Beth Steinmann

Beth is a visionary author, Life Coach, Plant Spirit Healer and Shamanic Practitioner who has helped hundreds of women and men find and live their spiritual truth.

She is the founder of the Satya Collective, a group of revolutionaries, writers, teachers, healers and Earth activists who share a common vision of awakening oneness consciousness through re-kindling ancient wisdom in human hearts. Their mission is to touch as many people as possible by sharing their diverse voices and perspectives through blogging, community building, facilitating healing and engaging in conversations about what it means to be human during a time of upheaval and rapid evolution.

She is dedicated to returning the balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine on Earth, and loves helping people access their birthright of ecstatic and sexual alchemy. She gets off on breaking the status quo, dancing in the redwoods, frolicking in oak-rolling hills, dipping her feet in the ocean, and lovin’ up on her Twin Flame husband, amazing step-daughter, and two identical Twin boys! Visit her work at