chakra programAs an Aphrodite University PhD, you will uncover and birth your soul purpose from your Pussy Power, to become a renowned Divine Feminine leader, author, speaker, and high priestess. You’ll learn how to heal yourself as you heal others, as you apply and master the Divine Feminine Healing Arts.

The PhD is also an initiation rite for you as a High-Healed Priestess so you can lead your mission from your own sacred ground. This 2-year long deep journey takes you into the depths healing your shadow, awakening self-love, and doing the deepest levels of self-healing.

Here are the PhD graduation requirements:

  1. Minimum: 360 credits, 60 of which must be bli$$ness credits
  2. Weekly Accountability Meetings (Accountabli$$ity SeaStar)
  3. Reading requirement: one bli$$ness related book a month or equivalent (blogs, videos, web trainings, etc accepted)
  4. Your 7-Figure ORGASMIC Website, approved by our branding faculty
  5. 2 Soulmate Client Attraction Launches–virtual or live classes/events hosted by you
  6. 22 published YouTube videos (or equivalent)
  7. 1 published book or ebook (25 page minimum)
  8. Produce and get feedback on one 6-Module SeaStar Led Course
  9. 24 paid client hours
  10. Completion of AU’s Bli$$ness School “7 Chakra, 7-Figure Orgasm” curriculum
  11. Attend 12 Office Hours With Dr. Amanda Noelle
  12. 12 Aphrodite Activations – Cum Into Your Sacred Feminine Power
  13. 12 Moonifest With Orgasm Trainings
  14. Attend 2 Standard AU retreats per year (or 1 VIP 7-Day retreat/year)
  15. Contribute ongoing posts to our Aphrodite University Facebook community (requested)