Birthing From Your Feminine Bliss While Using Masculine Business Systems Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your 6 or 7-Figure Business.
  • 12 Divine Feminine Blissness Coaching Calls With Amanda
  • 12 Divine Masculine Prosperity Calls With Jack
  • 12 Aphrodite University Mastermind Calls ("The SeaStarmind")
  • 12 Pussy Power Hour Ceremonies to awaken your womb wisdom
  • Exclusive Module Trainings Following Our 7-Chakra Formula
  • Done-For-You Blissness Templates
  • High-End Enrollment Systems That Work
  • Monthly Archetypes of Aphrodite Meditations for Feminine Empowerment
  • Weekly Accountability Partnership
  • 12 Monthly Goal-Setting New Moon Rituals
  • Work At Your Own Pace From Home
Calling All

Are you ready to share your MAGIC with the world, make an IMPACT and...
GET PAID in abundance?

The MBA Program is for smart conscious women who...

  • Can NOT do business in that inauthentic, cookie-cutter way that is out of alignment

  • Wish to sell from LOVE and not hustle--you refuse to be fake, pushy, or slimy!

  • Are ready to become a high-earning coach, consultant, influencer, speaker, and/or spiritual counselor

  • Would like to gain confidence so you can make an IMPACT and receive what you’re worth

  • Are excited to move forward with a supportive and loving community behind you

The Founder of Aphrodite University

The MBA Is Not For Women Who...

  • Don't care about healing the planet/others/themselves
  • Say one thing then do another (are out of integrity)
  • Let their fears and doubts get in the way
  • Don't value shifting their money consciousness
  • Aren't willing to invest in themselves/in their blissness
  • Aren't willing to show up and do the work  
I made $18K in 18 days! 

​​​​​​​“My amazing sexy success with pleasure in my own beginnings at Aphrodite University: I got deeply into the pleasure modules right away, and I paired that with some of the beginning bli$$ness materials–initial handouts, trainings, and templates, and I made $9,000 in 12 days. And then a few days later, I did it a second time."
– Ashera Eden,  

Hitting 20K Months!

"I was working 5 jobs to try to make my "real" business work. I had both spiritual blocks and lack of real skills to make it happen. Not only did Dr. Amanda help identify some of the spiritual issues preventing me from stepping it up in business and life, she also provided me with what has become my niche and my passion.

She acknowledged the fear around stepping into my true power and healing abilities due to lifetimes of persecution for those powers and abilities. She also used her intuition and pulled together different pieces of my life like Naturopathic women's medicine, empowerment, and belly dance to create one focused direction...Fertility! A path I can't believe I hadn't seen before because now it feels so natural and perfect. 

She also gave me some concrete steps to get working on my path right away. 

Dr. Amanda's combination of intuition, support, and business knowledge was a significant catalyst in my ability to step into my purpose in serving conscious couples preparing to get pregnant or even struggling to get pregnant. 

I now feel so confident in my skills and my purpose and am loving helping women and couples conceive their soul baby in the healthiest, most conscious way possible!

I'm so grateful for Dr. Amanda's presence in my life both for her role in elevating my life and her example as a powerful, authentic, feminine leader!"

~ Dr. Katherine Zagone,
I Crafted And Filled My VIP Program!

“In just a few months at AU, I booked three VIP clients for my $4,444 program, and filled two spots on my VIP retreat in the Bahamas. I got really clear on my niche and who I’m here to serve and received all the tools and guidance to make my creative lifestyle business a reality. I love the SeaStarhood and Amanda modeling for us what is possible. Her magic helped me hit the ground running at light speed! I LOVE this woman! Amanda is all heart, brains, business savvy and elevated consciousness."

~ Jasmine Sreenika Crystalsinger,
Here's what you'll learn during this blissness-packed year-long training!

Start your MBA by deeply rooting your biz to your "Pussy Power" and pleasure.

Cleanse the emotional, spiritual, sexual, and financial blockages that stop women from feeling safe to walk a path of empowerment. Blissfully birth your biz your way.

You’ll also work on your relationship with money and learn the secrets to rooting your PU$$Y Power down deep to so you can manifest with ORGASM!


In this chakra, we amplify pleasure while focusing on developing the backbone of your biz. We call this Your Sexy Signature System (SSS). 

This is your 3-7 step formula that structures all of your biz content that you’ll be putting into your workshops, programs, trainings, books, retreats, etc. 

You’ll be using your SSS to craft your Sexy Signature High-End Programs and Sexy VIP days; we’ll teach you exactly how in this chakra! 


