The year-long 'Bachelorette in Amor' is designed to help smart spiritual women align and heal their Divine Feminine & Masculine energies, step into self-love, and manifest a lasting Twin Flame Union.

The 2-year long 'Mistress in Amor Degree' is also known as our Love Leadership Certification Program. Our MA graduates become Certified Life/Love Coaches/Twin Flame Alchemists who help clients balance their feminine and masculine energies, find lasting love, and accomplish their life goals.

Our year-long business degree, 'Mistress in Blissness Amour' helps love coaches build their 6 or 7-figure soul-purpose based businesses from their bliss.

Our 2-4 year 'Doctorate in Divine Feminine Healing Arts' helps women claim their authority as master spiritual teachers and authors who birth their own unique certification programs, Divine Feminine universities, and/or mystery schools. 

Attract Your Twin Flame, Step into Self-Love

The "Bachelorette's Degree," is a high priestess initiation into self-love and Twin Flame embodiment. The year-long journey is designed to help women heal and empower themselves using our Twin Flame Alchemy Formula so they can attract their ultimate beloved within 12 months.

BAs learn to apply clairvoyant and personal development skills on themselves, activate their feminine energy, become better communicators, gain confidence, awaken their Sacred Sexuality, and open their hearts. Schedule a complimentary call to see if it's a fit for you!

  • Access to all Aphrodite University BA Trainings
  • 12 live Twin Flame Alchemy Formula Content calls
  • 12 live Twin Flame Power Hour coaching calls
  • 12 live Womb Power calls
  • 12 live 'SeaStarmind' mastermind calls 
  • Access to 24-7 private Aphrodite University mastermind group
  • Accountablissity SeaStar (accountability buddy)
  • 12 Archetypes of Aphrodite Transmissions (12 mp3 + 12 PDFs)
  • Optional in-person retreat
  • Plus many hot bonuses in the BA Bonus Library!
Become a Certified Love Coach, Certified Twin Flame Alchemist, or Certified Love Leader

The MA Program, fondly called the "Mistress Degree," is a Love Leadership Certification. The year-long journey is designed to help women become certified love coaches, relationship & dating coaches and/or Twin Flame Alchemists.

The MA Program couples online coursework with our Love Leadership Intensive. You’ll also get useful homework assignments and feedback to help you become confident as a mentor and healer.

  • Love Leadership Certification Program
  • Comes with your choice of: Certified Love Coach, Certified Twin Flame Alchemist, Certified Love Leader
  • Access to the private Aphrodite University Telegram group
  • 12 Monthly Twin Flame Power Hour ‘illuminary’ call
  • 12 Monthly Pu$$y Power Hour call
  • 12 Monthly Masterminds
  • Facilitator training access at our Twin Flames Live virtual retreat
Launch or Grow Your 6 or 7-Figure Healing Business

The MBA Program is designed specifically for smart spiritual female entrepreneurs to vision, brand, and launch their 6 or 7-figure business ("blissness") within 12 months using our 7 step signature system called "The 7-Chakra 7-Figure Formula."

Students identify their unique soul purpose niche and learn to quickly attract high-paying Soulmate Clients from around the world, selling with authenticity and confidence.

  • Access to Blissness School--all Aphrodite University MBA Trainings
  • 7 Chakra, 7-Figure Curriculum
  • 7 SeaCrets to a Swift Sale to 7-Figure Bliss 
  • 12 Blissness Time Calls (monthly live business coaching calls)
  • 12 SeaStarminds (monthly live group mastermind calls)
  • 12 Pu$$y Power Hour Calls (monthly live female energy activations)
  • Step-by-step guidance, worksheets, video training and mp3 recordings
  • Access to the private Aphrodite University group
  • Accountabli$$ity SeaStar
  • Recordings of 12 New Moon Ceremonies
Birth Your own Certification Program, Divine Feminine University, or Mystery School
Claim your authority as a spiritual teacher; birth your own unique certification program, mystery school, or Divine Feminine university.

Ph.D. graduates become published authors and experts in the Divine Feminine Healing Arts. They go on to become authors, speakers, counselors, clairvoyants, Divine Feminine university/mystery school founders, and public figures who spread love far and wide. The Ph.D. includes coursework from our BA, MA, and MBA programs.
  • All contents of the BA, MA, MBA, and Ph.D. Programs for a total of 4 years
  • Students graduate in 2-4 years at their own pace
  • Private and group support to training you create your own certification program, university, or mystery school
  • Free access to all AU virtual retreats!
  • 7-Day VIP Retreat Pray Love in Bali
  • Become Pu$$y-Powered Published Authority! Birth Your Bestseller with our support--write your Ph.D. Dissertation and become a published author (length: 15,000 to 50,000 words)
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