Our High Priestess Professors are hand picked from around the world to align with the Aphrodite University mission: to foster female graduates who are highly BLI$$ful, who are clear and aligned with their soul purposes, who magnetically attract their Soulmate Clients and fans in droves, and who create 6 & 7-figure healing BLI$$nesses that change the world.

We have a wide variety of HPPs – shamans, millionaires, business coaches, wellness coaches, tantrickas, mystery school high priestesses, holistic beauticians, energy healers, lightworkers, writers, authors, speakers, bloggers and vloggers, moms with charisma, and healers with the magical ability to reverse aging!

Let’s Welcome the AU High Priestess Professors!


Dr. Amanda Noelle

Angela May

Angela May – Motivational Teacher and Millionairess

Angela May is a teacher, speaker, blogger, millionairess and BLI$$ness mogul who inspires us spiritual women to step into the top 1% income bracket. Her heartfelt story began when she found herself as a single mom working at Starbucks and struggling just to survive. It follows that through a tremendous amount of struggle, pain, wrangling of her intentions, she was able to leave her job as a barista after figuring out the formula of entrepreneurship and how it mixed with her personal expression in this world. Through taking enormous yet intriguing risks including investments in education and travel to receive said education, mixed with a tremendous desire to express herself artfully and get her life together, she began getting hired as a Visual Strategy Consultant for L’oreal Paris (Maybelline, Biotherm), Coty Inc (Rimmel London, Sally Hansen), Estee Lauder (Smashbox Cosmetics), and Revlon (Almay). Combining her love for creating beauty and growing into her love for entrepreneurship, she launched and sold her first start-up (Lash Love) including a product line of over 300 distinct items. She is now the Director of her second startup (www.dreamlash.net) whose products and training courses are in demand at an international level. Although many people explore creating a business so they have time to do what they love, Angela has hesitantly, fell in love with the realities and blessings of owning a business. A business that has paved the way for her to live the dream, and enables her to now take others by the hand so they can also enjoy the top 1% income bracket without needing to imitate or compete with anyone else. Angela inspires you to dust off your dreams and fall in love with the true discipline it takes to build something worthwhile. AngelaMayCompany.com

Sherley Williams

Sherley Williams, Self-Esteem Makeover Coach

Self-Esteem Makeovers for Women ready to discover their Soul Purpose & Live Fearlessly! Sherley has been a life coach and licensed psychotherapist for over 12 years. In her private practice in Texas, she helps clients release childhood trauma and abuse, and transforms sexual abuse energy into self-empowerment energy. Sherley works with women who are running their own businesses, and going through major life transitions, to heal their self-esteem and to feel safe. Sherley was born on a small island off the coast of Panama called the San Blas Islands. Her family are indigenous Kuna Indians from that region but Sherley is also known to be a modern Texan gal. Her tribal and Texan roots along with her experience as a therapist has led her to use alternative and holistic methods for healing. She often helps women who maybe have been to many therapists and have tried everything and nothing has helped. Sherley models to us someone who has healed herself of past child abuse; as a child she remembers feeling afraid of everything, and slowly but Sherley was able to recover to the empowered woman healer she is today. She feels her own overcoming of childhood abuse has influenced her search for a method that could help her clients feel safe and empowered in the same way. After searching for many years, Sherley discovered a unique combination of techniques that allows clients to be cleared from dark energies so they can feel super brave and almost fearless! She utilizes a combination of coaching, hypnoanalysis, visualizations, and energy healings so women can see their own beauty and purpose, find their own bliss, share their message and confidence with others, and live their lives so that fear does not hold them back anymore! SherleyWilliams.com

Jesse Webb

Jess Webb, Web-Marketing Goddess Extraordinaire

Jess Webb helps women entrepreneurs on a mission create an irresistible website and online presence, that makes their heart sing AND attracts their perfect Soulmate Clients. She has a deep knowledge of marketing – what works, and how to do it in a way that is authentic and feels good. She combines done-for-you design and techy services, with marketing mentorship and strategy to help her clients not just have a beautiful online presence, but one that really WORKS for them with a marketing strategy they can use going forward to keep getting great results. Jess has been a speaker on various value-packed telesummits, like the “Profitable List Building Summit” with Yvonne Bynoe and “Your Magnetic Business Speaker Series” with Heather Jernigan, and hosts her own “Irresistible Entrepreneur Speaker Series” where she brings together her favorite experts to help you create a life and business that you LOVE. JessWebb.com

Beth Steinmann

Beth Steinmann – Plant Spirit Healer

Beth is a visionary author, Life Coach, Plant Spirit Healer and Shamanic Practitioner who has helped hundreds of women and men find and live their spiritual truth. She is dedicated to returning the balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine on Earth, and loves helping people access their birthright of ecstatic and sexual alchemy. She gets off on breaking the status quo, dancing in the redwoods, frolicking in oak-rolling hills, dipping her feet in the ocean, and lovin’ up on her twin flame husband, amazing step-daughter, and growing baby-belly! BethSteinmann.com

Jennifer Nassi

Jennifer Nassi, Body and Soul Clarity Coach

As a body and soul clarity coach, Jennifer Nassi helps her clients find their unique path to living a healthy and passion-filled life. Her clients discover how to nourish their bodies through food and self care while reconnecting with who they are at their core, creating space for healing as well as learning to trust their inner guidance so they can find peace, joy, and clarity. Feeling radiant on the outside AND inside becomes the norm. She has trained in functional nutrition as well as energy and intuitive work, bringing a truly holistic approach to her clients. Grab your free 1-Day Body and Soul Reboot on her website. JenniferNassi.com