In this chakra, you create your hot, high-end website that appeals to your Soulmate Clients in droves, while authentically expressing who you are. 

You’ll also learn the basics of crafting enticing web copy that sells. We’ll teach you the hacks of writing hot copy quickly, so you don’t waste months waiting for the perfect website.


In this chakra, you’ll step on stage as an expert healer with a launch that sells your programs! You will learn to craft your:

  • Sexy Launch Opt-In Page
  • Sexy Pre-Launch Autoresponders
  • Sacred Launch Energy: create a womb-like magical sacred space for your launch
  • Sexy Launch Content
  • Aphrodisiac Launch Marketing Strategy

In this chakra, Seductive Selling, you’re going to turn on your Soulmate Clients and keep them coming back, begging for more.

You’ll learn how to conduct your sales conversations via the PU$$Y Power. 

You’ll take potential clients from their Pain Banks and sail them over the river to their Pleasure Banks during your Sexy Strategy Sessions, 30-90 minute discovery sessions you use the ask them the right questions in order to make the sale, if it’s soul aligned.

In Chakra Five, You’ll learn just how to build your sexy 6 or 7-figure bli$$ness during your Sexy Strategy Sessions, while embodying the essence of the High-Healed Priestess, with beauty and integrity.


In this chakra, you'll step into your personal brand, and uplevel your style and soul! You'll harness your Divine Feminine essence and express it to your fans and Soulmate Clients, reinventing who you truly are.

Become an on-camera courtesan, seducing your viewers, fans, and followers with your awakened authentic feminine energy
Discover Your Aphrodisiac Marketing Sweet Spot!
You'll find your passion in marketing and make it yo’ thang, so you can dominate the market with your sweet love!

You will:
  • Commit to a daily Aphrodisiac Marketing System
  • Become a video goddess rockstar
  • Fall in love with marketing your way
  • Stay focused on being in service
More Praise From Our Grads...
I'm Seeing Clients And I'm A Published Author!

"The MBA program has been so magickal! I’ve learned so much from the sisterhood and the online network. 

Within the first three months at AU, I discovered my divine soulmate career by combining the skills and experience I've gained over the past several years, I got my website up and going, started my holistic coaching practice, and started seeing clients and students. As a Manifestation Mentor, I am now seeing clients, making videos, giving workshops, and publishing books. My blissness is now growing and excelling rapidly."

~ Goddess Allison,

From UK Professor to Freelance Digital Nomad

"Before I started working with Amanda I was feeling quite lost and lacking a clear direction. I had just made a major life decision to quit my career as a university professor. As a result of working with Amanda, I found the confidence to follow my dreams of being a teaching coach and curriculum consultant, rocking the goddess power living an amazing new life in Bali. I would highly recommend working with Amanda if you are ready to make exciting changes and start living your life BIG!"

~Diane Hopkins, Bali, Indonesia

How Is The MBA Program Different From Other Business Trainings?
  • We help you birth your business from your bliss and womb wisdom

  • We take a spiritual yet grounded approach to implementing proven 6-figure business strategies

  • Our courses activate your feminine energy and Twin Flame Union

  • We make it blissful, fun, and even ORGASMIC

  • Our like-minded community of sisters are sweet, safe, and supportive!

Solid Biz Support

Get step-by-step systems that truly work to build your blissness, to support your feminine magic and flow!

You'll get course trainings that following our 7-Chakra, 7-Figure ORGASM Formula (over 20+ courses!). !

You won't have to do it alone. Get valuable support, activations, and feedback from other high-achieving smart priestesses who are on track to build 6-figure businesses. 
Divine Masculine Prosperity
Divine Masculine prosperity and protection. Jack will help you blast through your blocks, fears, and doubts to get your finances flowing fast with 12 Masculine Prosperity Calls.
Monthly Pussy Power Hour
An exclusive 100% live Divine Feminine healing call that focuses on self-love, womb wisdom, and self-empowerment. Attend with your badass soul sisters.
Archetypes of Aphrodite Transmission

You will unlock the sacred codes to awaken your inner Aphrodite Archetypes over the next twelve months.

Accountabli$$ity SeaStar
Create your dream-life and meet with your Accountabli$$ity SeaStar (A$$) weekly.
You'll Also Get These JUICY Bonuses!
Exclusive Holy MatriMoney Activation - Value $1,000

During this powerful activation, you will create an entirely new relationship with money that aligns with your soul’s infinite nature. Clarify what Holy MatriMoney--a feminine and masculine balanced way of receiving income uniquely feels for you.

