The Aphrodite University BA Program is a High Priestess initiation...A deep immersion in the Divine Feminine Healing Arts. 

The BA curriculum provides women with the tools and support it takes to step into her sovereignty, develop deep self-confidence, and heal herself in both her feminine and masculine so she can quickly realize her dreams, magnetize their Twin Flame Union, and build her sacred wealth.

The BA courses are taught by Dr. Amanda Noelle, Jack Peterson, and Aphrodite University's High Priestess Professors.

The program is designed for women who don’t desire to or have the time to struggle on their own; they wish to leave the Matrix, find love, grow their blissnesses and wealth, and perhaps even start a family or live in New Earth communities.

  • Clear current and past life energy blocks stopping your Twin Flame Attraction
  • Release negative psychic energies held in your cellular memory, DNA, and epigenetics
  • Navigate through your Mother and Father Wounds
  • Heal all fear and doubt, and turn it into LOVE using Twin Flame Alchemy
  • Gain a sense of UNSTOPPABLE Higher Self-Esteem
  • Perform a Twin Flame Self-Marriage Ritual that awakens you as Aphrodite, the goddess and queen of infinite unconditional love
  • Create a Twin Flame relationship and life you love, the Divine Feminine way
  • Manifest With ORGASM! Manifest what you desire using ancient sacred sex magic secrets from the Temple of Aphrodite

Are you ready to share your HEART with the world, create more FLOW and...

The BA Program is for smart conscious women who...

  • Refuse to settle for less in their love lives--they're ready for an awakened partnership, full of joy!

  • Wish to date with true confidence, authentic vulnerability, and feminine POWER! 

  • Are ready to receive like a goddess, queen, wife, and lover

  • Are excited to move forward in ease, with a supportive loving community behind you

  • Say one thing then do another 
  • Play victim as a way of avoiding transformation  
  • Let their fears and doubts get in the way
  • Don't participate and make excuses  
  • Aren't willing to invest financially in themselves/in their blissness
  • Aren't willing to show up 100% and do the hard work  
“You ARE an amazing Twin Flame Matchmaker! Within months of signing up, my Twin Flame Counterfeit stepped out of the game and the new one came right. You are truly an amazing healer, matchmaker, divine channel, space holder, gorgeous Goddess. I adore you and Jack and LOVE being part of your community!

- Claudia Zabersky
Brand Strategist, PurpleWing Studio

“You are so amazing Amanda! You’ve been so helpful on my path to reunite with my beloved Twin Flame and we are happily married now!"


Our graduates go from single and struggling to becoming fully aligned with their Twin Flame and 100% marriage ready!
The program takes around 12 months to complete.
12 Twin Flame Alchemy Training Modules
Following the 0-11 Phases of Twin Flame Alchemy, a tried-and-true method to attract and keep true love.
12 Pussy Power Hour Calls
Connect with your feminine bliss while unleashing new aspects of your power
12 Archetypes of Aphrodite Transmissions
Awaken your Divine Feminine energy with the Archetypes of Aphrodite with our monthly training, transmission, and live exercises

12 Pussy Power Hour calls
Sacred sister ceremonies to heal and empower your feminine energy and womb wisdom 
Divine Masculine Healing Ceremony
A clearing, cord-cutting, and Divine Masculine Resurrection with Jack

12 AU New Moon Rituals
Live New Moon Rituals to plan your month ahead, plus call recordings

"One day a few years ago, I worked with Amanda told her about how I had been dating someone recently, but it hadn't worked out. She asked me if I would like to try an aura healing to attract my Twin Flame, and I was immediately intrigued. During the healing, she also did a reading for me, and predicted that I would someone through my circle of friends. I felt like a weight had been removed, and knew that Amanda was helping clear the space for a new, loving relationship to start. Not long after that, I bumped into a guy from my community that I hadn't seen in over a year. I felt an immediate attraction, which turned out to be mutual. And, I felt empowered to go after what I deserved--a healthy, loving relationship. Here's to true love--thank you, Amanda!""

~Elena M., Oakland, CA

"OMG, remember when you had me do that coaching exercise, making a list of what I wanted in a Divine partner? Well, he's all that! I was single for 14 years before this, I really can't believe it. I am enjoying myself in a totally different way. It's amazing, you read my past lives in Egypt so clearly. Well, James calls me his Egyptian Goddess Queen! I swear he even looks like a pharaoh--nose shape, and head--it trips me out sometimes! I have to show you that list I wrote with you, he's everything I asked for. We went to Carmel for the weekend, Friday was his birthday. It was amazing! I have never laughed so much and made someone else laugh in return; and our conversations are so in depth. Lots of love and gratitude for your unbelievable coaching!"

~Nikki, Wine Sales Executive, Oakland, California

“Before joining AU, I was married for 11 years. It was a very verbally and emotionally abusive relationship.

Just after finishing the first 6 months in the program, I was honestly the happiest I had ever been! I painfully cleared away a very toxic relationship (false twin flame) by clearing out an abuse cycle that I have been living out since I was a little girl.

I had lots of very deep insights and cleared out a lot of old childhood beliefs and traumas.

After my Twin Flame Attraction Ceremony, I found wonderful deep unconditional love with a childhood friend who I have been separate from for 26 years. We are so in love! (Update: they've been together for 6 years now!)

~Jennifer Angela Koenig, Connecticut

  • You'll go deeper than you ever had into yourself and come out with super-high doses of self-love and capacity to love others.
  • We're a tribe of super silly, loving, yet powerful sisters who take action and get what we want.
  • We help you meet a life partner who is aligned with you in body, mind, and soul.
  • We're way more fun!
  • We encourage you to be your unique brilliant self, not fit into a box.
Marcie's Story
Twin Flames in Encinitas, CA
I'd been wanting to bring in my beloved for quite awhile, and it just wasn't happening. And after working with you, I brought in a man who adores me, who has shown up with such love and tenderness. It has been such a celebration of love.”

