It’s TIME Healers! Go High-End as a Divine Feminine Entrepreneur 

Join this free live business training and ceremony on the New Moon to learn how to launch your 6-figure business within the next 12 months!

6 Steps to Launch Your 6-Figure Healing Business   

Are you a gifted female healer who is ready to go high-end in her business, and you refuse to do business unless it’s sacred, blissful, and soul-aligned?  If so, this is the right next step.

What you’ll get from this powerful training:

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  • Discover the biggest sabotage that stops women healers from making their 6-figure incomes in bliss
  • Learn this #1 secret strategy to attracting 3-5 high-paying ‘Soulmate Clients’ in one moon cycle or less
  • Get Aphrodite University’s precise step-by-step system to earning 6-figures as a healer
  • Transmute the fear, financial blocks, and negative self-talk that stops you from creating your dream business
  • Enjoy our 7-Figure ORGASM Ritual to awaken your very own Conscious Millionairess frequencies
  • Ask your burning hot questions about money, business, and building your dreams



Bonus: receive your FREE copy of our 7 Chakra, 7-Figure Bli$$ness Orgasm Formula Workbook (a $49 value)!

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 You are invited to a complimentary class & ceremony on Monday, May 18, 2015 at 1pm PST:

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Aphrodite University is a community designed to empower Divine Feminine healers and coaches to build their businesses, be successful entrepreneurs while claiming the power of the Divine Feminine, and embracing the power of who they are as women healers.

We have found that most Divine Feminine healerpreneurs undervalue themselves, and end up undercharging for their services, or feel not good enough to stand in their power to launch a high-end business.

We at Aphrodite University believe that making money can be done in a sacred way, and it does not have to be complicated. You can blissfully turn your divine healing gifts into a successful 6 or 7-figure soul-aligned business with the proper systems, strategy, structure, and strong tribe to support you.

We want you to claim your entire essence that includes your body, your business, your being, and yes, even your Sacred Sexuality. We want women healers to discover and deliver their soul purpose gifts to the world while embodying their light as high priestesses.

Please join us at Aphrodite University for this free training on the new moon so you can take your healing business high-end while invoking the Divine Feminine within.


Laura Villanueva“I’ve had such incredible things that are still happening just after the New Moon Class/Ceremony. I’m getting lots more buyers at my shop where I sell healing crystal jewelry and art. I was able to actually upgrade the look and finally open my photography site which is so huge! That class just completely opened so many things for me and I’m so grateful for your energy. It’s been pure MAGIC! Thank you so much!” -Laura Villanueva, Photographer and Crystal Jeweler – &


1459236_10151999663526405_274041890_n“I can’t wait for the next one! I’ve listened to the call (replay) about six times. I’m just blown away. By all of it. Like I know it’s out there. I knew it’s been missing. I’ve never heard two people articulate it as well as Dr. Amanda Noelle and Angela May. Like that’s how it’s really like, in a Divine Feminine way.”
“I was so blown away. I had never thought about building a scalable model off the bat, but I guess that’s what I’m doing. I discovered how leisurely 7-figures feels, and now feel that it’s easier to make more money than less. That it’s a willingness to go with more ease.”
-Cassie Price, Spokane, Washington