What it Means to Walk the Path of the High-Healed Priestess

(Modern-Day High Priestess, Healed, Possibly Wearing Heels)

In this simple video, you’ll learn what it means to embody the path of the HHP, aka High-Healed Priestess. And no, you don’t gotta wear heals, wear pink, or say PU$$Y Power as much as Dr. Amanda Noelle!

Enjoy 🙂

Dr. Amanda Noelle is the Founder of Aphrodite University, the leading university for Divine Feminine entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, mystics, and women who dabble in metaphysics. It’s a metaphysical, sexy, mojo filled online university that is outside of the box and outta this galaxy, that helps women healers go high-end in their businesses so they can make 6 or 7-figures the easy Sacred Feminine way while having more impact.