how to avoid psychic attacksWhat have I been up to lately? Exorcising demons! Crazy but true Amanda story…

In this blog, you’ll learn how you can exorcise demons overnight, and own your spiritual power, financial power, health, etc.

The story starts here

Yesterday afternoon, I lead a powerful ritual during Aphrodite University’s monthly New Moon Class/Ceremony (you can find the replay here: The women who ended the call were all powerful healers and High-Healed Priestesses. Many of us have been feeling hit by psychic attack energy that affects our mood, our relationships, and especially our purse power.

The ceremony felt palpable in my body and aura. Then the magic showed up in my purse!

As I channeled straight from my Higher Self, I could hear several military planes flying overhead in my garden (you can hear them on the call recording!). I simply noticed them and sent them love. I normally would have freaked out, but I have been learning to use our motto, Amor Vincit Omnia – love conquers all.

Correspondingly, earlier in the week, I had been having shamanic dreams about clearing military energy. I have seen this energy in plant medicine journeys for some time, and know that it is the most powerful energy that holds the Divine Feminine back from stepping into her power. In a dream earlier this week, my soul was guided to stop fighting, and start loving this military energy.

Love is the biggest medicine to clear psychic attack energy – it is the only way. So in the dream space, I literally bowed and sent love to this persecution energy that had been chasing me for lifetimes. It sent me love in return. My heart opened and I felt a shift. I then sang a mantra in my dream over and over:

“Wow, thank you for loving me. Thank you for teaching me to be the love that loves me.” 

As I was saying, yesterday on the call when we did the Pursey Power ceremony together – I channeled through what higher guidance was showing me, which was the symbol of the pyramid. We did a deep energy clearing, canceling out the old money pyramid structure from our purses and implanted the Flower of Life in our credit cards, cash, purse etc. The Flower of Life is the structure for all life on earth and is the structure for the new money systems coming in with the New Earth.

We are clearing loads and loads of snake demons from the goddess temple.

Then, last night I went to sleep feeling so exhausted that I broke my toe on the way to my bed (literally!). In my deepest sleep, I then dreamed of swimming with my soul sisters in a pool of snakes (a reoccurring dream I have). This time in the dream, together we cleared a ton of energy and became aware of the snakes which had been invisible to us. I was then able to travel to see many soul sisters in France, Sweden, and Norway (I even met up with Liz Blizz!).

Then, I experienced a true money miracle – in PURSE POWER!

After the dream this morning, I woke up to a phone message stating that a lingering $11,111 transaction that had been held up in my merchant credit card account (they had flat out said I couldn’t get the money because it wasn’t approved by merchant security services due to a security issue) was issued into my bank account. Despite the security service lady telling me for 2 weeks straight that it couldn’t be approved, the cash came through effortlessly.

Talk about Pursey Power! I literally had been calling the bank every day trying to figure out how to get the payment from my client’s account into my account, and after the ritual and snake clearing, it was easy as cutting butta’. Pursey Power is for real! I know that you have many money miracle stories to experience and share after the ceremony.

how to exorcise a demon

Here is how to exorcise a demon, Divine Feminine style:

  1. Gather in a circle of sisters (aka SeaStars) who are part of your Soul Family or Soul Tribe on the New Moon or Full Moon – the New Moon will activate a new intention or prayer to replace the old demon so it’s an ideal time for planting new seeds. The Full Moon is an ideal time simply for releasing and clearing.
  2. There is safety in numbers, so call in SeaStars or Soul Family when you need psychic support!
  3. Ask your guides, archangels, angels, or Higher Self to ground and keep the container safe. You cannot be psychically attacked when you call in help.
  4. Create a ritual with fire and water present. We use a candle and sea-salted water during the Aphrodite University New Moon rituals quite often.
  5. When you go into fear, call in divine love. A psychic cannot happen when you love yourself and call in your highest light.
  6. Envision a Flower of Life around you, your purse, car etc, whatever needs help, abundance, and light.

If you have demons blocking your chakras and experiencing ongoing psychic attacks, opt-in to get the replay here:  And I look forward to seeing you on the next new moon for some powerful 7-figure alchemy. XO!