The BA Program, fondly called the "Bachelorette's Degree," is a high priestess initiation into Twin Flame Love. The year-long journey is designed to help women embody self-love and attract their ultimate beloved within 12 months. BAs learn to apply clairvoyant and personal development skills, activate their feminine energy, become better communicators, gain confidence, awaken their Sacred Sexuality, and open their hearts.

The MA Program, fondly called the "Mistress Degree," is a Love Leadership Certification. The year-long journey is designed to help women become certified love coaches, relationship & dating coaches and/or Twin Flame Alchemists. This program couples online coursework with our Love Leadership Intensive*. You’ll also get useful homework assignments and feedback to help you become confident as a mentor and healer.


The PhD stands for "Passionate Healing Divas" (PhDivas). PhD students become experts in their chosen field in the Divine Feminine Healing Arts. They go on to become authors, speakers, counselors, clairvoyants, Certified Love Coaches, and public figures who spread love far and wide. The PhD includes coursework from our MBA and BA programs.

The MBA Program is designed specifically for female entrepreneurs to vision, brand, and launch their 6-figure business ("blissness") within 12 months using our 7 step system called the "7-Chakras, 7-Figure ORGASM! Formula." Students identify their unique soul purpose niche and learn to quickly attract high-paying Soulmate Clients from around the world, selling with authenticity and confidence.

Programs and Tuition Rates

Here are the tuition rates for Aphrodite University.


Easy-to-follow training modules done at your own pace, plus live coaching calls, ceremonies, and retreats!

Take the program from the comfort of your own home. Virtual retreats can be upgraded to become in-person retreats, when available!

Get the tools and trainings you need to find your Twin Flame, birth your bli$$ness, and help your clients create their dreams too!

What Our Students Are Saying About Aphrodite University

Don’t just take it from us, let our SeaStars do the talking…

“Dr. Amanda’s Twin Flame retreat opened up my sexual bliss in holy unexpected ways. I could literally feel my body vibrating. It set my body, soul and yoni free. It felt explosive. So much alchemy allowed for this volcanic eruption—but mostly it was Amanda’s sincere open heart, her down-to-earth playfulness, her courage and confidence to create this blissful space… Just months after returning from Amanda’s Twin Flame Bali Retreat, a former beloved and I reconnected. And now we’re married! Thank you Amanda for your magical, mysterious Presence.
Elizabeth K

Life Coach

After signing up to AU, things in my love life shifted completely. Who I thought was my Twin Flame, exited the game, and another player came in. It feels like a super sacred connection and the biggest difference being, and I remember Amanda talking about what makes a twin flame a twin flame, first and foremost is them showing up! so yes, he has been showing up in my life strongly and although we are taking it slowly and allowing to get to know ourselves and consciously move through the relationship. It feels like we can build something powerful together. I don’t believe he’s aware on what a Twin Flame is, he’s very grounded on his logical mind and is also able to hold space for me to express my emotions. I see ourselves as equal opposites. He’s the left brain/ I am the right brain. I am in my heart, he’s more on his mind though he is conscious to understand how I operate. It has been a beautiful journey so far. I can see all the healing opportunities that are available for us. Do i know he’s my twin flame for sure? I don’t know for sure. My heart tells me there’s something extremely special about our connection and we’ve been eye gazing since day 1, something i never felt comfortable to do before.  
Claudia Z.

“Dr. Amanda Noelle has a real gift. Amanda offered support at a time where I needed serious clarity about someone, whether they were my true Twin Flame or not. I was being told by many psychics that he was my TF, but Amanda stopped this delusion in my tracks. I admit I was slightly resistant, but open, because I was willing to give up the unreal for the real. Amanda helped me see the truth, that the other guy was not my TF.  I grieved the loss eventually, but the universe has a magical way of bringing you the truth when you’re ready for it. Fast forward my real TF showed up again in my life. I had to let the other delusion go, but was happy to step onto the new timeline that was REALLY meant for me. I am so happy, we are happy and fulfilling our REAL life mission. Thank you Amanda for being an important piece in our life, bringing me truth, and being your magical, gifted self. Blessings and Love.”

“Dr. Amanda’s coaching helped me to move across the country, launch a business, and meet my beloved and make him my fiancè in less than three months!
Lindsay A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the programs?
  • The BA, MBA, and MA take 12 months to complete.
  • The PhD takes 2-3 years to complete and includes a Doctoral Thesis or equivalent media project.
  • Lifetime Students get lifetime access to all online courses and virtual retreats and receive promotional AU Retreat rates.
I'm single and have been trying to find my beloved for years... What can I expect?
We understand your concern and know how discouraging it can feel! That’s why we’ve designed a streamlined 12-month program for conscious bachelorettes who are committed to calling in their ultimate beloved this year. You can expect intensive trainings, exercies, and awakening experiences that will reconnect you with your own soul first, so you can call in your beloved. You’ll gain more confidence, courage, and identify your blind spots and weak areas. The program isn’t easy, and the Twin Flame Union is not for the faint of heart, but the results are amazing. We’ve had women who were single for years get engaged within months of enrollment!
I have issues with money, but I want to grow my biz...What should I do?
If you are 100% committed to kissing your money issues goodbye, to building a love based business, the Aphrodite University MBA program might be the right program for you. Two things are required: committed action, and a way of making your tuition deposit and a plan to make your monthly payments, especially for the first 3 months of your program while you are setting up your business. While we have had some students rock their income right out of the gate, others need time to find their foundation and build their courage. Motivated SeaStars should be able to sell $3,000 packages within the first 1-3 months using the tools we provide in our MBA courses. We have had students make upwards of $16K within their first 3 weeks of their MBA program!  What are your goals? We’re happy to help you hit them!
What is your refund policy?
Once we receive your non-refundable tuition deposit, you have 14 days to decide which tuition payment program you’ll be using and make your first tuition payment. Once you complete your enrollment by signing your Aphrodite University Agreement, you are required to make your payements on time. We work hard at AU to provide the most powerful course content, pleasurable healing experiences, and thriving community.  We are 1000% committed to making your experience as transformational and pleasurable as possible, and we ask you to show up equally as committed and ready to grow. While your feedback is alwasy appreciated and taken seriously, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.