How can the 1111 Codes activate your Twin Flame energy?

In my blog. Twin Flames 11/11 Activation | DNA Awakening on 11-11-2017, I shared  how 1111 represents and holds a hidden coded power. It symbolizes harmonized Twin Flame energy–that is the balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. A union that is connected, or “married” at the heart-

I also spoke in Part 1, about how the 1s in 1111 represent the masculine energy.
The 0s represent the feminine vortex, yoni, or void. Remember 1111 also holds a hidden 0000– for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear Her.
As we awaken, we must align our more more subtle Divine Feminine aspects of ourselves so we can bring Her into the Holy Union.
Truly the number 1111 is a symbol of resonance, balance within polarity, marriage of heaven and earth (or some may say heaven and hell merging in harmony on earth), of alchemy, and of Twin Flame Love.
Today I would like to talk about the Temple of the Twin Flames, and how 1111 shows up within the Temple.
The Temple of the Twin Flames is not a fantasy, nor is it a 3D temple exactly.  It is template or roadmap to building a better brain and body, so that we can align our earthly form with our Spirit form. As above, so below, like parallel lines, or 11s, bridging the worlds, and bridging the Twin Flames.
The Temple of the Twin Flames was once known as the Temple of Solomon. The Temple of Solomon means Temple of Sun and Moon, representing the Masculine Light (sun/Christ Consciousness) and Feminine Love (moon/Mother Womb) coming together to birth a Christed Child (awakened human).
The Temple of Solomon, or perhaps more accurately “Template” of Solomon (“Sun and Moon”) was built in the shape of our human body. It is literally a map comprised of specific codes, perfectly measured sacred geometries, and occult symbolism to help humanity build a better brain. The Temple of the Twin Flames is a gateway to Higher Consciousness and spiritual mastery….
At the Temple, we can soul marry our Beloved, our soul’s mirror-image; more importantly, it is at the Temple that we can marry our Higher Self and become humble servant Kings and Queens, gods and goddesses who heal the planet.
The 11s symbolize the twin pillars at the Temple of Solomon/Temple of the Twin Flames. In the Ancient world, the names of the Twin Pillars were Jachin and Boaz.
Jachin is (the Masculine Pillar on the right) and Boaz, the Feminine Pillar on the left. These Twin Pillars are seen on the Kabbalah Tree of Life and hold the 12 chakras or 12 Sephiroth. They also represent the 12 strands of DNA. The Twin Pillars share a central third pillar representing the Twin Flame Union.
Each pillar represent the left and right brain, and the Kundalini channels.
The Kundalini, snake like energies that connect us to source, are serpents that ride up and down the central spine. Just like we have our own 11 (a left and right Kundalini pathway), when we come together with our Twin Flame, and make love, we commune at the 11:11. We becom 4 serpents, or the full four elements, the full story and we activate the lower AND upper chakras which is what activates our Kundalini, and activates our brain.
A quote from the ancient Vedic text Taittiriya Upanishad:
 “Where the skull divides there lies the Gate of God.”
Indeed 11/11 (or the  number 22) symbolizes the Twin Pillars that are aligned with the 12 card deck of tarot, 12 chakras, and 12 Sephirot on the Tree of Life. The 11 isn’t exactly 11–in a sense it symbolizes 12 as zero is an important number representing the feminine womb. So, if you count  0-11, you get 12. Thus, the number 11 and Twin Flames themselves become a symbol much more than just two lovers…
How can these codes be used to activate our DNA?
Let’s first ask:
“What is DNA in the first place?”
DNA is the hereditary material (thanks mom and dad!) made up of monomer units called nucleotides, which are comprised of one of four nitrogen-containing nucleobases: cytosine, guanine, adenine, or thymine–and deoxyribose (a sugar) plus a phosphate group.
Now, I am not going to cram your brain with a whole lot of complex scientific jargon here. I do encourage you to do this homework on your own if you desire, and jump down the DNA rabbit hole with me! It is truly fascinating…
The important thing to understand here is that our DNA carries the genetic instruction used for the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of humans, and all living organisms, and even many viruses!
DNA is a code language–a divine alphabet that can be organized into words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and even a whole series of books, aka the Book of Life. It’s like the Neverending Story–it’s the bible of our own infinite existence!
