Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of good questions about our degrees here at AU, here are some of the most common ones:

Q: When does the MBA/PhD/BA program begin?

A: The BA and MBA has an open enrollment and you can start immediately upon acceptance.  There are a limited number of spaces available and your program application is required.

Q: When does the MBA/PhD/BA program end?

A: As an BA, you get access to the program for a 12-month journey.

As a MBA, you get access to the program for a 12-month journey.

As an PhD, you get access to the program for a 2-year journey.

We don’t have official semesters, quarters, or trimesters. Instead, we have an ongoing series of courses that are structured to fit your needs as an entrepreneur and healer. Our course modules are available 24-hours a day kept on our online campus.

Our live coaching calls are placed on our Campus Calendar in advance.

Q: Would I get to do the weekly accountability conversation with the SeaStar? This ideally appeals to me. 

A: YES! Absolutely. You get to have an accountability partner asap, as it’s so helpful. Usually our students gravitate towards a soul sister they feel connected to, it happens with magic almost every time!

Q: Are there live calls, or all they all pre-recorded? 

A: Many of the Aphrodite University courses are taught in a pre-recorded module format, in video, MP3, or PDF format. In conjunction, we also offer live group coaching and live content courses. Ask your Admissions Priestess for more information.

Q: Are there live coaching calls?

A: Yes, we offer live coaching calls each month in an intimate group.

The Twin Flame Power Hour is held on the third Wednesday of the Month at 5pm* PST. The Twin Flame Power Hour is open to BA and PhD students only.

The monthly “Bli$$ness Time” Office Hour call is held on the first Friday of the month at 11am* PST with Dr. Amanda where you can ask any questions related to bli$$ness or any Bli$$ness School content/courses. Office Hours are open to MBA and PhD students only.

*Times subject to change. 

Q: What is taught live? 

A: All of our retreats are taught live, and are done in person. There may be a livestream option in some cases, though it is not guaranteed. Twin Flame Power Hours and Office Hours are taught live.

We have other live calls on occasion, including SeaStar Led Courses, Dr. Amanda’s courses, and High Priestess Professor courses.  

Q: Are all of the courses taken online?

A: The BA and MBA programs include access to 1 Intro Level Retreat, and 1 Intermediate Level TwinTensive Retreat. Aphrodite University Retreats are held several times per year. Besdies retreats, all of the required curriculum can be done online from the comfort of your home.

Q: Where can I take my courses?

With a laptop or iPad, you can literally do your program from anywhere in the world–even in the bathtub (as we often do!)–as long as you’ve got internet access. You may download some of your mp3s and videos in advance if you’ll be away from internet.

Q: How many classes have to be taken weekly?

A: There is no module minimum; our program is truly self-paced, though we recommend taking at least 1 module per week at the bare minimum, unless you are taking an intentional week off.

Q: What is the difference between the MBA program, BA, and the PhD program?
A: Our PhD Program is focused on helping candidates become top love coaches, relationship experts, authors and leaders in the field of Twin Flame Relationships and the Divine Feminine Healing Arts. The curriculum includes intro courses in business (bli$$ness) to help you get your coaching practice running!
The MBA Program is focused on helping love coaches and matchmakers launch their 6-figure soul-aligned bli$$ness. It’s designed for women who are already coaches, healers, or metaphysical practitioners wanting to fill their practices and/or programs. This year-long intensive bli$$ness training blends business and mysticism,with a focus on orgasmic pleasure.

Q: Can I take the courses from an iPad or any device?

Yes, our programs are accessible via any device, including your iPad or smartphone.

Q: I’m a super shy person and don’t want to be seen on video.

Video opportunity is offered in the Pussy Power Hour, and is always optional.

Q: What will I need to take my courses?

You will need high-speed internet access to watch our videos and livestreams. You will need either a phone or internet access with a headset and speaker to participate in group discussion classes and office hours. Our phone lines connect freely from within the US, Canada, U.K., and Australia at no additional fee.

Q: How long does it take to complete each of the degrees?

The BA takes approximately 1 year.

The MBA takes approximately 1 year.

