The Aphrodite University MBA Program provides high-end business building tools, expert mentorship, accountability, and mastermind support to help launch your 6-figure business with orgasmic pleasure..The MBA Program is for women who are ready to create the foundation of their multiple ORGASMIC 6 or 7-figure blissness that aligns at Twin Flame Love.

Learn How Manifest Your Soulmate Clients


Are you ready to go high-end as a High-Healed Priestess? The MBA Program is designed to help bright, creative, and sensual starlets like yourself to become leaders in their fields of alternative healing, life coaching, business coaching, the sensual arts, and metaphysics.  

Divine Feminine entrepreneur, are you ready to…:


    • Create a high-end luxury brand that truly reflects the beauty of your soul?
    • Learn how to do business the Divine Feminine way? 
    • Go from bored and overwhelmed in your busy-ness to turned ON in your blissness?
    • Swiftly attract your high paying Soulmate Clients who get miraculous results?
    • Speak, write, and coach fearlessly from your intuition and feminine power?
    • Become more confident and influential as an embodied feminine leader?

The MBA Program MissionAphrodite University


The Aphrodite University MBA Program initiates smart conscious women as empowered 6-figure entrepreneurs who are ready for their ultimate Beloved.  The MBA Program stands out because our course materials are adapted to the needs of the modern-day High-Healed Priestess who wishes to treat her bli$$ness as her orgasmic lover,  We offer affordable access to some of the top high-end  business coaching systems, templates, tools, resources and systems so you can build your bliss$$ness swiftly and easily as you awaken your Twin Flame energies.  


What We’re Not…


We’re not perfectionists. We’re not overly focused on the masculine metrix–like grades, conversion rates, and test scores, as we believe that doesn’t indicate our success, magic, happiness, or impact as High-Healed Priestesses. We’re not a traditional business school or coaching program that uses fear-based marketing. We’re not about punishing our students or shaming them when they don’t “do it right.” And we certainly don’t encourage our students to implement scarcity sales and marketing tactics that use fear as the major motivator. We are the antithesis of the traditional boring academic MBA programs that drain women, and trains them to work as a CEO within a big corporations. We don’t encourage workaholism, burnout, or working from force, as that’s so ungoddessy!  


dr amanda noelleDr. Amanda Noelle’ Story


I created Aphrodite University because many years ago I was making a 4-figure salary, was lonely and heartbroken, and was always freaking out about money… I didn’t know where I would live and how to pay for it, and I was always chasing men to far-away places (I was such a romantic! But it bit me in the booty). I was also terrified of letting the world know that I was a shaman… at one point I almost didn’t know if I wanted to stay on the planet anymore! Yet my love for healing the planet was so incredibly strong that I ended up having a spiritual awakening experience that made it clear to me that I was meant to stay, make lots of money, and help other lady shamans do the same! That’s why I trained myself, hired top 6 and 7-figure coaches and attended many high-end business programs. I became a business junkie and when I integrated these tools and templates into my life with my magic, within my first month I was making $3,000 and in my ninth month I was making $7,000. And I never worked more than 3 days a week…  The Universe is infinitely abundant. Your 6 or 7-figure wealth is is available to you your way. You may not realize how amazing and special your gifts are yet… Or maybe you do. But the love, nurturing sisterhood, and high-end branding suppor at Aphrodite University’s MBA Program, you can create the 6 or 7-figure bli$$ness of your dreams.  


What You’ll Receive During the MBA


You’ll learn to build your 6- or 7-figure business from the ground up…


    • You will get the confidence, courage, and sexiness it takes to take on the world as a speaker, teacher, leader, rising star celeb
    • You’ll receive the lucrative high-end business tools, templates and formulas that are tailored to the modern day means of the High-Healed Priestess
    • Get luxury branded so you can go from working at hippie rates, and can attract high-end high-paying clients
    • Learn how to leverage your time and energy so you’re receiving like a queen, working less than 3 days a week, so you have more time to play, be with your family and friends, and take care of your body, mind and spirit
    • Setup your business so it feels like a spa – pampering you, adoring you, feeding you – instead of the old punishment paradigm
    • Tune in to your erotic, divine feminine essence to turn on your divine 6 and 7-figure bliss



Click here for the MBA Program curriculum. 


