twin flame runnerOne of the best gifts anyone can give you is a broken heart. You would’t think that at the time, especially when you are crying on the bathroom floor, your inner child screaming, knowing that you’ve hit bottom.

No one likes pain, but pain is part of the game of becoming a woman or man. It is only later in the storyline that you realize that this heartbreak was an an initiation rite, one freeing you to your Higher Purpose.

Before I met my “Mr. Right Counterfeit,” I dreamed of the fairytale, one where I didn’t have to be responsible for myself. When I met him, I felt so loved. It was love at first sight and I felt all my pain disappear; everything felt light and perfect… Until it crumbled, and I was crying on the bathroom floor for months. Actually, for two years! Our soul connection was that strong.

Heart broken open! Awaken the Light.

You see, when we were little girls, we were told that someday our prince would come – a man who comes to love us and meet all of our needs – to bring us our Happily Ever Afters. Yet it doesn’t work this way! And we are not only heartbroken by him, but by the lies, by society, and by a Grand Illusion. The illusion that anyone else but us can love us before we love ourselves.

Heartbreaks can be the only medicine to wake us up to our divine truth. They shake our soul and frightfully dive us into a deeper reality. Going into the pain, your mind and body become so distressed that they begin begging the soul for answers. We connect to Source: “Please God, tell me what to do!”

My prayers have always been answered, even in delay time. God always helped me get through whatever it was I thought I couldn’t get through. The two years proceeding my breakup with Mr. Right Counterfeit were the most difficult I could imagine, but I put myself together again from scratch to become the woman I truly am.

In the process of the death, is the process of the birth.

women self-love meditationYour heartache is a gateway to a Higher Truth, where you are forced to love yourself.  In my heartbreak, I had to do everything I could to connect to a Higher Power. I began meditating, praying, and doing yoga. I went out hiking, saw therapist and healers, began studying shamanism and I looked for answers. Slowly, I found them and I now see why my soul chose this path.  Everything I had to do to heal my heart, I use now to heal my clients; it’s all built into my soul purpose.

Abandonment creates a vacuum where love can flow.

Sometimes there is no way around it but to be abandoned by someone you truly love so that you can lick your wounds, put yourself back together, and get to witness your strength. Without someone there to hold your hand, you learn to do it on your own. There on the bathroom floor, I became my own midwife.

How can you be truly confident if you don’t know that you can fall apart fully and be put back together again?

Broken fantasies will wash away, only to reveal the real truth of what your heart desires. You aren’t Humpty Dumpty. You will heal. Your soul is infinitely powerful as you are created in the reflection of the Creator. Yet you are also vulnerable and human, we need tender healing. It takes time, but your soul’s strength pulls you though. You learn after many deaths and rebirths, and many heartbreaks and heart healing events in many lifetimes that you are a warrior of divine love!

Since my heartbreak by Mr. Right Counterfeit, I have been on an intensive spiritual journey that lead me to uncover my soul purpose. It is to inspire women to heal themselves, to wake up their soul purposes, and to create businesses that heal the planet. As the Founder of Aphrodite University, with my squad of sirens, I share a body of sacred mystical knowledge that has been lost, forgotten, and heartbroken. Together, we are resurrecting these Divine Feminine teachings and delivering them to the world that needs it direly.

I have also established a whole new level of love within my relationships, both romantic and in friendships. This is because I am not willing to compromise myself anymore. I know my soul and I know my power. I know that she can’t live without unconditional love, and I know how lovable I am!  I no longer get trapped in limiting codependent stories and faux fairytales, no matter how tempting they can be at first. I now know that true love comes from within.

Our heart desires one thing: love.

Love is everywhere. In truth, the only thing that exists is love. Is God. You are here to learn that love is omnipotent, in all things, even when it appears sparse and life gets difficult.

Even when someone you love leaves you in your darkest hour, know that this is a big blessing designed by the Creator to wake you up to the power vested in you.

To your heart of gold, in its infinite wealth and healing power.

Please come and play and pray with us every new moon for a powerful New Moon Class/Ceremony at Aphrodite University!