GOAL #!:

This blog will assist you in understanding the purpose behind the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic so you don’t need to stay stuck here anymore!

GOAL #2:

Let’s raise your vibration up into Twin Flame Love!

GOAL #3:

help you decode the reason behind why got here in the first place so you can move on into  your Twin Flame Sacred Union!

Greetings Twin Flame Lover!

Welcome back to part 2 of 2 in my series about the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic. In part 1, I talked about the purpose of the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic, which is to empower the individual and prepare them for the responsibility of the Twin Flame Union. 

This Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic can be painful, cause you to drain your soul, shakti, and psyche, and can be truly disempowering to stay in it for long.

Today, I am going to share the #1 secret to stopping the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic.

The 2 additional primary goals of the video are to (1) continue inspiring and uplifting your vibration into Twin Flame Love, and (2) help you decode the reason behind why got here in the first place so you can move on into  your Twin Flame Sacred Union! I know you’re done getting stuck in this neverending, turbulent hurricane-tornado-tsunami dynamic! You are ready for real deal grounded Twin Flame Love, the Sacred Union in its aligned form.

This secret might surprise or even shock some people. They might not even want to hear this, but I think you’ll get it once you hear me out…

The #1 Secret Is to Know That Twin Flame Runner Chasers Are Simply Running From Themselves!

While it’s easy to get caught up in games, you are the master of your reality. You’re the creator and the only real lover of you. Everything else is a mere mirror…

Thus…You are never really out of control of creating or experiencing your own reality!

When you feel out of control because someone rejected you or smothered you or pissed you off, it’s simply a feeling that you have had inside of you for perhaps many lifetimes.

These dark feelings are important to look at and heal…

The first step of this secret to stopping the TFRCD is to: WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS!

Your thoughts create things. Your thoughts about your lovability will show up very clearly in the Twin Flame Mirror. 

A squeaky clean mirror is required for your Union to sustain and grow, meaning you must clear your thoughts and align them with your divine truth and wisdom.

Most people believe in the biggest myth, which is that your Twin Flame is some outer part of themselves that they have no control over. Your Twin Flame is the other half of your soul reflected in the Twin Flame Mirror.

The truth is, we are living in a hologram. The holographic universe theory is one where all the information, which makes up our 3D ‘reality’ (plus time) is contained in a 2D surface on its boundaries. This means that essentially everything you see, touch, taste, and hear is an illusion.

The hologram is like a 3D film created through the illusion of 3D on a flat 2D screen.

The difference in our 3D universe is that we can touch and taste the objects and this ‘projection’ feels ‘real’, from our sensory perspective.

Your Twin Flame in a sense is simply an illusion, or illustration (il-lus-tration of luz, or light). He or she is a light or astral projection of your own soul’s consciousness here through the Material World, the first plane of existence. Anything that happens here on earth is a beautiful and sacred illustration of what story we’re telling ourselves on the emotional and mental planes.

So if you’re in the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic, change your thoughts. I am sure it doesn’t feel like a fairytale, so what do you have to lose?! It’s time to swap that horror film or nightmare story of yours to something more empowering!

If he’s running, ask yourself what story you’re telling yourself.  Runner-Chasers usually run their thoughts through a grid of fear, lack, low self-worth, and pain. This can all be changed! It just takes some work.

Those who get lost in the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic have been severed from the connection of their own soul, and they can become obsessed with their Twin Flame (or even a False Twin though they won’t admit it). They fall in love with the Twin Flame Mirror, hoping that this person will save them from their pain! But the mirror is just a reflection!

We create the sacred energy behind our Twin Flame Union, using our thoughts and emotions. 

So, if one beloved is running, afraid to face his woman with love, it means that SHE is still learning how to love and heal herself. It’s time for her to take control and to empower herself and stop waiting for the love to come to her. She must surrender all attachments to him and move forward with her life.

What Obscures the Twin Flame Mirror?

There is always a reason when a Twin or False Twin disrespects or hurts the other. Deep down he believes she deserves abandonment. And she matches his belief and believes she deserves it too. This mirrors his hidden fear of abandonment and not feeling good enough! And the game goes back and forth like a tennis match until someone steps up and claims their self-worth, and sets a boundary with the toxic love.

