Women around the world have been waiting for millennia to create the new paradigm that is here. For so long, we have sought to live in a Divine Feminine balanced world where the feminine is welcome, initiated, celebrated, and even worshipped alongside the masculine. After 5,000 plus years of suffering in a patriarchal world where the feminine is hidden, betrayed, abandoned, and abused, we have made it! Now, the Divine Feminine is stepping into Her power through all systems – politics, health, financial, energetic matrixes, and even education. This is why Aphrodite University, the first Divine Feminine-based university in the world, is being born. Hurray!

So what if you’re looking into graduate level or undergraduate level education for yourself? Perhaps you’re ready to earn more money, or maybe your mind is endlessly hungry and you want to accomplish big things that require an advanced degree. Yet as an intuitive woman and one who doesn’t feel called to do something simply because she “should,” you don’t get butterflies in your tummy when you think about going to Harvard, a local state school, or even an alternative school that fits the masculine traditional model of education.


Perhaps you feel that you’re different from the traditional cookie-cutter student, and something just doesn’t click anymore about mainstream systems. Yet there’s something drawing you to take on more studies, and you may even see a PhD or MBA by your name when you close your eyes and dream. You want more education, but you want to do it in a way that celebrates and brings out the Divine Feminine in you.

Is the voice inside of you screaming, “I want to do it the Divine Feminine way!” perhaps?

In this blog, I will try to define what the Divine Feminine way is, and how this applies to educational systems today. Perhaps this blog will help inspire you to give yourself permission to do things in a feminine and flowing way that aligns with your soul, that truly satisfies you in body, mind, and spirit, rather than doing it because everyone else is, or because of a long list of “shoulds.”


The Divine Feminine way is essentially impossible to describe, but I will take a stab at helping flesh out the most important traits by starting with what it is not. The Divine Feminine way is not the path of:

  • Struggle, of pain, and the upstream swim
  • Control: of self-control or of controlling others
  • The mental body being cut off from the rest of the body which leads to health and mental problems
  • Greed, money-only thinking, of cutting of your Divine Mother heart that cares deeply about the world
  • Shutting down your intuitive nature and path as an empath
  • Following what others do just for the need for approval
  • Judgment: of self or others Toxically absorbing trauma, fear, pain, and shame of your ‘leaders’ or authority figures
  • Honoring false gurus who claim to be more holy than thou
  • Submitting or suppressing your sacred feminine sexuality
  • Ignoring or suppressing the sacred flow and desires of your body, hormones, moods, and cravings

aphrodite universityThe Divine Feminine way best defined in my mind’s eye is a way that:

  • Honors the flow of nature, fits in alignment with cycles, the planets, the stars
  • Considers the whole person, past, present and future
  • Nurtures us on the deepest level
  • Touches our hearts
  • Considers our emotions and recognizes emotion as being as important as the mind
  • Validates the mystical, metaphysical, and magical worlds
  • Sees nothing as solid or real and also does not label anything as too crazy or weird or woo woo
  • Honors that the only truth is the truth in our hearts and souls
  • Blesses us spiritually, honors our sacredness, that encompasses the invisible, like the aura and the spirit
  • Promises to protect and cherish future generation, our children and our planet
  • Seeks to heal the planet, care for our fellow brothers and sisters, and honors that we are all one
  • Sees us all as equal, and yet fosters leaders who are ready and called
  • Recognizes that high priestesses are just as powerful and important as politicians
  • Recognizes that healers, metaphysicians, and “witches” are equally powerful and important as medical doctors
  • thumb-4Knows that being a mother/having a family is just as important as having a career/supporting a community
  • Honors feminine magic, tantra, sacred sexuality, Twin Flames, and bliss
  • Recognizes that beauty, love, and bliss are meant to be a medicine that heals this world
  • Intuition is real and valid, and should be used by governments and mothers alike

There are probably so many more items that can be placed on this list. The Divine Feminine list would actually look like “whatever you want it to be” – that’s what the feminine is. She flows and embodies what breath is breathed into her, as long as it aligns with her bliss.

What are your concepts or wishes for a Divine Feminine-based world and university? Thank you for posting your comments below. Blessings and light from Aphrodite University!