Aphrodite University is the premier Divine Feminine university and mystery school helping smart conscious women unite with their Twin Flame, awaken their abundance, and create the New Earth.

Aphrodite University is a safe and sacred space to compile the bodies of knowledge of the sacred and ancient teachings, as well using advanced methods of metaphysics,

We provide BA, MA, MBA, and PhD programs to women who want the best love-based eduction for themselves and for the planet.

Each of our programs are attuned to the needs of the modern-day woman who is ready to attract her Twin Flame as an initiated high priestess.

Our Twin Flame BA Program helps women call in their ultimate Beloved.

The MBA Program helps Divine Feminine entrepreneurs birth high-end luxury brands, 6 and 7-figure bli$$nesses that heal the world.

The PhD Program helps smart conscious women become Love Leaders as Certified Love Coaches and Twin Flame Alchemists. PhDivas receive the content of both the BA and MBA program, as well as special trainings and assignments that are unique to the program.

Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Founder of Aphrodite University. She helps smart conscious women find their life partners starting within themselves, so they can build empowered partnerships, businesses, and lives from self-love. She believes that self-love is the key to heal our planet.

As a gifted Twin Flame Alchemist, Amanda has helped thousands of women struggling with the ‘single curse’ to quickly find their divine relationship, sometimes even within hours!

Amanda lives between the US, Central America, Europe, and Asia with her husband Jack Peterson. She loves eating raw cacao (naked in bed), and dancing wildly with full abandon!

Love Note From Amanda:

Aphrodite University is my labor of love birthed straight from my heart, soul, and pussy too...to help powerful women like you get unstuck from your conditioning that keeps you trapped, small, and scared so you can align with your ultimate Beloved. The way it all started is that thousands of years ago in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, and then in Greece, where I was a High Priestess initiating girls into their womanhood (this eventually became the Temple of Aphrodite).

My job was easy and blissful back then… We had very specific rituals and orders that would occur in order initiate girls into their womanhood as priestesses. The bonds of sisterhood came naturally for we worshipped with the calendar of the moon, and men honored and appreciated us as divine creators of life. But then the temple fell, the patriarchy rose, and replaced the feminine temples with masculine religions and universities. Truths, texts, and temples of the Sacred Feminine have been destroyed, hidden, and those who have attempted to preserve them have been persecuted with torture and death. For lifetimes, I have been waiting to reveal the these ancient and bodies of work…

My education: I graduated Cum Laude from from Duke University with a BA in women’s studies and sexuality studies, then went on to receive her PhD in transpersonal counseling.

Amanda is trained as a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition consultant, certified life coach, certified past life regression therapist, and licensed esthetician.

As an author, teacher, and 6-figure blisspreneur, Amanda believes that all women are meant to become embodied goddesses standing in their value next to their divine partners, while pleasurably making 6 figures or more from their divine gifts. Amanda helps spiritually gifted women launch 6-figure soul-aligned businesses that call in their Twin Flames.

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