Everything is created in your thoughts, and many people are holding onto garbage-thoughts without being aware of where it came from. They get stuck trying to figure out their Twin Flame runner pain without realizing that it’s their thoughts that did them in! That’s why in my Twin Flame Alchemy Formula, we spend around a month doing deep inner detox to identify and bust your Twin Flame Love blocks, those hidden tricky wounds and patterns that keep calling abandonment or dark energy in through the Twin Flame Mirror.

Change your thoughts to change your life.

Don’t trust everything you think…. Bruce Lipton says that 95% of our thoughts are stored in the subconscious mind. Most women have low self-esteem and aren’t aware of how much this block holds them back from love.

According to clinical psychologist Robin F. Goodman on the New York University Child Study Center website,  “Girls’ self-esteem peaks when they are nine years old, then takes a nosedive.”

The Law of Attraction says that thoughts create things, and as a culture overall our thoughts suck when it comes to love, which is why the divorce rate hovers at around 50%….

These negative thoughts give structure our DNA through morphic fields, making it difficult for our Higher Dimensional strands of DNA to align there are 10 additional strands of DNA to the known 2 strands–these exist on the quantum level. While our current mainstream science hasn’t detected these strands, they are necessary for the alignment of Twin Flame DNA (DNA that is awakened in all 12 strands, and for the conception and birthing of Starseed children.

When your Twin Flame is running or chasing you, your thoughts are creating a reality of dissonance and disconnected DNA strands.

“I think therefore I am,” the proposition by René Descartes, is quite correct regarding Twin Flames and ending the runner chaser dance. I think my Twin Flame runs, therefore he does.

A recent Forbes Magazine article by psychotherapist Amy Forin says:

“Your thoughts are a catalyst for self-perpetuating cycles. What you think directly influences how you feel and how you behave. So if you think you’re a failure, you’ll feel like a failure. Then, you’ll act like a failure, which reinforces your belief that you must be a failure.”

If you created a hairy scenario where your beloved is bouncing on you or vice versa, you thought it into being. You thought therefore here you are now, and you get to choose where to go from here!

If this resonates with you…Take responsibility and heal your thoughts to what aligns with your truest power and pleasure now! You do not have to stay stuck–you don’t deserve to reserve your precious love for “Some day,” when the time can be now.

To claim your Twin Flame, start by recognizing your hidden and even subconscious thoughts that have pushed your Twin Flame or Twin Flame Counterfeit far away.

Then, by using the Twin Flame Mirror, you can recreate a reality that serves you and your Beloved to reunite and build a healthy stable foundation together.

A common problem is that unfortunately not everyone cares, dares, or is able to see their own blind spots; remember 95% of people’s thoughts are in the subconscious world so sometimes we need an outside mirror to help us see the whole truth. This can be a mentor, a Twin Flame expert who has mastered this type of healing, energy healer, a therapist, spiritual counselor, or even a family member or dear friend.

However, pay attention when getting outside help–does the person who is holding space for you inspire you? Are they in a happy and healthy relationship with themselves and their Twin Flame?

There is an alchemy that happens and a transmission will come from them as they give you their feedback, healing, and attention so make sure you hire and receive the right help, otherwise your chakras might go spinning fast…the wrong direction!

I have seen many women hire so-called dating and relationship coaches, Twin Flame healers who haven’t done the work on themselves and it gets them going fast but in the wrong direction.

It’s possible to reverse this and it’s a form of initiation through the negative form (which can be transformed into positive) but it takes extra energy. So save time, energy, and money, and hire help know will truly help you and inspire your growth toward the light and love of the true Twin Flame Union, and not another counterfeit or years spent single and pining after and obsession that won’t speak to your needs!

Healing love blocks and blind spots can be intense, but I find it to be one of the most rewarding tasks (it feels like popping a huge zit and you’re like ahhhh!). On the soul level, identifying and busting people’s Twin Flame Love Blocks brings me joy as I witness the massive relief and almost instant results that come in. They become better people, more loving more confident, and this can have a ripple effect.

I often work with women in their 30s and 40s who are ready to get married and have children with their Twin Flames, and their reproductive clocks are ticking.  They have tried every program to call in the one, dating and matchmaking services, etc. and they’re literally running out of time to continue their bloodline and follow their heart’s desires and soul mission of having a child.  These women often have been healing themselves for years…. They work on themselves, yet they don’t understand why their partner has run from them.

