Spiritual hippie chicks (like myself) often struggle with setting up their businesses, or sea goddess fairybli$$nesses, as I call them, because we hate feeling restricted by structures, business templates, deadlines, and systems. But we need business systems, like a body needs a skeleton, in order to sustain our bli$$nesses (business + bliss + big buck$).

We need to start making love to our business systems, ladies!

We gotta get turned on by the systems, not run from them. We have to start asking ourselves:

  • How can we get our taxes, tech systems, payroll, and book keeping done in a sexy spiritual way, as a sacred ritual?
  • How can we bring the Sacred Feminine to the mundane masculine business systems?
  • How can we use those generic online marketing templates that do work for many other businesses so they actually work for us, and our unique sexy businesses? And how can we do it in a way that’s fun, joyous, and playful?
  • How can we get our online marketing systems so juicy that amrita comes out of our (and our clients’)  computer?

At Aphrodite University, we help spiritual women entrepreneurs who struggle with balancing “the flow” in their businesses with practical linear steps. We offer systems and formulas that help most Divine Feminine entrepreneurs to get out there online in a big way to make money while healing the planet. These systems have to be tailored and tweaked to fit the individual, and used with delight and self-care in order to produce sustainable results.

We need to redefine our relationship with the Divine Masculine systems so our Divine Feminine can flow.

divine feminine universityMost of us hippie healer chicks have gotten stuck at some point (like I was for a decade!), stopped in our tracks because we refused to do business in a boring, non-spiritual way. Yet where we sabotage it all is when we give up on having business systems and refuse incorporating marketing structures (and thus money). And so we have to go back to our day jobs or move back in with mom and dad, and feel like failures who can’t make money.

Let’s start doing business with sexy systems that work for us, not against us, and do it in a way that’s fun and juicy vs. boring, dry, and cold.

Are you with me High-Healed Priestess?

It’s not appropriate for hippie healer chicks to do business in a boring or atheist way. How weird would it be to run a spiritual business, as a high priestess, in a masculine and painful way? Noooooo! That’s not gonna happen for us High-Healed Priestesses (hippies in heels) anymore. Let’s commit to making it sexy and lucrative, systematic and spiritual.

When it’s your mission to bring The Sacred to everything and everyone in all ways, you must create sacred business structures, especially if you’re running a healing business.

Here are 7 things hippie healer chicks must do to birth and maintain succsexiful 7-figure bli$$nesses:

  1. You must view systems as the support to your biz, not as the controlling force limiting your joy. Let them love and nourish you, holding you tenderly like a man with big muscly arms who wants to please!
  2. Systems help save you time, reach more people, make more money, work less in front of a computer, and spend more time with your friends/family. Systems are fabulous girl, so send them love and gratitude so you can work with them, not against them.
  3. Allow the structures to follow the Divine Feminine flow vs. allowing the Divine Masculine to lead first twin flame ocean(which will get the Feminine stuck). We often marry our systems too soon, and set them in stone before we realize what we’re actually doing here in our biz. We have become codependent on systems before we’re standing in our own power. So when we fail we say “Fuck you Systems!” We run off and join other hippie chicks who don’t know WTF they’re doing in business, because we don’t wanna be controlled by the systems or even be around people who are.
  4. Doing bli$$ness Divine Feminine style may look messy at first because your systems will start out more losey goosey. You can simply warn your Soulmate Clients when you’re new in business that you’re trying something out for the first time and will be tweaking the process. No need to pretend that you’re perfect! You will set structures in place as you go, once you see what is needed. You might be doing a webinar for the first time and may be a little wobbly with the tech side. Or your website might have some glitches when you first get set up. Give clients discounted rates when you’re not certain what your systems will look like, then increase your rates as you go. Laugh at these tiny little things: what you’re offering is way bigger than these tiny blemishes. Stop trying to be perfect all the time, that is no fun. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your perfect business systems 🙂
  5. Know that while structures are sacred, just as the Pyramids in Egypt were sacred, they aren’t the most important aspect of your bli$$ness. Structures won’t work without the juicy Divine Feminine Soul behind them! It is your message, soul purpose, and passion that attract your Soulmate Clients, and without them you don’t actually have a Divine Feminine based bli$$ness and things will get dry and go nowhere.
  6. Structures are in a sense the body of your biz, and each body needs to be taken care of, nurtured, and cleaned. While your body is sacred, the soul is in a sense more sacred because it is what attracts eternal love and bliss.
  7. Keep things constant and consistent-ish: have weekly-ish newsletters, or blogs, or videos etc. Do things on a regular basis, ongoing, so that you and your people can expect when and what gets done, so that you have flow and regularity. Online marketing templates aren’t prefect magic bullets. But those handy bullet points and structures do help get the job done, and do help grab the reader’s attention and clarify your message. But don’t let your content get cookie cutter or boring! And if you don’t resonate with using a template today, then don’t. Getting your marketing done regularly will require you falling in love with doing marketing, right?

Please my hippie chick sister: don’t throw out your lovechild with the bath water before you take some time to test and tweak your systems so they align with your joy (your PU$$Y Power) and what your spiritual business truly needs!

Here is a little prayer I am making for you, me, and the sea. It is for every High-Healed Priestess who is ready to marry her Divine Feminine bliss (PU$$Y Power) with her sexy Divine Masculine structures so she can have her 7-Figure ORGASM while changing the world:

Dear God/dess,

We the Pleiadian Sirens (Seven Sisters, Fairies of the Sea), call out to our Sirian Tribes, to the Kings of the Systems and Technologies, for help!

To our Sirian selves…We ask you to share with us in patience, compassion, and generosity your ancient Sirian Systems: of numbers, templates, business, linear language, tech, and all things practical and structural…. Thank you for letting us ALIGN and to not be controlled by you, but to be loved and nurtured by your structures.

Yes please! Align us with your structures via our Pleiadian goddess energies – oceans of bliss, waves of love, passion, compassion and beauty.

May He, (the Galactic Sirian Structure energy) swirl his love between our sweet oceanic pink stems of anemones, our joyous ocean fairy wings, and our sexy starfish (SeaStar) legs.

It is time my beauties, the fairies of ocean and land, to receive His systems and take his hand. To create your bli$$nesses with systems, templates, and formulas that leverage what you’ve got!

sea goddess mermaidFor we have risen in compassion and bliss, and with the matrimony of System’s kiss, we can do ANYTHING! Resisting His gifts limits the speed at which we can deliver our love and our healing of Gaia. She needs us, and urgently.

We now create new matrixes within the seas, to create worlds based on joy, truth, bliss, and magic, versus carving Gaia up one country, city, block, and house at a time.

Thank you to our Creator and to us, for agreeing to marry the Seven Seas and to marry the Divine Feminine and Masculine between you and me.

More to come, and more to cum! Please join us for the FREE New Moon Class/Ceremony each month for a 7-Figure ORGASM, where we’ll spread your bli$$ness legs open wide and you’ll get tons of systems and sexy support: