You keep turning your eyes to the clock (or more likely cell phone) and it’s 11:11 yet again…. What is 11 about, and why is 11 or 11:11, and is it a Twin Flame number?

Is 11 or 11:11 a Twin Flame Number?

Everyone in the spiritual new age world was going crazy on 11/11/11 at 11:11:11… And it keeps coming every day at 11:11 am/pm!  I know I see 11s all the time, and it’s an a wonderful feeling to synchronize with the spiritual alignment.

Yes, in the spiritual community, 11 is commonly thought to be a number representing of Twin Flame energy. Of duality (separation of the digits), and oneness (1s), aligned in harmony. 11/11/11  was an important milestone for some energetic shifts on earth; it had us stepping us into the new Twin Flame paradigm so that more Twin Flame Reunions could occur naturally within the collective.

11 11 Numerology Symbology

It is no coincidence also that eleven looks like the equal sign sideways: 11 = equal! Eleven represents two equal whole ones (beings) who come together as two beings in a singular unit. It can represent two individual Flames coming together to create a Holy Twin Flame Union.twin flame dna

As eleven is a single number with double digits, it is like the two strands of DNA or two lines of kundalini that run up the spine: together, the two polarized counterparts create a strong whole, the yin and yang energies together creating the fusion it takes to create new universes.  Indeed, in the case of 11, Aristotle’s famous quote is true:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” -Aristotle

11 represents the parallel universe or flow of energy through which Twin Flame energies coincide.  The Twin Flame couples share the same direction on one level, and on another level they are “apart” or separate energies.  It’s two sides of the same coin. That is why when you feel like you’re a fiercely independent woman with her own ideas, you are able to harmonize with your fiercely independent Twin Flame and still think and live and breathe for yourselves, but together in a unit. Not 24-7, but for whatever timeframe and rhythm that works for you as a team.

ascension dna

The 11 also is represented by the kundalini energy pathways that run up the spine. The energy runs like a snake – back and forth – but there is also a parallel gridline of magnetics that attracts the energy to move back and forth.  The kundalini is both a line and a circular energy, hence creating a wave.  The feminine spiral/circle meets the masculine line to create the serpent energy that runs along the spine.  For more about kundalini 11 11 energy, do the Kundalini Twin Flame Meditation here.

The 11:11 is a representation of two worlds coming together: of the Higher Self and the Human Self; the Heaven and the Earth.  Twin Flames share the same Higher Self, and thus the Human Self is represented as two separate blood lines of the same Light Line (Divine Whole, God/dess). On the human level, Twin Flames are separate – like the parallel lines within the 11.  And yet they make one whole number, with two separate digits.  As Heaven, and Earth together may seem like two separate worlds, they are yet one.  And they are paralleled, “As above, so below.” So 11:11, or 11/11 are a number holding energy that represents a timeless place, or a placeless time where two worlds (or all worlds) meet.

twin flame 1111

Careful though darlings, just because you’re seeing 11s everywhere, it does not mean that that man or woman is your Twin Flame.  The Twin Flame Counterfeit can bring in 11:11s too because it is Twin Flame energy that attracts the 11s, not your Twin Flame.  However, using the number 11 or 11/11 etc to harness Twin Flame energy to attract your Twin Flame is a great tool!  Just don’t let the signs of the Twin Flame with those 11s make you decide that he is the one… Wait a bit and see and feel and if he/she sticks around for a yummy Twin Flame Union, then congrats! If not, keep moving forward and take that 11:11 energy with you.

Spiritual Meaning of 11-11-14

The meaning of 11/11/14 is about aligning the Twin Flames (11s) with the number 1. What does the number 14 signify? 4 is the number representing angelic guidance, so that new paradigms can be birthed. The number 13 relates to self-empowerment, or empowerment of the individual within empowerment of the whole. Thirteen is the number that bonds multiplicity into oneness, like the H20 is bonded with 2 hydrogen and 1 electron (which equals 3) with one oxygen; or, like one member of a trinity is linked to the trinity itself.  The trinity can represent anything within duality: the Feminine, the Masculine, and the Matrimony of the two. Or, Heaven, Earth, and Heaven-on-Earth; left, right, and center, etc., etc. As above, so below.  And in the unity of duality births the Zero-point, where void and infinity merge.

There is an invisible fourth piece of any trinity, which is the Oneness above them all. The three points in the trinity make one triangle, for instance, or a water molecule with the three bonds makes one whole molecule. The trinity creates a fourth dimensional aspect, which is why 13 adds up to 4, and why a single four-sided pyramid is made of 4 triangles.

twin flame merkabahAsk yourself on 11/11/14, “What do I want as an individual within my Twin Flame partnership? What do I want to give to the relationship? What do I want to receive? How does my uniqueness serve this relationship? How does my uniqueness serve the planet?” Happy 11/11/14 everyone!

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Love and blessings!

Dr Amanda Noelle