Positive Polly Anna, Consciousness & Creativity Development Mentor

polly anna brownPollyAnna Brown is the creator of Storytelling Marketing™, a marketing system founded in storytelling that allows entrepreneurs to show up authentically in the world. With two master’s degrees in psychology and creative writing, she helps entrepreneurs align their message, purpose, and passion with their biz to build strong, inspired communities.

By helping her clients communicate with their fairy tale audience in a genuine + unique way, PollyAnna alchemizes the “Know-Like-Trust Factor” to the “Understand-Love-Trust Factor,” while making bank. Her work has been featured in publications such as K-Y®, Kindred Spirit Magazine, Wake Up World News, Spiritual Awakening Magazine, eHow and more.

When she’s not conducting her biz fairy godmother duties, you can find her curled up on the couch with her handsome husband + their adorable pit bull son, Franklin, either watching something epic on Netflix, reading a book, designing something creative, or baking out-of-this-realm lemon bars.

To check out her biz tips, stories, and advice, visit Pollyannabrown.com