We have found that a retreat on the magical island of Bali is the fastest way to make massive breakthroughs, step up as a queen, tap into your intuition, awaken feminine energy, magnetize what you want, and create lasting memories with soul family...

Nobody wants to chase after their Twin Flame, so why should you?

When we marry ourselves as the Twin Flame Bride while co-creating in a sacred space, our ultimate soulmate is attracted to us, rather than us having to chase after them.

Awakening your Divine Feminine energy on Bali creates a magnetism that positions yourself to manifest not just any relationship–the ultimate Twin Flame Union.

Are you an abundant goddess who is ready to be swept away to the magical island of Bali to:
    • Attract and keep your ultimate beloved the pleasurable way?
    • Learn how to tap into your Divine Feminine energy, without being too open or vulnerable?
    • Discover the secrets to awaken your Sacred Sexuality so you can become naturally magnetic to your beloved?
    • Become more magnetic to anything you wish to attract–such as high-paying Soulmate Clients, opportunity, and synchronicity?
    • Reveal your full feminine power in a safe and sacred space?
    • Participate in deep healing work that sets your spirit free, in a tribe of loving spiritual women?
    • Celebrate your body with organic food, massages, raw chocolate, spa and holy water bathing, deep sleep at a beautiful river resort, relax in tropical paradise, and smell the scent of Bali flowers, incense, and essential oils?!
    We’ll stay in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for 7 nights and days, about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai, Bali's International airport.*

    You’ll get live in-person healing work from sacred sites to activate your 11 Twin Flame Chakras.

    At the Pyramids of Chi, you’ll receive a powerful Twin Flame Sound Activation. You’ll get a customized, hand-crafted “Self-Marriage Ring” and bless it at a holy spring.

    We will be doing the DNA Twin Flame Light Code Activations, Divine Feminine/Masculine Readings, channeling.

    We'll help you perform a self-marriage ceremony complete with customized self-marriage rings, yoni healing, womb clearing rituals, spa self-love pampering, and making deep sister bonds!

    You'll stay at a magical Balinese healing retreat on the quiet edge of Ubud, Bali near the rice field. Resort is equipped with a swimming pool, spa, sauna, raw/health food restaurant, organic gardens, river, jungle, and a charming staff to serve you....

    Oh, and there's a yoga shala, restaurant, hiking access to the rice paddies.

    Plus you’ll get to explore Bali with a group of soul sisters who are committed to finding their Twin Flame too. Optional beach trip and other side trips available.

    October 18-25, 2022
    • Attend juicy workshops on self-love, Twin Flame Love, Sacred Sexuality,  Pussy Power, galactic healing, channeling, meditation, goddess beauty secrets, tantra, and abundance attraction!
    • Drink activated crystalized spring water for the 6 days to help realign your aura’s crystalline field
    • Eat some of the most delicious, erotic, healthy, abundant organic food that will stimulate your senses
    • Body-image makeovers and seductive goddess photo shoots in rice paddies, on beach, and by the pool
    • Reunite with soul-family sisters for some dancing, healing, praying, anointing, adoring, accessorizing, creating, and giggling
    • Group goddess spa excursion
    • Visit to Pyramids of Chi for sound healing, cleansing, and Twin Flame activating  
    • Self-marriage ritual and ring making with Pelé Jewelry
    • Take a day trip to a sacred cacao and coffee farm, with jungle views, optional zipline and Bali swings
    • Note: airfare and taxi to retreat not included in price.

    Happening From Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

    It's your time to have the blissful union you desire.

    In this luscious 7-day journey, you’ll go through a Twin Flame High Priestess self-love rebirthing and DNA activation so you can swiftly prepare to attract your ultimate beloved.

    You deserve a beloved who is powerful, confident, sexy, conscious, and committed...Not just someone you lust after, or someone you settle for!

    “You ARE an amazing Twin Flame Matchmaker! Within months of signing up, my Twin Flame Counterfeit stepped out of the game and the new one came right. You are truly an amazing healer, matchmaker, divine channel, space holder, gorgeous Goddess. I adore you and Jack and LOVE being part of your community!

    - Claudia Zabersky
    Brand Strategist, Florida USA

    “So grateful to be with my Twin Flame at last in our dream country, and you predicted it on Bali! That we would be traveling and filming and that’s actually what is developing now! Thank your Pleiadian Sister! Now living in the Pythagorean portal in Greece—very powerful dreaming here!!”

    - Jasmine Crystalsinger

    Life Coach, Ireland

    Register for the Early Bird Special Before July 30, 2022...

    (a $11,111+ value!)
    Here Are the Frequently Asked Questions About Retreat Pray Love:

    What if you're not single and/or in pain, but you still want to find and align with your divine life partner anyway? 

    - That's completely fine! We have many women sign up who aren't necessarily single or in pain, but still want to magnetize more love, chemistry, and pleasure.

    Is it really worth the time, energy, and investment to come? 

    - Only you can decide that, but given what we know and what past clients are saying, we can safely say that this will be a life-changing workshop so we HIGHLY recommend you do everything in your power to be there! We imagine you would feel terrible if you missed it and then see the other Twin Flame ladies rock it and soar and you are left behind. We've been in that position in the past, there is no fun in that!

    Which airport do I fly into?
    Bali has just one international airport--it's called Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport. It is located in southern Bali, 13 km south of Denpasar and is a $USD 25 taxi ride away from the retreat.

    Where is the retreat located?  
    The majority of the retreat is hosted from Ubud Sari Health Resort 

    Will I have the chance to interact with Dr. Amanda Noelle + Jack? 

    - YES. Retreat Pray Love is an intimate, highly interactive event combining in-depth trainings, 'hands-on' experiences, laser coaching, group shares and connecting. Amanda and Jack are known for their ability to instantly cut through confusion to get to the heart and soul of your desire, and they're committed to doing as much laser coaching as possible throughout the event. These days, it costs thousands of dollars a day to work with Amanda and Jack--and you get to spend 7 days learning from them at a fraction of the cost. And they'll both be available during certain times at the retreat for a 1:1 chats... and for virtual hugs anytime you see them :)

    What is included with my purchase? 

    - Access to all retreat workshopping sessions, visit to the sacred springs, retreat hotel stay and daily breakfast plus select other meals and snacks.

    What is not included with my purchase? 

    - Flight costs, transfer to and from the retreat. Afternoon and evening meals (budget anywhere between $3-30 per meal). Spa, shopping, and extra taxi or excursion visits not included.

    What's the weather? 

    - Warm, tropical, sometimes breezy cool evenings, rain can come intermittently during the day. But these days expect the unexpected and bring your umbrella or other rain gear! Also bring sun protection as it's often very sunny!

    What is your refund policy? 

    - Due to the committed nature of this experience there are no refunds allowed.

    What happens if I have to cancel? 

    - If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us at Retreat Pray Love, then you can transfer your ticket to one of our online events (Twin Flames Live or Blissness Bootcamp), or to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place.

    “The Twin Flame Bali Retreat still lives in my bones and blood! This retreat opened up my sexual bliss in holy unexpected ways. I could literally feel my body vibrating; Bali set my body, soul and yoni free. It felt explosive. So much alchemy allowed for this volcanic eruption. “Days before the retreat, I ended a relationship with someone I was dating. Just months after returning from Amanda’s Twin Flame Bali Retreat, he and I reconnected. And now we’re married! Thank you Amanda for your magical, mysterious presence.”

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    Elizabeth Keller, Life Coach
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