Twin Flame Bridal Shower Retreat

SEPTEMBER 9-12, 2019| Bay Area, California
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Here comes the badass bride…

Are you ready to create a out-of-this world relationship with your Twin Flame? To end karma with exes and the old marriage system? And most of all… are you ready to say “I do” to yourself?

The problem is, most women are seeking love in the wrong direction…They marry out of the old conditioning. This leads to a ho-hum relationship…So un High-Healed Priestess!

These women are looking for love on the outside, when they first need to look within

If you are ready to become a badass bride who embodies self-love, join us at the Twin Flame Bridal Shower Retreat. Write your self-marriage vows, cleanse old relationship patterns, ancestral sabotages, and karmic ties, and prepare for the best relationship you’ve ever experienced–starting at you!

Only the Best

Sacred Sisterhood. Self-Love. Rapid Fire Twin Flame Activation!

During this intimate gathering in the San Francisco Bay Area (the Oakland Hills), you’ll be showered with love…

Participate in a purification ceremony the ancient Greeks called “Loutra” to cleanse away old patterns and prepare yourself as a Twin Flame Bride. The retreat includes intensive mentorship from Dr. Amanda, and perhaps a visiting guest expert or two.

You’ll get Twin Flame Love Seat Coaching plus an ‘11 Twin Flame Chakra Psychic Surgery,’ from Dr. Amanda. In sisterhood, we’ll work mega magic during a hike into the redwoods.

You’ll get dolled up and participate in Twin Flame Bride Initiation Ritual and photo shoot at a sacred Native American site!

Retreat Timeline
3:00pm – 5:30pm – INTENTIONS

5:30pm-6:30pm – Break for Dinner

6:30pm – 9:00pm – Goddess Death & Releasement Ritual


10:00am – 11:30am – Yoni Pleasure Guest Expert Caroline Andrews

11:30am-1pm Intro to Self-Marriage Vows

1:00pm-2:30pm – Break for Lunch

2:30pm – 4pm – Write Self-Marriage Vows

4:00pm-6pm – Bridal Shower Photo Shoot

6:00pm-8pm – Break for Dinner

8:00pm-10pm – TF Love Seat Coaching


10:00am-12pm –  More TF Love Seat Coaching

1:00pm-2:00pm Break for Lunch

2:00pm-4:00pm – Goddess Rebirth & Resurrection Ritual

4:00pm-6:00pm – Final exercises, ritual, and closing circle.

Aphrodite University SeaStars: this retreat is already included in your degree program if you are a BA, PhD, or Lifetime Student!

If you’re interested in becoming a student at AU, please email us below.

Non-Student Rate*:

$1999, or 3 payments of $777

*Alumni and MBA SeaStars: contact us below for the student/alumni discount.

Please let us know if you are attending, or if you have any questions!


Self-Marriage Vows 

Wow! When you write your own self-marriage vows, there is no room for dating men/women who disappoint, disappear, or disillusion you! You will be crystal clear in your own values, and make a vow with the Universe to create what you want.

Spa Rituals

A bride-to-be must be showered with love and affection, as well as with energetic cleansing.

Participate in Dr. Amanda’s Shamanic Facial Ceremony where you’ll learn how to do a juicy healing facial, a goddess initiation to divine beauty and self-care!

Bring your own skin care products, and we’ll provide our own.

Pussy Power

When we write our self-marriage vows, we also need to tune into our Pussy Power, and ask our yoni what she wants as a liberated woman. Throughout the retreat, we’ll be diving into deeper conversations and content related to womb and yoni wisdom.

Divine Feminine Awakening

We’ll be doing deep Divine Feminine energy healing, fear-clearing, sacred rituals to activate the Feminine essence, and sacred womb work. Learn to bring your Divine Feminine energy into your business, aka blissness.

Twin Flame Coaching

We’ll have two segments so that everyone can receive a spot for Twin Flame Love Seat Coaching! Step into the Love Seat and ask your burning questions about your relationship, sexual desires, Divine Feminine energy, womb healing, or blissness.

What People are Saying

“Such powerful loving women!”

It’s truly amazing the way she brought together so many powerful women. People who have now become very special in my life and held space for all of my transformations.


“A celebration of love.”

“It’s been such a celebration of love to have my beloved come into my life, and to be able to grow in that way. I want to thank Dr. Amanda Noelle for helping me make that shift in my life and for this retreat. I know she’s done this for many people. ”


I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the fun and playfulness and magnetism.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Dr. Amanda. After my divorce, I felt shame and had very little self-confidence, but coaching with you helped raise me out of that, and a big part of it was learning to have some fun and play, and not take everything so darn seriously!


“Authentic, real and, true “

I love the great energy that Dr. Amanda and all the knowledge she shares with us, as well as her leading by example of how to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, open, authentic, real, and true to our soul and feminine selves, show and accept all sides of ourselves, as well as connect to our masculine side to bring structure and commitment to manifesting our dreams and life mission.”