Understand the reason behind the maddness

And how to align with a healthy and sacred foundation for your union

Are you lost in a Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic? This scenario can drive you mad, cause you to derail your spirit and psyche, and can truly drain your vibration…

And we don’t want that, do we!?

In order to reach full alignment in your Sacred Union, your energy must be high and vibrant–that is a Twin Flame Love vibration, and it’s the vibration that turns your Union from Spirit Form into Material Form.

Therefore, the primary aim of this blog is to assist you in understanding the purpose behind the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic, and raise your vibration up into Twin Flame Love

So my gorgeous friend, I will break down the purpose of the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic so you can understand why you got here and learn the important lessons so you can move on.

Then, in a separate blog, I’ll share #1 secret to breaking out of runner-chaser enslavement, and breakthrough to your true divine power and freedom…

Why do we go through the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic? Or the “RCD” for short….

The RCD is an initiation phase that prepares you for something greater; Twin Flame Love is a huge gift and responsibility. RCD is a test meant to be passed, and  yet so many people get stuck here and don’t get past it!

Why is this? Well, so many people misunderstand Twin Flame energy. They believe in fairytales…They say things to themselves like “When I find my Twin Flame I’ll be all good and live happily ever after.” Or, “I know who my Twin Flame is, and though he’s rejected me and run, all I am going to do is pray all day and work on myself because if I can fix my heartbreak for him then everything will just work out for me!” This is codependent and disempowered thinking, and it’s not the way true Twins operate!

True Twin Flame energy is all about spiritual mastery…Ascension, enlightenment, and Unity. It’s also about surrender and letting go.

As I said, Twin Flames hold a lot of responsibility–they’re true lightworkers here to make the planet a better place. They’re here to heal themselves and others, and live in alignment.

Many Twin Flames become parents to highly advanced souls–Starseeds, Indigos, Rainbow Children, Diamond Children, spiritual masters, gifted healers and so forth. This is no easy feat and takes stability and mastery on all levels.

Though not all Twins decide to become parents (either biologically or via adoption) many do as they feel the call. Currently, there are more souls waiting to incarnate here on earth to support the Ascension than there are bodies.

Yet many of these enlightened souls have gifts and blessings to give at this 11th hour where we are running out of time to fix the issues here.

There are many souls waiting to assist from the other side and some of them need to get here in the physical (incarnate) form and cannot do so unless they have parents who have done the work.  

While there are many people having babies, there is a shortage of spiritually awakened parents who are able to communicate with spiritually gifted children, who have done the clearing work and Twin Flame DNA activations on themselves, and there are so few Twin Flame parents who are fully living in the Chirstforce energy as individuals and as a couple.

This is necessary for these children to have an optimal conception, birth, and upbringing so they can grow up and advance as highly gifted adults who achieve their mission of yes, literally saving the world.

But I digress…Not all Twins may need to be parents, but they are here because they have huge soul purposes. Do you feel that? The calling to achieve something great and spread love massively? Like your heart will explode if you don’t do this, and that you’re meant to do it alongside your Beloved?

Truly, Twin Flames are designed to become great leaders of great causes, leading from the heart for the good of all humanity. Twin Flames are true examples of the Christ Force energy and the love between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

If you’ve been in the presence of an awakened Twin Flame Power Couple, you will notice this distinct form of love–the energy is palpable, powerful, and will activate everyone around them (who is ready to be activated).

The Twin Flame Union comes with many great blessings, bliss, and ecstatic adventures into the Cosmos–as well as a great responsibility!

Twins may access keys and codes that open up portals here on Earth that cannot be accessed without the Union.

Yet for the Union to happen and sustain, each Twin must become an initiate of soul alchemy, what I call Twin Flame Alchemy. They cannot stay stuck in endless runner chaser dynamics!

Each Twin must be initiated into her or his Higher Self awareness and truth, and become a master or mistress of Divine Love and creation; not only in the Spirit Form, but here on earth, as an incarnate God or Goddess.

Thus, during the Twin Flame Runner/Chaser Phase, the beloveds may take turns facing their most sacred and secretive wounds in tandem. I call these core wounds the Sacred Wound, because these wounds serve a purpose for self-realization and soul purpose.

The Sacred Wound is the essence of our soul in the form of a wound, and Twin Flames must master integrating this terrifying aspect of themselves. Sacred Wounds are what arise during Twin Flame Separation, the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic and also with Twin Flame Counterfeits.

So please do not think that because you’re going through this difficult phase that it will kill you or crush your soul! No, if you face it head on and clear up this messy karma, it will actually make you stronger as an individual, and will make your Union stronger.

Why does the Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic have the power to heal us?:

Two Reasons: One: It kills whatever ego attachments we have. Two: Whatever lives on upon completing this process survives with greater immunity and strength!

Before sharing the # 1 secret to overcoming the RCD, I want to let you know that if you choose to stick to this path and you stay committed to doing the healing work, heaven on earth truly awaits you! You can do it! Just remember that the purpose of this painful path is to die and be reborn into greater pleasure and power.

The cross is often used the symbol of Christianity as a reminder of the resurrection of Yeshua after being crucified. This cross exists within the vesica piscis to symbolize the as human and divine, born from the holy womb of the mother, aka Holy Spirit. The Vesica Piscis is a symbol for birthing a new way of seeing. Yeshua taught that the “Kingdom/Queendom of God/Goddess” was within everybody. This was contrary to Jewish belief and Roman law.

If we are to access our own Kingdom of God and leave the Twin Flame Runner Chaser dynamic behind, we must become empowered and ready to face our own demons! “But I don’t have any of those Amanda!” Yeah right, we all do, but that’s what we use to make diamonds!

I once had a whole slew of demons attacking my Twin Sparks..I always wanted to reunite with my Twin Flame, but it took many years with harrowing twists and turns and illusions cracking through my Twin Flame Mirror.

But once I utilized the following tips I’m about to share with you, my beloved and I finally broke free from the Runner Chaser Dynamic! We now have a blissful union, and connect in the most beautiful ways each day; I have never could have dreamed of actually experiencing this type of love here on earth besides in my head. This type of connection has not been available to me for many lifetimes, and I know you can have this too if you want it.

To know your own soul in the flesh of your beloved is a great gift–a true blessing. At the same time it’s terrifying to live on Terra and see God’s Love coming through the eyes of your Twin for the first time! It’s intense and beautiful, kind of shocking…

It’s like remembering that you’re from another plane or planet like the Pleiades–you wake up that you are more than just a human, and that your soul is outta this world! It can be terrifying know and feel and see who we truly are on the deepest level. But when we face this fear by facing it with love, miracles occur. We drink from the Holy Grail together.

So, are you ready beloved, to be loved and end the TF RCD for GOOD!?

Then stay tuned for my upcoming blog where I will share the #1 Secret to Ending The Twin Flame Runner Chaser Dynamic for Good! Woot!

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Love you my sister or brother, sending you massive waves of Twin Flame Love!

XO, Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twin Flame Matchmaker

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