What is ParthenogenesisThere is an ancient secret lineage of Divine Birth Priestesses on Earth, who have had the ability to conceive consciously without need for male sperm.

I visited the Parthenon in Nashville, TN yesterday which includes a full size replica of the building itself as well as a 42 foot statue of Athena Parthenos inside.

Athena was born by parthenogenesis – the ability of a women to self-concieve a daughter (or son).

Her mother Metis, who was Zeus’s first wife, was reported to Zeus as to become the mother of a child that would be stronger and more powerful than Zeus. He was so enraged by this that he went to stop her and found she was already pregnant with Athena on her own.

What is ParthenogenesisHe ate her – pregnant and all, and she went to work in retaliation crafting a golden armor for her daughter inside of Zeus. The pounding of the armor caused him such a headache that Prometheus split Zeus’s head in two at his request and Athena emerged from his skull as an adult wearing golden armor, but her mother was dead.

In Greek mythology, it is commonly said that Athena was the daughter of Zeus, but really she was the daughter of a goddess who self-conceived, who was killed by Zeus. Zeus went on to have a lengthy history of raping most of the goddesses in the Greek Pantheon.

In Ancient Greece, Athena was heralded as one of the most beloved and powerful goddesses, for the divine feminine may be sublimated but it cannot be killed. Athena was beloved by her father and was heralded as the goddess of civilization, law, and war – as she marked the rise of the patriarchal culture and the control of the goddess energy.

The Parthenon was built in Classical Greece as a temple of Athena, who was the “Lady of Athens.” Parthenos refers to the birth of Athena, as being a virgin birth. The Parthenon was built as a temple of Athena and is now replicated all over the world in many courthouse, museum, and bank buildings.

While it’s a beautiful structure, I see it as a prison of the divine feminine. Athena is inside the structure of phallic pillars, and she is too big to walk out through the doors. There are male figures all around the building in the reliefs free on the outside while she is inside. The Parthenon was originally designed as a structure that free people would not enter – much like a prison.

The sacred sexual powers of women were suppressed thousands of years ago, while the patriarchal rulers used the power of sex transmution to capitalize on the feminine energy for more power and more control.

Yet, the energy of the feminine cannot be destroyed for the ancient secret that women have the ability to create life unto ourselves cannot be fully suppressed – much like Athena who still shines her message today for those who are able to hear it.

There is an ancient secret lineage of Divine Birth Priestesses on Earth, who have had the ability to conceive consciously without need for male sperm. This is the experience of immaculate conception and was part of the ancient fertility practices of priestesses from Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and beyond…

Parthenogenesis is a form of sexual reproduction that does not involve fertilization for the growth and development for embryos. The word parthenogenesis comes from Greek meaning “virgin birth.” Parthenogenesis occurs naturally in many plants, invertebrates, animals, vertebrates, as well as being potentially possible for humans. Bees are a great example which have also long been associated with divine birthing as priestesses were often referred to as “Melissa,” meaning honeybee.

kara maria anandaMidwifery and women’s sexuality educator Whapio Dianne Bartlett writes, “At all times, women have the complete components of genetic material in their eggs to create life.” Humans have 46 chromosomes, during conception 23 of the women’s chromosomes combine with 23 of a man’s chromosomes – however women actually have 46 chromosomes completely in their eggs at all times! When they conceive with a man the “extra” 23 chromosomes get put aside in a pocket and absorbed – but this poses a question as to what the purpose of these extra chromosomes are for in biology – could it be the ancient art of parthenogenesis?

The Parthenon was built with 46 outer pillars and 23 inside pillars, a total of 69. Is the a coincidence? Definitely not. The building was designed by a master architect who organized the building of the ancient structure in Greece with no blueprint in the proportions of the golden ratio in just 8 years, and aligned with the Hyades star cluster. How was that possible?

Could a women get pregnant without a man? This totally radical idea is rarely discussed cause it would rock the whole patriarchy to pieces! That is part of why the ancient gods and patriarchal cultures felt a need to kill or assimilate all goddess mythology and priestess practices that taught this art.

Not to mention that a virgin birth would only produce a female child. Now that poses some interesting questions about mainstream religious mythology, doesn’t it?

This is the transmission I received while visiting the Parthenon yesterday. The divine feminine is still imprisoned, but still lives. It cannot be fully suppressed because we hold the full keys to life within the mysteries of our bodies. We are protected with golden armor. Imagine this golden energy around your body when you feel under stress and know that your sacred power is eternal.



What is Parthenogenesis