Sex addiction, disconnected sex, toxic porn, blocked sacral chakras–many women have become used sex being a source of frustration, disappointment, or a challenge at best. 

But it’s time for a new game! 

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The UNSEXY Problem: 

Sex can tend to fizzle out in “healthy long term relationships” and marriages, and while these partnerships can last, often the sexual chemistry doesn’t, and each partner is wasting their valuable sexual power! 

On the other hand, I know many people who have a new partner every week just so they can keep the sexual chemistry alive (because after a certain amount of time, the sex gets routine and boring).

The Sexy Solution: 

Lasting sacred sex with your ultimate beloved that comes from intentional alchemy.  Yes, the Twin Flame Sacred Sexual Union is incredible–and has so much potential! Yet how do we get and stay there, beautiful?

You’ll find out my 6 step process to creating an epic sex life with your beloved… These steps might not be what you were expecting, but grab some tea and open mind, and watch it now!

Oh, another important thing is to mark your calendars for this Sunday, because we’re gathering for this very special new moon!

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I wish you an epic and sexy week, and look forward to seeing you on Sunday night. I will be going on a conscious couples camping trip FridaySunday so I’ll be coming back high on Twin Flame energy for sure! 

See you soon!

XO, Dr. Amanda

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