Hotttt Aphrodisiac Marketing Tip!

IMG_0321.JPGYou can’t resist free prizes, can you? Nope, no one can. That’s why we love free skin care samples, that free body brush with shower gel purchase, a bonus pack of granola, whatever it is as long as it has value and it’s FREE!

Who can resist free stuff? We like to feel pampered and spoiled even when we know we’re being marketed to. 

Because everyone is a sucker for a free gift.

So are your Soulmate Clients who find your website for the first time…within seconds of arriving to your site (blog, home page, all pages they creep in) they’ll be looking at your free gift.  If you don’t have one, you’re missing out!

Without a free gift, you don’t capture their email address. And God forbid they get on your site, forget to opt-in, and never come back! As sad as that is, in this busy digital world people give you a few seconds to grab their attention and often won’t find you again unless you have a way to reach out to them.


  1. Where your free gift is (is it brightly colored, big, bold, and the first thing you see on the site?
  2. How hot your free gift is! Does it really temp them to wanna get it?
  3. What they’re getting – what’s inside the gift?
  4. Why they need to get it – what are the results of your gift?

Start helping them fix their problem.

Make sure your free opt-in gift helps them get a few results right away! Don’t just give them your free newsletter or “updates” as no one cares about those. Nope! It has to be something way hot that speaks to their biggest desires, and to the pain that they need to solve urgently, like yesterday!

Brand that sexy gift with a fun title and description 

Get creative on packaging it all up, as long as you’re clear in the results they’ll get from the gift. Have a cool title for your gift. Something memorable and catchy. Instead of “FREE GIFT: Raw Cacao Recipes for Weight-Loss,” tempt them with something yummier like:  “Grab your rawsome mouthwatering FREE EBOOK! The Cacao Gourmet Guide: 3 Ridiculously Rich Recipes to Lose the Pudge with Raw Fudge”

spiritual marketing tipsMake it something truly special

Don’t just call it “your free gift” – sell them on it. Explain exactly what your free gift does for them, and package it up with a little cute description, title, and image/art that sells like hotcakes! No more snoring boring free gifts, OK!?

It could be an MP3 meditation, an ebook, a special report, checklist, video training, or other cool workbook/handout. Make it irresistible, something worth $49 or more in value (you can even say that, X dollar value!).

Really focus on the results – what is in it for them?

People are so busy these days, they need to know why this is urgent for them and what the benefits are. So focus on the RESULTS they’ll be getting, not on the what or the how, but on the why!!! Why is your free gift so import for them to get right now?!

Follow up on the gift to build a relationship

Now you have your magical free gift…Great job! They will be signing up for your free gift in droves now, but how to turn them into a paying client?

Next step: keep in touch and romance your Soulmate Clients! This is the dating phase – it builds trust. You gotta drip out free content every few days. So start dropping them little love notes with Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, 1shoppingcart, etc so you can build trust together before you get them to buy anything! Deliver free hot content focusing on getting them the results they want.

Birthing your bli$$ness starts off with the free gift

Yep, it all starts out with a free gift that excites them, like a first date yellow rose 🙂 Romance them, and they will come…