This New Moon in Scorpio offers a particular ease and opportunity for healing those “hard to reach places” you’ve been attempting to work through…

New Moon in Scorpio Twin Flame Astrology Report:

Dive Into the Feminine

The new moon is always a powerful time to go within, to enter the darkness of the feminine. To listen and to integrate, and then to rebirth our desired intentions.

That’s why we come together each month to set our intentions, tune into the miracles of our lunar frequencies in sisterhood, and MOONifest.

Yet this New Moon in Scorpio provides us a special opportunity to ease past fears and pain via a trine to Chiron retrogradein Pisces. Scorpio‘s radical honesty and courage helps you to confront your Shadow, so you’ll be able to dive into the pain–perhaps deeper than you ever have before, to come out stronger!

Saturn trine Uranus means you will cope very well with pain or intensity in a calm and patient way.

Chiron is the Wounded healer who takes responsibility for his pain. This month is an opportune time to look at our deepest pain so we can move through it.

I’ll be sharing how to do this during my talk Saturday, through what I call the Twin Flame Mirror.

The Twin Flame Mirror is a powertool that will radically shift your life, your relationships, and create a new mode of operating so you can live from the Light. As an enlightned version of Chiron, you will be able to navigate through tough spots and even heartbreak with flying colors!

That’s why this Saturday’s talk will illuminate how to turn your pain into your source of power. AND PLEASURE!

New Moon is also almost exactly opposite Sedna, the minor planet that was only discovered in 2003. Most astrologers deem her a reflection of Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea. Apparently, her orbital history of the planet makes it almost certain that she’s associated with climate change and rising sea levels.

Sedna, Goddess of the Ocean

Now is our time to rise and reclaim the ocean of our own bliss!  

It’s time to heal the pain of the past, and turn it into GOLD.

On Saturday, November 18th at 7pm CST Aphrodite University, is hosting a complimentary New Moon in ScorpioCeremony where we’ll do some deeper activation, and a healing on the Sacred Wound.

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The Sacred Wound is the essence of your soul in the form of a wound. It’s formed in the Shadow–the most feminine aspect of our soul. The Shadow, though often considered a negative thing, actually holds some of our most powerful gifts and opportunity for making a difference in the world.

It is critical for conscious bachelorettes to address their Sacred Wound and Shadow Self fully before attempting to step into their Twin Flame Union. 

However, most women don’t do this because (a) they’re not taught to, and (b) they’re terrified of seeing their Shadow…They think it will scare a man away! But this only attracts partners who can’t hold them fully–Twin Flame Runners, Karmic Soulmates, Twin Flame Counterfeits, and just plain players.

Most women procrastinate on dealing with their pain.

I so get it! That’s why during this global online ceremony, I’m going to teach you some of my best Twin Flame Alchemy secrets to help transform your biggest pain from your pain body into…yes, DIVINE PLEASURE.

Pain can include: physical, emotional, psychic, ancestral, and collective symptoms, or a combination.

Pain in our soul shows up on the individual level (i.e. say we have pain in our womb from a toxic past sexual experience or old lover)Yet it also shows up on the collective level; the pain in a woman’s womb for instance can reflect itself as pollution pain (literally as plastic trash floating the ocean)…

The body and soul of Gaia reflects your body and soul, Amanda. Thus, we as healers must heal ourselves, the collective, and the planet.

Why deal with your pain now?

Are you ready to heal and make your biggest shift yet? How will this impact your Twin Flame Union?  Your health? Your wealthy? The world? The next generation of children, animals, and all life?

Many people hold on to unnecessary past pain that is not even theirs! Though pain is an illusion, can hold on to unknown blindspots that stop us from manifesting what our souls are capable of…Because we haven’t cleared our Shadows! 

The good news is that by using the power of this month’s New Moon in Scorpio, along with the positive energy of your sisters, and life-changing Twin Flame Mirror Tool, you will more quickly be able to create whatever you want and turn your pain into pleasure!

The healing process always starts within ourselves…But it’s hard and lonely to do it alone, and not so much more fun to do the process as sisters!

Invite your sisters to use this link to sign up for the event:

I encourage you to start thinking about and noticing where you are avoiding pain. Where you’re intimidated by your own Shadow or limitations… Just be aware of this, and start to tap into your intentions around the topic of your blocks and pain.

Register now, and I will be sending out a complimentary cacao elixir, a video training, and some other freebies to help you prepare for the New Moon in Scorpio, because I want to make this one the best yet!

XO, Dr. Amanda Noelle

PS: Looking forward to seeing you on SaturdayRegister here. Invite your sisters, and we’ll be sending you a complimentary Scorpio New Moon Cacao Elixir in your inbox.

Are you ready to MOONifest this new moon?

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