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“You ARE an amazing Twin Flame Matchmaker! Within months of signing up, my Twin Flame Counterfeit stepped out of the game and the new one came right. You are truly an amazing healer, matchmaker, divine channel, space holder, gorgeous Goddess. I adore you and Jack and LOVE being part of your community!

Claudia Zabersky
Brand Strategist, PurpleWing Studio

"Since we had our Twin Flame Activation Session… for the last 6 months I’ve been with a beautiful, kind, surfing, nature loving man. We’re living together by the sea. He is a dream come true. Thank you for all you have done to bring me to this place in my journey. I was reading through notes I made of the session with you and was blown away by how on-point you were! I will always remember you and hold hearts and hearts of gratitude for you.”
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“Before our Twin Flame Activation Session, I was feeling like I had 1 foot in and 1 foot out of our relationship. I was not at all considering leaving the relationship, but I wasn’t feeling fully committed to what we’re creating together. I was feeling stagnant. I know I have my amazing my Twin Flame in my life, but now what? We are well past our honeymoon phase. We are mirrors for each other, so we keep reflecting back our shadow selves to each other, too.
“After my session with Amanda, John and I have connected so much this past week. We have been more conscious of old thought patterns and belief systems that we realized aren’t even ours! We are being more aware and gentle with each other in this learning process. It’s been great learning with and connecting more deeply with my Twin Flame.”
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From Single to Soulmated

“I had been wanting to bring in my beloved for quite a while and it just wasn’t happening. Since the event, I have brought in a man who adores me, who has shown up with such love and tenderness, and it’s been such a celebration of love in my life to have my beloved in my life and to be able to grow in that way. Thank you Dr. Amanda Noelle, I am so very grateful!”

Marcie, Encinitas, CA

Testimonial Success Story

“One day a few years ago, I worked with Amanda and told her about how I had been dating someone recently, but it hadn’t worked out. She asked me if I would like to try an aura healing to attract my Twin Flame, and I was immediately intrigued. During the healing, she also did a reading for me and predicted that I would meet someone through my circle of friends. I felt like a weight had been removed, and knew that Amanda was helping clear the space for a new, loving relationship to start. Not long after that, I bumped into a guy from my community that I hadn’t seen in over a year. I felt an immediate attraction, which turned out to be mutual. I felt empowered to go after what I deserved–a healthy, loving relationship. Here’s to true love–thank you, Amanda!”

Elena M., Oakland, CA

“At that point in time when you were my coach six years ago, it was exactly what I needed! Today, I am five years into a committed Relationship. Thank you for all you do! I don’t think I would be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the fun and playfulness and magnetism that I exhibited at that point in my life. After my divorce I felt shame and had very little self-confidence, but coaching with you helped raise me out of that, and a big part of it was learning to have some fun and not take everything so darn seriously!”
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Karen S.
Busy Mom

“When I first came to Amanda I knew that I wanted to find a good man who would love me for me.  It was her encouragement, warmth and positive confirmation that made me begin to believe and see that I deserved to be loved unconditionally. Over the course of only two months, my dreams started coming true. Within a year, I married the man of my dreams! We own a business together and have two lovely children.”

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Gina C
Ballet Studio Owner

"I am honestly the happiest I have ever been. I painfully cleared away a very toxic relationship (false twin flame) by clearing out a abuse cycle that I have been living out since I was a little girls. I have had lots of very deep insights and cleared out a lot of old childhood beliefs and traumas. Had two very powerful ceremonies; a divine divorce and calling of my twin

flame. Almost immediately- my soon to be ex-husband wanted to talk about moving our divorce forward respectfully, after 10 months of no movement.

Jennifer K., New Haven, CT

Forty, Single, + Baby Obsessed

“I was almost forty when I realized that I was getting down to the wire in terms of calling in a life partner, if I wanted to have children naturally. I realize that I'd put all my eggs into the career basket, and the dating basket was just not working out... When I started Aphrodite University I felt a calling to do the work on a spiritual level, and I felt Amanda and her community could help. So I followed the guidance, and within just a few months of being in the program, I clicked with a guy I met online, we started dating, it got serious and after he moved in, I fell pregnant (oops but yay!) and we got married and have a beautiful baby girl."

Mary, Hoboken, NJ

Almost immediately- my soon to be ex-husband wanted to talk about moving our divorce forward respectfully, after 10 months of no movement.

After my twin flame ceremony, I found wonderful deep unconditional love with a childhood friend who I have been separate from for 26 years. We are so in love! 

Most important I have gotten a lot more confident in myself and my gifts. I definitely living more blissfully, all why doing what I need to do to clear away the negative people and things that have been weighing me down. 

I am in a "cleaning up the debris phase". Once I am done here I can move onto the "rebuilding my divine blissful life" phase.” 

Jennifer K., Marketing Specialist, New York, New York

“Amanda is a bright light and deep listener. I’ve so appreciated how she tunes into the energetic layers of reality and offers insight and clarity, and feel immensely grateful to her commitment and dedication to this path of empowering women in business, love, and life.”
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Ayla Nereo
Music Artist, Code of the Flowers
“About a month after working with you, I met an amazing unicorn who inspires me! I’ve never felt this close to my Twin Flame.” 
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High-End Business Coach

"I was so tired of not being able to realise the dreams that I desired. I kept dating a slew of men who just weren't meeting my needs, but I had so much love to give someone that I constantly felt frustrated.

During my coaching sessions with Amanda, I began to understand the old negative patterns that were leading me down the wrong roads to the wrong guys. She helped me to make a list of what I was looking for in a partner, and walked me through how I was going to meet my Twin Flame. When I felt discouraged, Amanda reminded me to keep focused on my goals, always making me certain that I could have it all. When I was ready, Amanda helped me feng shui my room in order to attract my soulmate. After moving the bed away from the wall and removing some decor that represented my old single energy, the room felt completely different.

We sat down and did a little prayer and ritual around some water and a candle, and I felt a powerful shift. Only three hours later, I met the man of my dreams! It all happened so fast after that. He and I fell instantly in love, moved in only a month later, got married, and have bought two beautiful homes together. I am so grateful to Amanda for my improved self-confidence and new faith in my powers to bring miracles into my life. I couldn't have done it without her. I thank Amanda for helping me to make my miraculous love story happen.

Rhea, El Cerrito, California

“You are so amazing Amanda! Thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration and thank you for being you! You've been so helpful on my path to reunite with my beloved Twin Flame and we are happily married now ❤ I'm so grateful for your presence and everything you are doing! May all the seekers be blessed by this amazing miracle! Lots of Twin Flame Love 😉 ❤”
Beth, CEO London, UK 

Divorcee to Divinely United

"I had been single for quite some time. After our initial session and commitment to work together, I met my new husband! Amanda coached, supported, and cleared the space for me to step into this new Twin Flame connection without resistance or distraction. It has been a real pleasure to step fully into my own feminine power and play. Amanda is a great coach for powerful women who are ready to step fully into themselves and be fully seen. Whether you work with her energetically, creating vision, or manifesting your Twin Flame, she will not let you down.”

Tina M., Seattle, Washington

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