Erika Matos, The Abundance Revolutionary

Erika Matos is The Abundance Revolutionary – whose mission is to help up and coming Goddesses become fully aligned with their desires so that they can materialize their dreams faster! Through her work, women unleash, overcome abundance blocks and prosperity challenges, to reach levels of success never imagined. Erika offers a constantly expanding body of knowledge that focuses on the benefits of connecting to our Creative Force, ritualizing manifestation, and fully integrating all aspects of our bodies, minds, and spirits so that we may prosper and thrive beyond our wildest, juiciest, most delicious dreams! After years struggling with money worries, fatigue and depression, she set out to find out everything she could about financial freedom – how to create it and what it meant to be truly prosperous, while remaining spiritual and authentic. By incorporating the most beneficial components of different concepts into her own system of monetary healing, she has achieved undeniable success, and is happy and inspired to share it with others because she believes that nothing translates into liberation quite like being abundant. She is an intuitive energy healer, Akashic records specialist, gifted clairaudient, writer, and lecturer. More info at: