divine feminine entrepreneurAs a Divine Feminine entrepreneur, you are devoted to staying in the feminine flow as you rise in 6 or 7 figure entrepreneurial success. Yet it can be easy to lose motivation and focus, and then we have to go back to our soulless day jobs or find another way to pay rent.

I went off on a spiritual path for a decade to hug trees and become a healer as a hippie chick; it was fulfilling on one level, and on another level it left me wondering if I had made enough impact on the world.

In this post, I wanted to share the number one tip to staying committed and motivated to achieve both your bliss and your 6-figure dreams, so you can hug hundreds of trees and make thousands of dollars each month!

It’s a new paradigm 

You’re a part of a new paradigm, a new model of feminine leadership and entrepreneurship. It is no longer tied to painful and heartless structures that do not benefit all parts of us and our peeps. You are here to marry money and bliss into one, aka “Holy MatriMoney!”

Ironically, with the newness comes the fear, which brings us back to what we subconsciously believe to be ‘safe’–old patterns. Our old patterns can range from trying to control everything, to running around like chickens with their heads cut off. That’s no good. We need to clear these pathways by identifying the old patterns as they arise.

For instance, if you’re overwhelmed as you go into your next business launch, instead of going into isolation or overeating (or whatever your sneaky pattern is), can you make a plan of action to break the old pattern?  You can call a friend, get a massage, take 15 minute dance breaks every two hours, or snack on fresh veggies and hummus.

Commit to releasing the pattern by making new positive patterns.

Clear distractions 

As a bli$$preneur, you are birthing through your Divine feminine essence, not just do your mental mind. You do this in a way that feeds your body mind and spirit. Yet sometimes being an embodiment of the Divine Feminine has its challenges. At times, we can get lost in the watery flow, chasing butterflies, pleasures, fun and festivals. As a Divine Feminine entrepreneur, it can be easy to lose motivation and focus, because there are just so many darn blissful distractions!

It’s about bli$$ipline, not just ‘Divine flow’

While it’s absolutely fundamental to have flow and fun as part of your game, it is also crucial to carve out time to commit to your commitments. The biggest mistake I see, and why Divine Feminine entrepreneurs so often fail in their businesses is because they simply don’t commit to their desires.

They say they’ll get to something someday, and someday never comes. Or they only commit halfway. They don’t get the structures, support, and follow through carried out in their businesses. Most women give up before they’ve actually created the structure that will give them success, then they blame themselves. The first step is to put in the time and have the right plan.

Distraction is really a big one, so clear out four hours a day where you turn off your iPhone and social media connections and just get the work done! Schedule it like it’s a full-time real 6-figure job, because it will be!  Start taking yourself seriously, mama. If you don’t, no one well. Especially money. There’s nothing more of a turn off to your Ka$h King than a lazy distracted little girl at her business.

Nourish the Feminine

Nourishing the feminine is one of the most important pieces of your biz. I see so many entrepreneurs putting the nose to the grind stone, and they don’t see the results they want.

This is because the essence of your business has to be comprised of you and your precious essence in order to attract anything. Money, clients, opportunity, the energy is you! That is why feeding yourself first as the feminine goddess that you are is important to implements in your business plan.

Call in, but don’t overdo the Masculine

The masculine and practical side of things are so important. We gotta show up and consistently chip away at creating this Heaven on Earth. Yet we can become wrapped up in rising the movement so much that we become addicted to achieving bliss-related goals and results. We can over-exert the body when the masculine takes over without checking into the feminine.

Whether you are here to become a coach, create a non-profit, or partake in birthing an eco-village, you want to make progress that is sustainable. Avoid burnout at all costs.

It’s easy to forget to shut off the computer and take care of our bodies. We can go into overdrive because we’re so passionate as New Earth paradigm healers! I do this all the time–I stay up late writing blogs and posting videos or journaling about how I can change the world. But sometimes the best thing I can do to change the world is take a nap.

The number one secret to staying motivated…

This is an ancient secret that women across the world have used to get through the light and dark times. It’s very simple yet so many entrepreneurial women skip this step. It is to connect and bond with your fellow females. To nurture friendships versus networking. While networking is an important piece of your business, unless that juicy feminine essence is there, the connections will not be real and you will not attract your high-paying Soulmate Clients. Nor will you be happy and fulfilled. Your people will census, and they won’t be attracted to you. You are attractive when you were a radiant goddess full of light. When you’re inspired. When you’re sharing your messages from feeling full and fed.

The most important key to my motivation is committing to weekly check in meetings with my dear friends and colleagues and Angela May. We get together and it feels like sharing virtual pudding and cuddles, and we also get a lot of bli$$ness done.

Here is a photo of Angela and I having a moment at the beauty salon before Angela’s wedding on Maui last year.

I could not do anything at all in my bli$$ness if I had not created soul sister partnerships. It’s time to start bridging business and pleasure through creating a network of sisters… I called them SeaStars for short at Aphrodite University because we are part of the same ocean!

How about you? What motivates you? What do you do to balance focus and flow in your biz? In the comments below, please share one way you have allowed female friendships to expand your business. I look forward to hearing from you!