The PhD takes approximately 2 years.

Q: Can I finish my degree in a shorter amount of time?

Possibly. It depends on you; on your Divine Feminine ripeness, on your flow, as sometimes you will need time off from your program (see below).  You might be totally motivated and also actually want to pack in as much information over the time that you’re in the program and make the most out of it! While it’s entirely up to you, we do have a recommended pace and provide updates and reminders to make sure you’re on track.

Q: How academically rigorous is your program?

Girl, if we wanted to make it rigorous, we’d just snap you with a whip… But that’s not what we’re about, and it’s not the paradigm we’re here to build.

We are here to birth high vibrational High-Healed Priestesses. These trainings are more pampering than painful, and the homework though sometimes intimidating is more about getting it done while activating light codes vs doing it perfectly.

We are NOT about intense heavy reading. That said, our BA and PhD program does require a some reading and writing. Nothing too extreme. See the degree requirements page here.

Q: Can I complete my degree if I am a full-time mom or at a full-time job?

Yes and yes.  We’ve designed this as a Divine Feminine-based university, not some scary number crunching or memorization-regurgitation facility. We are about your experience. Think about it as a YOUniversity versus a place where you kiss the teacher’s butt and try to nail the exams to get an A.

It’s all about you anyways. At AU, you are learning 24-hours a day, integrating your coursework into your life at home, in your bli$$ness, with your family, body, etc.

Many of the courses do require some homework, but others are more intuitive-based, fun, and light and only require integrated learning as homework (which we call ‘funwork,’ by the way).

Q: What if I don’t finish my degree within the suggested timeframe?

As long as you are attending classes regularly and are committed to your program, it’s very spacious to complete the MBA within 1 year or less, the BA within 1 year or less, and the PhD within 2 years or less.

If personal circumstances prevent you from completing your program within the suggested timeframe, you may request an extension and pay an affordable monthly fee to extend your program beyond the due date.

For example, your MBA tuition grants you access to the program for one year, and if you do not complete it, you can continue on a month-to-month basis at the current monthly tuition fees.

Q: Who are your High Priestess Professors?

We have an entourage of High Priestess Professors: High Priestesses, high-end love coaches, shamans, business coaches, consultants, and experts in their fields. We have millionaires and business coaches who are experts at creating your 6 and 7-figure wealth as well as rising star celebs who have skyrocketed on social media like Facebook and YouTube. They have been selected to help you rise your confidence, income, and expertise as healers and bli$$preneurs. Check out our High Priestess Professors here.

Q: What are the results to be expected?

The BA Program offers the curriculum, community, and codes to help you awaken Twin Flame energy, to call in your ultimate Beloved.

The PhD Program provides the trainings to become a top love coach, Twin Flame Matchmaker, and relationship expert. You’ll learn how to help your clients marry themselves, call in a Divine Union, and help the partnership grow. You’ll also learn how to perform sacred marriage rituals. 

MBA program offer the tools to help you launch and begin to grow a 6-figure business within one year.

Our bli$$ness curriculum provides students the systems and structures to enroll high-paying Soulmate Clients with confidence and pleasure.

The BA and PhD degrees allow you to become a confident, self-healed High-Healed Priestess who is well versed in the Divine Feminine Healing Arts.

As an AU graduate, expect to come out a different person who is more confident and self-loving. You’ll have your online business templates and structures filled out, as well as your Divine Feminine energies activated so that you can call in abundance in ease.

Q: Will each MBA or PhD break free to 6 or 7-figures?

While we do our best to teach you the 7-figure skills and secrets, and that would be nice to guarantee, it’s not everyone’s karma or soul purpose to do so right away. However, some students definitely have fast money breakthroughs, while others have new flows that start slowly trickling. Other students will be focused on self-healing and will take the seeds with them to plant when they are ready. Essentially, you get what you put into the program, and our tools are designed to give you everything you need to quickly build your online biz.

We always state the a “7-Figure ORGASM” might be $50,000 for one woman, or 10 million for another. It’s about the energy in your 7 chakras getting grounded in both the spirit and physical worlds.

