Do you want to know how to create a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure business the Divine Feminine way, which integrates beauty?

In this raw video interview with Paula Lacobara and Dr. Amanda Noelle, you will learn how to heal and embrace your feminine beauty so that you can:

  • Embody the goddess you are on stage, in videos, and on camera
  • Make more money the feminine flow financial freedom way
  • Rock a more powerful version of yourself without being snobby, snooty, or egotistical
  • Serve more people from a more empowered space
  • Help others through your beauty from a loving way

Paula Lacobara is a women’s empowerment coach who owns successful multiple 6-figure coaching business. She specializes in helping busy women own their beauty and femininity unapologetically to create a life they absolutely love. She’s best known for helping women feel confident and in harmony with their feminine and masculine aspects. She assists women in infusing beauty in every area of their lives, so they become unstoppable to achieve all of their heart’s desires.
At Aphrodite University, we believe that as women, it’s our job to express our sacred beauty, and to share it with the world like a flower dripping with nectar. Our Soulmate Clients come flying by like bees to the flower….Come join us for this wild ride of beauty activation so you can bring more beauty to your Divine Feminine enterprise!

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Aphrodite University is the premier Divine Feminine university and business school, offering MBA, PhD, and BA degrees to women healers who are ready to go high-end and launch 6-figure soul aligned businesses that heal the world.