Human DNA is made up of about 3 billion bases, of which over 99 percent are identical in–get this–everyone! Almost every cell in your body contains the same DNA as everyone else.  We are all one nation under God/Goddess here on Earth!
It is the sequence of the bases spelled out in our DNA that create the infinite code and individual potential within each of us, as we write out our own unique Neverending Story…
Currently, mainstream science takes a primarily 3-dimensional and thus limited view on DNA; science says that we have only a 2 strand, double helix impression configuration.
However, the double helix expresses only the surface levels of the chemical, electrical, and elemental DNA strands.
Until recently, science has suggested that perhaps 97 percent of its 3.2 billion bases—had no apparent function at all!! Our Neverending story “Book of Life,” is swimming in a sea of junk.
But this is incorrect. The DNA is not junk, it simply hasn’t been fully utilized or understood.
What science ignores is the most profound aspect of our DNA–the Higher Dimensional DNA.
The higher dimensional DNA goes beyond the 2 strands, and includes an additional 10 DNA strands which are multidimensional and magnetic. These ten additional strands of DNA, or five double helix strands, were disconnected or deactivated eons ago.
It is said that at the Temple of Solomon, a 22 DNA Activation was used where 12 strands relate to the physical body and 12 spiritual strands, and that each of these 24 key strands had sub-stands.  The DNA Activation process activates 11 of each, and the other two strands are the Galactic Code and the Divinity Code.
At this time the Higher Dimensional strands cannot be detected by our scientific equipment because they exist on the quantum level–within extremely small systems–such as single atoms or very small molecules.
The quantum, Higher Dimensional DNA includes both Satellite DNA and Jumping DNA.
Satellite DNA is made up of a variable-number randomly repeating sequence that interface with the morphogenetic field, which is a group of cells that to respond to, localized biochemical signals leading to the development of specific morphological structures/organisms. These DNA strands can be activated through the body cells.
Jumping DNA is DNA that can rewrite existing genetic codes. It makes up half of the total DNA nucleotides.
Both Satellite DNA and Jumping DNA interface with the Morphic Field, which is like the Force in Star Wars–it connects all life and consciousness. Our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell. From our thoughts.
The waves of the Morphic Field are what carry the 1111 Twin Flame activation, magic and miracles in spells, and what re-code our DNA.
To put it simply, our thoughts when tapped into Higher Consciousness, can create Higher Dimensional DNA.
In fact, top new thought scientists are showing that genes and DNA do not control our biology and that by simply shifting our thoughts, we can redefine our personal reality.
We can literally override the carbon framework at the level of the nucleic acid bases in the DNA by choosing to do so.
On the 1111 Twin Flame Activation, I will share some powerful details on how to shift your DNA, even if it’s been stuck for generations.
Back to DNA–the sequence of the 0s and 11s in our DNA determines our genetic code, our state of being, and our physical and spiritual alignment.
Essentially, 1111 means alignment, or ALL-ONE-ment by harmonizing polarity.
The Union of 1+0=1, thus in a sense we’re not looking at just 1111, we’re honoring the invisible feminine vortex of the zero behind each one.
What is not yet discovered in mainstream science, is that there are currently more double helix strands within the double helix strand within them. just like a holographic library, and even more to come
There are numerous methods to activate your DNA with the 1111 codes. them. What’s important to note is that the higher dimensional (smaller) DNA strands work on the quantum level, so you won’t be able to “prove” that you’ve activated your DNA  but you may be able to feel the shift.
Activation of DNA is possible by snaking certain frequencies within the environment through one or more of a person’s 11 Twin Flame Chakras using the Twin Flame Kundalini. These frequencies included crystalline vibrations, sound, colour, musical notes, ancient sound codes/tones, sacred geometry and energetics of the elementals.

11/11 is more than just a date...It's an activation!

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