You’ll identify and blast through your top money blocks so that you can alchemize them into a flowing 6 or 7-figure income and beyond.

By the end of it, you will:

  • Reduce risk of burnout, adrenal fatigue, and under-earning or earning money under stress.
  • Release past traumas from the patriarchal patterning that makes earning money seem impossibly challenging.
  • Learn how to let go of performance anxiety and perfectionism
  • Cancel karmas that have linked you to the Dark Side of money...
  • Align with a Divine Feminine flow of money that is magnetic, effortless, and easily abundant!
  • Call in the Divine Masculine structural aspect of money: protection, and support.
  • Open your money channels fully and learn how to call in the help you need to hold your money magic!
Divinely Rich! Unleashing Money AND Freedom from Your Higher Self 

Are you done with compromising your spiritual path for the sake of money? Or are you tired of losing out on financial opportunities because of your commitment to living a spiritually-aligned life?

Attract abundance the High-Healed Priestess way using the Law of Attraction and by utilizing your Higher Self assets! 

In Module 1, you'll open the floodgates to your Divine Money and Purpose, enabling you to share your gifts with others and really honing in on what you are here to do, and making LOADS of dinero with it!

In Module 2, you'll identify and eliminate any blocks keeping you from attracting Divine Abundance in all its glorious forms.

In Module 3, you'll become a Money Manifesting Maven and magnify your wealth powers. 

Module 4: Your Prosperity Revolution: Becoming Irresistible to Prosperity. 

Module 5 is called Your Prosperity Revolution: Becoming Irresistible to Prosperity, where you'll get a tool and exercises to attract healthier, righteously divine fortune into your life.

In Module 6: WooWoo Moolah you'll capitalize on your intuition for increasing cash flow!

Then in Module 7 you'll get 6 Powerful tools to help you laser-focus on achieving your financial freedom!

How to Design Your 7-Figure Business With Richly Supportive, Highly Profitable, High-End Certification Programs

How to design your 7-Figure business with richly supportive, highly profitable, high-end certification programs. In this course, you will be richly supported to create a blueprint for your high-end certification program. This program will work for you if you provide products, services, or both. Whether you’re brand new to business, or a seasoned entrepreneur, you can get started on the path to 7-Figures by designing your business the right way from the start. You will be lovingly guided to create your entire blueprint so that you can easily market,fill, and deliver your high-end certification program.​​​​​​​

For a limited time only
Get full access to our MBA Program, downloads & membership forums and get started for just...

$6997 (Full Pay Option)


12 Tuition Payments of $697 each (Monthly Payment Option)

I Got Unstuck!
"Amanda Noelle has been instrumental in helping me to create my business. She is a unique blend of extravagant femininity, and smart business savvy. She has focused in on exactly what I've needed and effortlessly given me out of the box ideas that have gotten me unstuck. I've watched her to do this many times. If you have the privilege of working with Amanda, you will be delighted, stunned and amazed by her genius.

~Annie KimAsheville, NC

I'm so grateful to have synchronistically aligned with the healing wisdom and magic of Dr. Amanda Noelle

"Before we started working together, I was barely getting my financially and feeling stuck in the energy of being a hippie hobo. Her spiritually connected coaching helped me to heal my lower chakras and embrace my power to live a successful, joyful, luxurious life here on Earth.

Now I feel uplifted to new levels of abundance and my business is blossoming in ways I couldn't have imagined (or felt worthy of) before. I now am able to travel around the world and magnetize dream clients as if by magic--who are happily choosing my heartfelt packages. Amanda helped me bring the value of my work from hundreds to thousands-and beyond!

I love to recommend Amanda to my soul sisters because she has the practical guidance and mystical mojo to help women step into their rightful power to live amazing lives, enjoy sharing their gifts successfully, and be blissfully in Love-which is healing the world!"

~Cora Flora, Musician,

I Started Making Income Doing What I Love.

"Before working with Amanda, I was putting in lots of effort and seeing very little results. Amanda helped me to clarify what my gifts are, and who would benefit most from my offerings. She helped me to find exactly who my ideal soulmate-clients are so I could have instant income doing what I love.

Amanda not only held a high vision of me...She supported me along the way in turning my life's purpose into a profitable income. She has provided me with solid, tangible tools that have helped me to lead my business in a Bli$$fulway that's feminine and based on my authentic self-expression."

~Roksana Liam, Passion Attraction Mentor