Jessica Cornejo Gallegos

Jessica Cornejo Gallegos is an Inca High Priestess, Shamanic Healer Guide & Heart Purpose Mentor.

She is the founder of Alturas Shining Light Spiritual Journeys. Through her private healing services (spiritual, energetic, psychological), group programs and public speaking, she guides women to step into the light of their lives. Jessica leads groups on sacred retreats to the land of the Incas, Cusco-Peru. Born in Peru and a Canadian citizen, she is a Reiki Master with a BSN degree and 7 years of nursing experience.
Years ago, Jessica experienced a depression and life crisis that led her to a spiritual awakening. Through synchronicities, she was guided by Spirit to transform her own life.

Jessica is the owner of Alturas Kitchen, a holistic restaurant in Cusco-Peru. Jessica is currently providing life healing services and mentoring awakening women determined to transform their lives. Her commitment is to support women to transform their lives and experience a blissful purposeful life by aligning with their hearts, Pachamama & Spirit.
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