money is love

For the love of money! Holy MatriMoney Moly!

OK…so here’s a pic of me loving money. And I do. But today I am throwing a TANTRUM about money… Not because I don’t love money or have money in abundance (because I finally do now, though I am still getting used to being a recovering starving healing artist), but because I am holding some ancient emotions about the money systems in my bones and spirit. As a shaman with origins dating back to Ancient Egypt in my bloodline and lightline, I can feel a dark and greedy wrong doing, and I am tired of these old pain codes. The time has come to let them go!

Sometimes the most enlightened way to release pain and emotion is to do what kids do, which is to throw a tantrum! So put your fists in a ball and stand on your feet, and shout whatever you want, and rant and rave about the wrongdoings of the money system. It’ll make you feel better.

egypt money codesYes, I am releasing some deep dark money codes this week. Wanna hear my tantrum? OK, it’s best to put up your psychic screen first, because I am about to whine and spew and release, and have a money tantrum…

Disclaimer: I usually never talk like this, or about this, because I want to stay positive (lover of rainbows n’ butterflies I am!) and so I usually only focus on the Light and healing aspects of money. I don’t want to stay in the energy of the tantrum either, but I do have to let it out. So please excuse me as I shout n’ clear out the former BS (belief systems) about money that have been affecting me/us for the past 4-5,000 years…

My mean money tantrum:

“Goshdarnittt! Why did we create such shady, shamelessly greedy, shitty money systems in Egypt so long ago?! Wasn’t the point of money to mirror the Holy Currency of Mother Nature? Wahhh! I hate the fact that there are so many human slaves still walking this earth for money, and that the collective consciousness regarding money has been so dark, desperate, and dreary. Divided from divinity.

“I hate that money hasn’t nurtured people like mother’s milk as it should! And that money hasn’t spread out resources evenly as it should, and money hasn’t flowed like water as it should, and money that more money goes to military expenses than it should.

“What pangs my heart most is that we don’t live on a ball of bliss ALL OF THE time. That parents are too distracted by the stress of paying bills that they don’t have time or energy to delight in the true love of their children and families. Some people live their entire lives like slaves and then they die, just because of the way the money systems were designed thousands of years ago. Haven’t we f$(*%ing evolved beyond this!?”

egypt slavery money


All better!

Phew, I just had to say it, hadda get it out. I feel all better. Can I get a love money piggybank oink? Now you try. Write down or better, scream and shout out your money tantrum and let the ugly old past out, so it doesn’t block your BLI$$ abundance.

To switch it into something positive, money is love. Love is everywhere. And money is everywhere, so let’s all learn to share, build the new love-based paradigms and blast the bull$hit out of our culture and make sharing resources and tools and technologies cool again. Walk like an Egyptian, way oh way oh….Namaste!

holy matrimony money

This month, I will be leading a sacred New Moon Class/Ceremony ritual that will activate our abundance, soothe the tantrum, and get you excited for what is in store for your next cycle.  Head over to to sign up!