Women With Wombs Are Potential Wealth Machines

How's Your Financial Fertility Feeling?

You can make lots and LOTS of money the Sacred Feminine Way…

Are you a woman who wants to:

  • Monetize her gifts as a feminine leader, channel, or guide?
  • Quit slaving over money like a peasant, and start magnetizing wealth like a priestess?
  • Be fearless in her leadership, and not be afraid to charge $10K or more for a package?
  • Live in luxury and abundance, without having to disconnect from your feminine?
  • Lead a soul purpose mission based on LOVE (not fear) and thrive financially?

YES! It starts with YOU. Money is an inside job…

Yet many women have been programmed to believe that they are unworthy of Sacred Feminine Wealth.

They don’t tap into their feminine power and they certainly don’t allow themselves to feel their desire around wealth…

Most ‘highly feminine’ women get entrappred in the Money Slavery Systems designed to suppress the feminine, or even worse–shame her in her power and glory!

If you are a highly feminine woman–a priestess who is in touch with her emotions, her tenderness, who has a big heart and who is gifted in her emotional intelligence and and intuition vs. logic and goals, this message is for you!

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So we highly feminine women have 4 choices:

1. Get married to a man or live as a co-dependent

2. Find financial independence by working like a man (which interrupts her hormonal balance and health)

3. Stay poor, living like a peasant (which is contrairy to her priestess nature)

4. Break out of the Money Slavery System and create a new system 

Holy MatriMoney is the answer. We’re urgently called to heal the planet, and we need a  new money paradigm where we can flow our Sacred Feminine power and wealth. 

Holy MatriMoney is Twin Flame Energy, which is the alignment of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in Sacred Union.

Twin Flame Energy is meant to flow into everything on earth, especially the money systems!

We need to emmancipate humanity from playing small and living in a lack mentality. The abundance of the Goddess is what’s needed to heal and harmonize Gaia. Yet even our feminine leaders–priestesses, visionaries, and healers–have settled for less with men and money! 

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All my love! Dr. Amanda Noelle

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