My job then becomes to be a detective who must identify the hidden pattern or belief they’re thinking that is keeping love away.  

Sometimes people can do this on their own, but often we need support–I know I did! It’s important to really ask yourself using the Twin Flame Mirror Tool, “Why am I not loving myself?” or “Why am I running away from/chasing myself.”

When you clear the blocks in the Twin Flame Mirror, you and your beloved will instantly align.

“Hold on though, Amanda,” I am sure you’re saying, “So can I make my Twin Flame to stop his/her runner/chaser behavior?”

YES! Totally… It IS up to you.

AND….There is an opposite truth here, a contradiction to this statement.  You cannot make someone love you–that soul has their free will. You can only make love to yourself, and through the Twin Flame Mirror have this beautiful self-love be reflected.

The mirror is the Divine, the mystery. Surrender to the mystery, and let the mirror reflect the truth.

While sometimes people like to play God and say “I know who my Twin Flame is!” prematurely, before the Twin Flame Mirror (aka Divine) has shown him/her here in 3d REALITY that this person truly is a match, we must wait for the proof.

People who are saying “I have all of the Twin Flame Signs with Joe, so I know he must be my Twin Flame!” before they’re married to Joe in a sacred marriage, a fully committed consensual Twin Flame Union, they’re too scared to trust the Twin Flame Mirror. They don’t trust God to deliver them true love, plain and simple.

I have been there, and it’s scary to trust the Universe. Scary to love and be loved by God/Universe enough to know that you’re capable of calling in a partner who will stick it out with you! It’s easier and more fun to get lost in fantasy,

Twin Flame Love Obsessions (often with counterfeits, False Twin Flames who have 8/10 signs, the 2 missing being the fact that he’s just not that into you to commit his whole body, mind, and spirit to you!).

So many people have been brainwashed to believe they are not worthy of love and they don’t know it.

They aren’t aware of the mind control they’re under, so they keep trying over and over to work on themselves and create a relationship based on fantasy… These souls must start utilizing the Twin Flame Mirror, and it behooves many of them to hire a seasoned Twin Flame expert who has mastered Twin Flame Love, who can help them honestly identify the patterns and blocks that are magnetizing the black magic of the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic, especially if it has been going on for 3 months or more.

So, in summary, the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic is not to be fear, but to be faced. This takes massive amounts of courage but it’s so worth it! This phase serves as an initiation into a Twin Flame, and serves the relationship in its initiation to Power Couple Status!

Unfortunately, most people can get lost in this phase for longer than necessary; some stay here permanently and get stuck in years or decades of back-and-forth with one or more Twin Flame Runner Chasers or even False Twin Flames who do the runner-chaser dance! That’s why it’s dangerous to say “I know who my Twin Flame is” before it’s healed and resolved into a mutually committed Sacred Union.

Even though it can feel overwhelming to uncover your hidden love blocks and blind spots, this work is necessary to build the foundation for an empowered Twin Flame Initiate–a woman or man in her or his power who is willing to look at the whole story in the Twin Flame Mirror.

The Twin Flame Mirror is a tool that requires great responsibility and self-awareness where we claim that everything in our 3D reality in our lives is something we have created.

We have created our realities based on thoughts, and thoughts can be modified to meet the desires in our hearts.

Where we can get lost is the attachment to how it looks. We think we need Joe Schmoe to be the reflection in the mirror, but if the Universe has a higher plan for us than Joe we get stuck in a karmic loop that drains our energy, light and power.

So true Twin Flames must reclaim their power, and start using the Twin Flame Mirror with deep introspection. And when they still can’t figure it out, it serves them to seek outside help from a fellow Twin Flame mentor, family member, or friend who can assist them in escaping the imprisonment of the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic and align her or his distorted perspective Twin Flame Mirror.

I hope this article has served you, and I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming New Moon Raw Cacao Ceremony that happens each month at Aphrodite University for conscious Twin Flame women, movers and shakers who are here to build the new earth from love.

Each month we conduct a sacred cacao ritual, learn about the astrology, and set our intentions for the next 28-day cycle. We MOONifest together and have lots of fun in sisterhood together. Opt in at AphroditeUniversity.org/new-moon which I have put in the description box below.

Love you my sister or brother, sending you massive waves of Twin Flame Love!


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