Aphrodite University Presents...
Money Manifestation Ritual for High-End Female Entrepreneurs
Fearlessly Flow Into 6 or 7-Figure Wealth.
Break Through the Glass Ceiling in Your Business
Are you a high-achieving female entrepreneur who has been capping at a certain number? Are you ready to tap into your divine feminine cash flow to hit 6 or 7-figures in ease, your way?

Please join us for Money Manifestation Ritual for High-End Priestesses where you will:

  • Create more income and cash flow so you can serve more people?
  • Upgrade your money mindset to the high-end level?
  • Alchemize ancestral money blocks? And...
  • Tap into your Divine Feminine energy to manifest the wealth you deserve
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What You'll Need for the Ritual
A Small House Plant or Tree to Plant the Seeds
7 Seeds of Your Choice (i.e. sunflower seeds, plant or flower seeds etc)
The Biggest Bill in Your Currency Available to you (i.e. $100 dollar bill)
Hosted By These Aphrodite University Love Leaders
Dr. Amanda Noelle, Founder of Aphrodite University 
She helps smart conscious women find their life partners starting within themselves, so they can build empowered partnerships, businesses, and lives from self-love. She believes that self-love is the key to heal our planet.

As a gifted Twin Flame Alchemist, Amanda has helped thousands of women struggling with the ‘single curse’ to quickly find their divine relationship, sometimes even within hours!

Amanda lives between the US, Central America, Europe, and Asia with her husband Jack Peterson. She loves eating raw cacao (naked in bed), and dancing wildly with full abandon!
Natalie Jones, Twin Flame Healer/Coach
Natalie helps twin flames become whole within, which translates to wholeness without. Wholeness involves embodying abundance and flow.
Anna Everhart, Vocal Breakthrough Coach
Anna uses a combination of traditional coaching and voice training to help parents and entrepreneurs release fear, tension and frustration and increase their clarity, creativity and strength so they can confidently share their full voice and purpose with the world.

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