What People Are Saying About the MBA


I made $18K in 18 days! ashera eden“I wanted to give you a mini rundown with my amazing sexy success with pleasure in my own beginnings at Aphrodite University. When I said yes to AU, it was a full out yes in my body, and so I basically gave it my every financial resource I had just to get started. I got deeply into the mastertations and pleasure modules right away, and I paired that with some of the beginning bli$$ness materials–initial handouts, trainings, and templates, and I made $9,000 in 12 days. And then a few days later, I did it a second time.” – Ashera Eden, Piedmont, CA, MBA, Class of 2016 www.asheraheden.com  




alison gee




“Before joining AU I was certainly living a hippy chick life, working 12 hr days for $45/day at a kid’s camp so I could pay my expenses at home and I was doing healing work for fun on the side. My career, salary, love life, and vibrational frequency were not quite in alignment with my divine worth. I recently joined AU and this is my first full month. I haven’t even had a chance to focus on taking online classes yet because I’m finishing up my 12 hr days at my hippy chick job, but so far my time in the MBA program has been so Magickal! I’m learning so much from the Goddess sisterhood and online network that we have, I’m seeing new opportunities popping up in my life already that are putting me in touch with my divine feminine Godde$$ Pu$$y Power, and I’m getting all kinds of new insights from my intuition and dreams at night about my new Bli$$ness. It’s like the divine world is so excited that I’m a part of this program that is helping me have the career that I’m divinely meant to have that they are practically throwing it at me. Last night I went to bed wondering what my Bli$$ness is and this morning I woke up to a piece of the answer and this call to shine in my newsfeed. I would absolutely recommend AU because it helps hippy chicks like me attune to Divine Feminine power and grow into The Godde$$es we are meant to be so that humanity can receive the divine messages we are here to send and we’ll all be more awesome together as a result. Thank you Angel Amanda Noelle! “



-Allison Gee, MBA Class of 2015










jasmine crystalsingerIn just a few months at AU, I booked three VIP clients for my $4,444 program, and filled two spots on my VIP retreat in the Bahamas. I got really clear on my niche and who I’m here to serve and received all the tools and guidance to make my creative lifestyle business a reality. I love the SeaStarhood and Amanda modeling for us what is possible. Her magic helped me hit the ground running at merkaba light speed! I LOVE this woman! Amanda is all heart, brains, business savvy and elevated consciousness. I just want to squeeze her and tell her how fabulous she is…”





– Jasmine Sreenika Crystalsinger, PhD Class of 2018
“I started the MBA program at Aphrodite University during a big transition time in my life. I had just gotten divorced and was moving across the country. I tried for awhile, to still live in “3D world” and not fully commit to my own Bli$$ness, but my guides were not having it. I had already done years of energy healing training, shaman training and received powerful initiations and had been on my own healing journey for years, and knew from my multi-dimensional highest Goddess-self, what I incarnated to do. After my time and alchemical process of attending AU, I am now fully committed to my Bli$$ness and only engage in soul-aligned, meaningful “work.” I am leading goddess gatherings, moon ceremonies, workshops, international retreats and attracting the most magical soul-mate clients. AU will meet you where you are and put you in a powerful alchemical process to clear anything that no longer serves you in regards to money, relationships and confidence in running your Bli$$ness. I gained clarity in brand-building, authentic marketing, and defining who my soul mate clients are. If you are hesitant about money, I honestly started attracting more money before I even signed up for AU, as I was attending the monthly new moon ceremonies and implementing some teachings. So I knew that this was legit. Amanda’s curriculum is so valuable and extensive and you will carry these teachings for the rest of your life. I really valued the weekly coaching calls and one-on-one guidance and channeling from Amanda. Knowledge is wealth and the universe will respond to where you put your energy/$/love and reward you with abundance in all forms. AU is for the Goddess boss babes out there who are over living in the matrix. If you are a planetary healer, light-worker and leader paving the way for a new paradigm on earth, do yourself and Mama Gaia a favor by signing up now! It is time for the divine feminine to step out of the closet and into her full divine priestess power. Aho!”
~Elli Yokochi, Healer | Yogi | Modern Day Shaman Aphrodite University MBA alumni, 2016







 Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to your questions about the MBA Program! How long is the MBA program?  The MBA is a 12-month long program. Some students finish their degree requirements before one year, but they will still have access to all of their classes and can continue taking their courses at their own pace. Others may wish to take their course work at a slower pace and can extend the MBA beyond a year for a small additional fee. When does the program start? We are currently enrolling students in our Twin Flame MBA program. We do have a limited number of spots available, so if you are interested in joining us you can apply here. What if I can’t attend classes live?  Most of our courses are pre-recorded and edited, They generally include: 6 modules, quizzes, mp3s or videos, and PDFs. All courses are available 24-7 on our online campus, so do not worry if you cannot attend live.  However, Q + A calls that happen once/month must be attended live if you wish to receive personal coaching with Dr. Amanda. Is it better to attend classes live or take the replays? While we encourage you to come to as many classes live as possible for the live group energy, participation, and professors Q & A, you may want to take some courses via replay, due to schedule conflicts or preferences. We do suggest re-listening to the recordings to learn more from them-you’ll be surprised by how helpful they can be a second or even 6th time around (according to our students’ comments). How am I held accountable for doing my homework? Our courses come with short quizzes so we can track where you’re at in the program. We also track your course progress, and monthy reading requirements. Your classroom attendance is also monitored. But most of all, you are regularly inspired with monthly live coaching and weekly meetings with your accountability partner (aka Accountabli$$ity SeaStar) which is part of your graduation requirement. Is business coaching included in the program? Dr. Amanda Noelle and her entourage of High Priestess Professors are experts in their field are there to help you quickly build your 6 or 7-figure bli$$ness. Dr. Amanda provides monthly group coaching–a Q & A call during Office Hours. Some professors are also available via email, and through our Aphrodite University Student Forum.  What if I am not confident in a group setting, will I still benefit your community? Most Divine Feminine entrepreneurs have to work through some shyness or shame. That’s why we provide a loving, safe, and supportive community and teach to ask for what you need. However, if you are so shy that you are unwilling to show up in our community, the program may not be for you. We’re looking for New Paradigm leaders so if you’re ready to work through your blockages, we have your back! Many healers come here to make life-long connections, as well as immediate social support networks. I am not yet financially stable in my business. Should I still join the program? The mission of the MBA program is to become financially successful in a soul-aligned way. That said, if you are really experiencing financial hardship and don’t have a safety net, we recommend looking for a sponsor, or find a part-time job that will provide stability as you grow your bli$$ness. We do not recommend trying to build a 6-figure business when you are in root chakra trauma mode! That said, we have very affordable rates that most can afford, even if it takes getting supplemental part-time work. Do you provide scholarships? metaphysics universityWe provide affordable education, and our charity is provided you with quality education at outstanding rates. We do not however offer free education as there is much of that on the internet. Our program is a formatted year-long program that is meant for a group of highly motivated High-Healed Priestesses who are willing to invest in themselves, their future, and their results. If you’re not willing to invest and create an energetic exchange, we don’t feel this program is going to work or be a fit for you/us. I am super busy! I have kids and/or a full time biz. Is this the right time to launch my 6-figure bli$$ness? Great question! It’s really up to you. You can take the MBA Program at your own pace, so it’s not really an issue to have multiple things going on. That said, we recommend carving out time in advance, to make sure that you get the space that is required to do your homework. Some of our students hiring a babysitter or ask a friend for help. Making a study and work schedule for the month ahead helps. Block together your client sessions to certain days each week so you can be more efficient. There is always a way to make your dreams come true!