divine feminine university

Aphrodite University is the premier Divine Feminine university and mystery school for Twin Flame Sacred Sexual Alchemy.

At AU, we offer MBA, PhD, and BA programs to smart conscious Twin Flame women: healers, counselors, coaches, and shamans who are here to spread love.

Our mission is to awaken the Divine Feminine and activate Twin Flame Love globally.

Through Twin Flame Love, we aim to build the New Earth with new sustainable systems, conscious entrepreneurship, eco villages, alternative hospitals, goddess temples, new models of government, and an enlightened planet.

Together we stand. We got your back, SeaStar!

online metaphysical university We gather in unity and diversity. Our comm-unity protects us: we stand up together as High-Healed Priestesses, as we stand out individually in our own bli$$ and light in complete safety.

By uniting together in Universal Love, the Aphrodite University community constructs a new consciousness that spreads across the planet healing the light codes within our broken hearts and broken social systems, educational systems, financial systems, agricultural systems, family systems, media systems, political systems, healthcare systems, and environmental systems. The Divine Feminine risen throughout these old patriarchal paradigms gives birth to a new generation based on love for our new generations to come.

Aphrodite University, playfully known as “the Harvard of mystery schools,” is where:

  • Smart spiritual women call in and activate their Twin Flame Union and learn how to heal themselves, and perform Twin Flame Sexual Alchemy.
  • Women step into their bli$$, abundance, love, and aligned divinity.
  • Recall their soul-purposes and to turn them into 6 & 7-figure bli$$nesses that heal our planet, in ease and bliss.
  • The broken bonds of Divine Sisterhood are mended to activate a massive wave of Divine Feminine Love consciousness within ourselves, each other, the planet, and the universe.
  • Women discover the deepest sense of self-empowerment, self-esteem, and self-love within themselves; they finally feel safe to be powerful, sacred, sensual, and sexual Divine Feminine beings.
  • Wealth is restored to conscious spiritual women (High-Healed Priestesses) so that we create goddess community temples and New Earth villages around the world.
  • We adore and honor you as a woman, a daughter, a mother, a sister, and as a Goddess of Love. We cherish you for being you, encourage your growth, and celebrate your success. We see you through eyes of unconditional love.