major health issues I was having totally dissolved, like instantly. I share about this in the emotional detox video.

I am convinced that Toni’s work saved our relationship. So, Toni let me interview her this week about emotional detox for Twin Flame seekers and lovers.

The video walks you through the emotional detox process, so you can be clear of hidden stuck emotions and align fully with your Twin Flame (or any type of soulmate relationship, even a business partnership, friend, etc).

Learn here in the video how to do an emotional detox for instant healing on the body, mind, and spirit around Twin Flame Love and anything else you wish to heal and manifest!

XO, Dr. Amanda Noelle

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