"Before I went to Aphrodite University, I was just single for a long time and if anything I was in 2 relationships and it just manifested into such a negative thing which is just a negative experience, lots of verbal abuse, there was no balance and things in that nature. After that I just stayed single .

Once I went to Aphrodite University where's the main thing, the main key is of course self love, I started doing healing myself. Soon after I went to the retreat everything happened so fast I wasn't even looking for my beloved, he kinda showed up and he happened to be in front of me the whole time. That was so crazy! I knew of him for 3 years before we even connected so that was crazy and then everything of course happened soon after we reconnected. Now we have a daughter and we have our matrimony and now in this new interesting journey together which I’m just grateful.

The funny thing is as soon as we connected, probably 2 or 3 months later I became pregnant, I had Rose when I was 44 and the only problem I had was swollen feet.

I’m just grateful!"

A $1,000 Value!

During this powerful activation, you will create an entirely new relationship with money that aligns with your soul’s infinite nature that balances the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Clarify what Holy MatriMoney uniquely looks like for you, and discover how to quickly bring it in--your way! Dissolve your biggest money blocks into a flowing 6 or 7-figure income and beyond. 

We’ll cancel negative collective and family karmas that have enslaved so many in the dark side of money so you can break any money chains that have been keeping you and your income small.

You will align with a Divine Feminine flow of money that is magnetic, effortless, and easily abundant! You’ll call in the Divine Masculine structural aspect of money for His protection, and support. Let’s open your money channels so you can live the abundant life you deserve! 

A $1,000 Value!

During this soul-shifting ritual led by Jack himself, you’ll drop your daddy issues for good. You’ll participate in a powerful Divine Masculine Activation ceremony to close up the karma and cut the cords with your dad and other false father figures in your present or past, so their energy isn’t in your field interrupting your Twin Flame game. You’ll awaken to the new codes of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Father that help you align with your Twin Flame counterpart.

Jack will be there to hold space for your transformation. You’ll instantly feel a boost in your self-worth that’ll allow you to turn heads. It’s finally time to eradicate the dear-old-dad patterns that keep you energetically merged and married to your dad, and kissing frogs!  By participating in the Divine Masculine Healing Ceremony, you’ll call in the space you need to align with a man who reflects your truest divine light.  

A $3000 Value!

Revolutionize your dating life! Make finding your Twin Flame fun and pleasurable, vs stressful and boring by going on a “Date With the Divine Masculine.” During these two live group “love experiments” you’ll be giggling like a schoolgirl again... The experiment combines a group training with a group blind date with an eligible bachelor. Practice keeping your heart open while dating with discernment. Increase your Communionication (communication and engagement skills) with the Divine Masculine in a safe space with your mentors and SeaStars.

Before the bachelor arrives, you will receive a short training to help you embody feminine love while putting healthy masculine boundaries in place so you can fully RECEIVE a healthy masculine energy. Whether or not you’re single or already in Union with your Twin Flame, this love experiment will allow you to study your energy, increase your confidence, and become aware of hidden patterns so you can shift them and love deeper.

The call ends with a group debrief without our bachelor so you can integrate what you’ve learned and rewrite your love life/dating script!  Two dates total.

"I was so tired of not being able to realise the dreams that I desired. I kept dating a slew of men who just weren't meeting my needs, but I had so much love to give someone that I constantly felt frustrated.

During my coaching sessions with Amanda, I began to understand the old negative patterns that were leading me down the wrong roads to the wrong guys. She helped me to make a list of what I was looking for in a partner, and walked me through how I was going to meet my Twin Flame. When I felt discouraged, Amanda reminded me to keep focused on my goals, always making me certain that I could have it all. When I was ready, Amanda helped me feng shui my room in order to attract my soulmate. After moving the bed away from the wall and removing some decor that represented my old single energy, the room felt completely different.

We sat down and did a little prayer and ritual around some water and a candle, and I felt a powerful shift. Only three hours later, I met the man of my dreams! It all happened so fast after that. He and I fell instantly in love, moved in only a month later, got married, and have bought two beautiful homes together. I am so grateful to Amanda for my improved self-confidence and new faith in my powers to bring miracles into my life. I couldn't have done it without her. I thank Amanda for helping me to make my miraculous love story happen.

- Rhea, El Cerrito, California

""Before working with Amanda, I was mindlessly waiting for my dreams to take years to accomplish. I was expecting my spiritual powers to be obtained in a lengthy manner. However, the Universe had another plan and brought the Goddess, High-Prestess, Dr Amanda into my life. After out first call together, I felt a distinct shift in my consciousness. I instantly feel more confident, despite my own (and others) criticisms. I began to experience the bliss I'd been waiting for. Most prominently however, I created my dream job in a matter of months! My whole life has changed as a result of working with Amanda. She assuredly is working with the Highest forces as the blessings and growth I have seen are immense and almost indescribable. For example, I never would have considered myself pursuing my own business before I finished my degree. She has helped me to see the petty reasons I place in front of my dreams that are holding me back from using my naturally given gifts to heal myself and the world! I love how she has empowered me to connect with my past life knowledge. This has truly been so powerful for me. I have had dreams of her teaching me Ancient wisdom and also ones where I am being shown by my past-lives-selves ways of healing. I thank the influence of Amanda for this! I would absolutely recommend Amanda because her knowledge and wisdom are overflowing. She is working with the most potent and essential elements needed at this time on earth. She is so connected with the Diving and has such a unique way of balancing the woo-woo with grounded sexiness."

- Ayla Ulrikson, Calgary, Canada