This “fire moon” brings us Twin Flames a lot of excitement and creative potential. There in fact is a ton of fire (perhaps a bit too much, which is why we have to remember to stay in balance and include some water healing energies. Let’s also take a moment to send some watery love to California, which has been under firestorm for many days now.

The theme of fire is prominent in this new moon in which is 26 degrees of sagittarius. The sun, the moon, mercury, venus AND saturn are all in the fire with us on this last new moon of the years, which sets us free from 2017 and births us into the new year’s energy of 2018.

The vibration of Sagittarius is of hope, action, honesty, adventure, and commitment to our values.This is a time of claiming our freedom, of becoming leaders under our own paradigms.

This is the perfect time to create a new paradigm relationship, not by following the Disney fairytale or doing what others are doing, but by birthing it from your own thoughts or consciousness.

I teach Twin Flame women, single women, how to create their Twin Flame Union by birthing it from their own desires using the steps of Twin Flame Alchemy. We are each alchemists, and this New Moon in Sagittarius is the perfect time to dive into our own wizard and wise magician gifts from our own desires!

This is also a time of reflection.  Know that this planet is at its 11th hour to some degree, with it’s fires, hurricanes, quakes, global warming, systems crumbling. The energy of Sagittarius brings up a good point–it’s time to face the fear! Time to leap beyond the bounds, That’s what this sign is about. Going beyond the edge, the comfort zone, and going beyond the KNOWN into the unknown.

What unknown are you ready to embrace?

What can you do to let go of control and surrender to the unknown with grace as a love leader?

So many women get trapped in Twin Flame obsession where they cannot let go of knowing” who their Twin Flame is. This is the opposite of what’s required by them, as a True twin flame doesn’t get attached to any one story in the 3D. She doesn’t need her Twin Flame to be anyone besides herself and the universe itself!

The rest is a surprise and magic. So those women who are attached to outcomes, instead of forcing things, can you focus on testing your edges, falling in love with YOU deeper and dating around even if its uncomfortable?

The perfect experiment for single women right now would be to test your edge in dating. Go out with someone different. Try dating someone you would never consider dating! Maybe even try dating a woman if you date men, date rich people if you usually date poor, test your edge and watch your beliefs. This New Moon in Sagittarius is all about claiming the wild wild west energies, and becoming your own trail blazer!

The fire element will help you rapidly burn thru fear that arises, so expect it, and let it go. Even Venus is in the fire, venus is that feminine flirty energy, so this could be a great time to spark up some magic with your Twin Flame!

This is a time for action. Waiting or passive energy will be punished with bad karma, while action and commitment will be rewarded. Which do you choose?

The planet needs you, there is no time to wait on being of service, on calling in a healthy partnership, facing your fears, clearing up messes, no more waiting or playing small!

Despite the fact that were in a mercury retrograde, you’ll be able to triumph through things with proper action. Things might move slowly in retrograde BUT it’s the perfect opportunity to move slowly with grace, reflect on our actions, and realign where necessary.

We have Mercury square to Neptune, making it an opportune time to let go, let love, and come back into our own divine perfection. We cannot do that without forgiving others and letting them and their wrong actions go. It doesn’t mean you’re forgiving their behavior…

This would be a great time to do a letting go ceremony using fire. A burning ritual where you write down and release into the fire what no longer serves you.  Being grateful for the lessons and knowing that you’ve both learned.

This is a great time to let go of exes, unrequited loves (yes even if you’re crazy enough to think he’s your Twin Flame like I did for 5 years!), releasing any energies that are not clean, clear, commitment. That’s the energy of the New Moon in Sag…

Saturn is making its way into Capricorn, leaving Sagittarius. Again, this is a great time for forgiveness of the past, not just to people, but also to organizations like the dark energies that have been holding us back, or even the black magic energy of the Illuminati.

With forgiveness comes TRUE illumination, so by forgiving those who have enslaved us, held us back from our Twin Flames, we free ourselves. We can return to wholeness by understanding that the darkness was a part of ourselves who felt we weren’t good enough to receive what we wanted.

This month expect to see synchronicities. For instance, 1111 is a twin flame number, and that’s our flight number back to California the day of the New Moon! Delta Flight 111 here we come 🙂

By the way, we normally do the ceremony at 5pm PST but we’ll push it to the morning at 9am PST, see the link in the description box below to register for the free new moon raw cacao ceremony.

This new moon is a time to plant new seeds for the next cycle ahead, and right after the new moon happening on the 18th, we have the winter solstice on the 21st of September, the shortest day and longest night of the year.

This is a very important time for ceremony, reflection, and creating new sparks for the year ahead. That’s why I am offering a complimentary 75-minute Winter Solstice on the 21st, as well a a New Moon in Sagittarius Ceremony on the 18th, pretty much back to back. Make sure to register for both, they’re free if you sign up today, so click the links in the description box to make sure you get sent the details right away.

  • A brief talk on the deeper meaning of the Winter Solstice regarding Twin Flame energy
  • An energy transmission from Twin Flames Isis and Osiris, and Mary Magdalene and Yeshua
  • Tap into 4 ancient sacred sites to harness more Twin Flame energy tonight
  • A gentle guided solstice meditation to ease into stillness and awaken easily manifestation
  • A channeling by Dr. Amanda and Jack, to further activate your Twin Flame DNA, awaken your soul mission for 2018, and deepen your ultimate union
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Retreat guests benefit from a series of shakti-awakening, exercises, informative lectures, and transformative experiences that invoke Twin Flame Alchemy, and melt the energy blocks standing in the way of True Love.

This incredible sacred and sensual experience integrates each of the 5 senses, and will train you how to use your Divine Feminine bliss as a honing device and manifestation tool. This magical 3-day journey will take you deep; yet expect it to be playful and at times outrageous, as that’s my style–it’ll be a blissful blast! 

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Thank you so much for joining me today. Lets finish off 2017 with a bang! I look forward to having you at the New Moon Raw Cacao Ceremony.

Blessings and Twin Flame Love! Dr. Amanda

PS: Register for the Winter Solstice Ceremony here, it’s going to be magical, enjoyable, and it’s free!