Aphrodite University (aka “yoniversity”) is proudly recognized as the premier Divine Feminine university offering programs in the Divine Feminine Healing Arts, Love Leadership, metaphysics, heart-based business building, love coaching, and Twin Flame Alchemy. 

We are often asked "Is AU accredited?"

Accreditation is optional for all colleges and universities. There are many accrediting bodies for conventional schools, yet few for alternative business degrees, mystery schools, and metaphysical schools.

While we strive to provide the best education possible, we currently do not use a traditional accreditation system. Instead, we focus on getting solid results.

We focus on achieving results such as:

  • Healing through the Divine Feminine Healing Arts
  • Discovering your soul purpose and expressing it in your own unique way
  • Having the right space, support, and techniques to step into self-love
  • Receiving tools and support to create a fulfilling, sustainable Sacred Union
  • Creating your soul-aligned blissness, Aphrodisiac Marketing plan, and launch according to schedule
  • Strategically positioning your business and brand at the high-end level
  • Publishing your books, blogs, articles, videos, and getting speaking gigs
  • Getting through fear barriers so you can enroll clients with confidence

We have found that the available accrediting bodies for our school are not in alignment with our school at this time. 

We feel that the Divine Feminine way of accrediting a metaphysical “yoniversity” is different than the masculine way of doing so.

First off, the Divine Feminine based mystery schools were based on levels of initiation, the student’s ability to perform certain rites and skills, and there was an intuitive system based on energetic alignment and love.

Aphrodite University is not modeled on other programs and we chose not to utilize external accreditation committees who would decide the curricula which may not be best suited for our students’ needs.

However, we are “officially” accredited by Aphrodite, the goddess of love! 

“You have my full blessing; I hereby accredit Aphrodite University on planet earth as the first Divine Feminine university and yoniversity!”

-Goddess Aphrodite 

Our students make the decision to come to AU not because of some previously agreed upon system or concept built by the patriarchy. They choose to invest in and graduate from our programs because they know that they and their Divine Feminine healing gifts are their greatest asset.

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