Polly Anna

Positive Polly Anna, Consciousness & Creativity Development Mentor

Positive Polly Anna is a consciousness and creativity development mentor, author, screenwriter, and script/novel analyst. With two master’s degrees in psychology and creative writing, Positive Polly helps students and clients discover their deepest sense of empowerment, self-confidence, and expanded awareness through writing. Her programs, courses, and novels offer a whole-brained approach to self-enrichment, entertainment, and spirituality. She helps her students develop an enriched relationship with their creative flow so they can manifest the reality they’ve been longing for through. Positive-Pollyanna.com

Beate Richter

K. Beate Richter – Queen Empowerment Coach

K. Beate Richter empowers women to live out their soul purposes while living like queens. She helps her clients to find their “Inner Diamond” and reconnect with their own inherent healing power. In her former corporate life she worked in international marketing and was kicked out from a job as leader of a commercial department in a consulting company, thank Goddess! Beate started looking for what was missing in life – her soul purpose. So she studied life coaching, holistic nutrition, energy healing, NLP, EFT, and took dozens of holistic certification programs. She discovered her true passion: empowering women to achieve their full potential as queens. Beate integrates many healing modalities, especially an East-meets-West approach after living in Shanghai, China for 7 years. Beate now lives again in Germany with her beloved husband, she loves pink too, and has been an avid vegetarian for 27 years!

Dara Merin

Dara Merin, Eco Chef and Nutrition Fairy

Dara Merin is owner of THE SAGE TABLE in Oakland, California. Through informative and transformative cooking classes, she shares her passion for healing foods that are nutrient-rich and full of vitality, while merging the magic of herbalism, superfoods and raw food nutrition with ethical, local, and traditional foods. She is available for private chef work, as well as nutrition consulting for those who desire to find improved physical and mental well-being through savvy food choices. She also loves to share about her experience using the powerful and effective doTerra essential oils, which have a wide array of uses for a variety of health issues, including: improved immunity, mood elevation, digestive ills, respiratory issues, pain and inflammation, to ward off bacteria, viruses and infections of all sorts, plus a whole lot more! TheSageTable.com

Erika Matos

Erika Matos, The Abundance Revolutionary

Erika Matos is The Abundance Revolutionary – whose mission is to help up and coming Goddesses become fully aligned with their desires so that they can materialize their dreams faster! Through her work, women unleash, overcome abundance blocks and prosperity challenges, to reach levels of success never imagined. Erika offers a constantly expanding body of knowledge that focuses on the benefits of connecting to our Creative Force, ritualizing manifestation, and fully integrating all aspects of our bodies, minds, and spirits so that we may prosper and thrive beyond our wildest, juiciest, most delicious dreams! After years struggling with money worries, fatigue and depression, she set out to find out everything she could about financial freedom – how to create it and what it meant to be truly prosperous, while remaining spiritual and authentic. By incorporating the most beneficial components of different concepts into her own system of monetary healing, she has achieved undeniable success, and is happy and inspired to share it with others because she believes that nothing translates into liberation quite like being abundant. She is an intuitive energy healer, Akashic records specialist, gifted clairaudient, writer, and lecturer. More info at: http://thefeelgoodshift.com

Michelle Hart

Michelle Hart, Video Visibility Priestess

Michelle White Hart is a Speaker and Video Visibility Marketing Mentor. She teaches Women Entrepreneurs how to channel their inner High-Priestess to make playful yet potent, out-of-the-box, marketing videos that captivate and attract their Soulmate clients. She combines her film Editing and documentary filmmaking background with Mindful Movement Coaching and Divine Feminine Research to guide women through their visibility, perfectionism and technophobia issues so that they embrace their leadership and enjoy being seen! She empowers women to share their transformational messages through embodied transmission via video and holistic, playful marketing. Michelle is a Dakini Dance Devotee, exercise-ball afficianado, an Artemisian hiking nature-girl, a concoctress of healthy culinary creations, a student of Aphrodite wealth consciousness and loves to explore all things high vibrational like mermaid swimming with wild dolphins and Starseed connecting with the Yahyel ET human aliens! She loves to model her method of holistic marketing transmission by including all aspects of herself in her marketing and coaching.www.MichelleWhiteHart.com

Vanessa Velez

Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda, The Social Media Midwife

Kara Maria Ananda is a women’s empowerment coach helping women to create Feminine Freedom businesses and lifestyles. She integrates her years of experience as a healing arts entrepreneur into her work creating and facilitating leadership programs and coaching for women entrepreneurs globally specializing in natural health, holistic business, leadership and social media. www.KaraMariaAnanda.com

Katherine Jupiter

Elizabeth Blizz





Jessica Cornejo Gallegos

Katherine Jupiter, A financial shaman

Katherine Jupiter is a financial shaman who made 6-figures as a luxury, high-end escort. After discovering the sacred secrets of earning a luxury income, she charged the highest amount per hour in her city than any other escort, flew around the world first class and ate $500 caviar, all from the branding and marketing secrets she learned from years of study and practice.
A serial feel good 6-figure entrepreneur, she uses the universal principles of money to transform women’s businesses into feel good money machines. KatherineJupiter.com