It is our hope that all students who are ready to step into their Divine Feminine abundance will do so within the first few months of the program, both energetically and to be financially stable.

Q: What if I want to take a break from AU?

At AU, the programs are self-paced in the sense that if you miss a live class, you can always take the course by going through the modules on our online campus–nearly all of our coursework is placed on our course library. We offer 2-5 live calls per month, which you can see on our calendar upon enrollment in your program.

If you need to take a break, please notify our academic staff ahead of time and take up to a 4 week break. However, you will not be granted a free extension on your agreed program length and will have to choose between making up on coursework within the agreed timeframe, or paying an additional monthly fee until you complete your program.

Q: If I work with my clients in person, will your MBA program be well-suited for me?

In general our MBA program is designed to help spiritual women entrepreneurs build their bli$$nesses online so they can work from anywhere in the world virtually by phone, Skype, webinar, etc. Additionally however, the MBA can also help with your online marketing to attract your Soulmate Clients to your local office.

However, for those who strive to achieve 7-figure bli$$, we generally recommend our high-end model that focuses on providing the majority of your services virtually, and the rest can via in-person retreats, workshops, and VIP client days. This way you can attract clients from around the world via the internet vs. staying limited to who is available in your local area.

If you are wanting all of your work to be done at a per hour rate in-person (a massage, intuitive reading, or shamanic journey etc), likely our program isn’t for you. Our goal is to help you break free to 6-figures and beyond, while working less hours, and having the option to travel and work from various locations around the world.

If you are a standard brick and mortar biz that is 100% in person-based, we likely aren’t the right training program for you. However, if your company is wanting to create scalable products/info products that can be sold over the internet to create more leverage in your biz, or if you are wanting to sell any products online, and you need an online marketing strategy, Aphrodite University can help put the systems in place. You’ll make more money by reaching more customers/clients, via the internet, worldwide.

Q: Does Aphrodite University offer scholarships?

Aphrodite University provides high-end education for 6-figure bound entrepreneurs, including business training and metaphysical studies at a fraction of the cost.

The investment in yourself is what allows a full commitment to yourself and your finances. We have found that those who participate in their education with scholarships don’t invest the full energy exchange that it takes to get you and your bli$$ness the full results. We also notice many of them staying stuck in debt and financial stagnation when there unwilling to invest in themselves.

While we are here to help, we are also not here as a charity; instead, we are teaching women to remember their power and abilities to manifest wealth. As much as we would love to open our doors to everyone, we are an organization here to teach women who are already at a basic level of abundance to afford our very reasonable tuition rates.

Investing in yourself is crucial if you are here to make a big change in your bli$$ness and life, and we’re looking for students who are willing to do what it takes to be living their soil purposes and who are 100% committed to birthing 6-figure bli$$nesses within one year.

Q: Does Aphrodite University’s Founder Dr. Amanda Noelle offer private sessions?

Currently, Dr. Amanda Noelle offers private work to a handful of VIP clients who are enrolled in the Pink Diamond Program. Private packages currently start at the $12,222 level.  Dr. Noelle’s inspiration was to provide an affordable education at a metaphysical university to share her and other high priestesses’ teachings in a group setting that is intimate, safe, and as potent as getting one-on-one work.

Q: Who is the school a best fit for?

A: Our school is tailored to the needs of wild women–coaches, consultants, healers, tantrikas, and lightworkers who are birthing the new healing waves across the planet, and who want to take their bli$$nesses high-end in the process.  It’s for women who refuse to play small, who are open to receiving in divine abundance and ease, and who are here to rise the Divine Feminine bliss in business and beyond.

Q: Are you accredited?

A: Accreditation is optional for all collegese and universities. There are many accrediting bodies for conventional universities, but none for Divine Feminine mysetery schools and alternative business schools. While we strive to give you the best content, support, and eductation possible, we do not use any traditional accreditation systems at this time and instead focus our efforts on getting results. Read more about accreditation here.

Q: What are your graduation requirements?

A: Check out our degree requirements here and the Terms of Service here.