magdalene codesYour blood is actually a sacred river that passes through many generations, holding memory and data that comes directly from Source Consciousness, Oneness.

Divine crystalline codes are literally held in your blood within the structure of water. H2O holds a sacred geometry that is present in all life. This is the perfectly aligned Flower of Life structure represented by a 3-dimensional Trinity of the Divine Feminine and a 3-dimensional Trinity Divine Masculine.

The Flower of Life grids allows our blood to hold divine light codes which store information, and allow us to align with our divine gifts, like clairvoyance (divine seeing), clairaudience (divine hearing), clairsentience (divine feeling), and claircognizance (divine knowing), and many other gifts from God/dess. These are meant to be passed down through the bloodline from generation to generation.

The Flower of Life is the key unlocking our lineage that connects us back to oneness.

However, when a bloodline experiences trauma, abuse, incest, persecution, and tragedy it becomes impure and requires cleansing; otherwise, there will be a distortion of the divine light codes. The sacred connection to the divine is lost, and all data is obscured.

In this blog, we’ll help you purify, restore, and crystallize (or ‘Christ-All-ize) your bloodline, returning it back to its nature Flower of Life structure.

What is the San Graal?


You are a sweet little grape birthed upon a massive ancient divine vine dating back to the original time where there was only Oneness and no time at all.  It’s time to head back to this body, this Tree of Knowledge, dear one, and head back to a time where we were are, and will always be All One. 

The San Graal or Holy Grail is simply a sacred geometrical pattern or grid, that stored in the blood, that aligns with divine wisdom. The San Graal is the Flower of Life and Merkaba sacredly aligned and embedded in your blood. It’s simply crystallized (or Christ-alized) water that runs in your bloodstream. While Mary Magdalene and Christ were two powerful souls who reincarnated on this planet, they weren’t meant to be celebrities out of touch with reality – they were meant to be of the people for the people, teaching them about the Flower of Life (Magdalene/oceanic holder of memory) coming together with the Merkaba (Christ/chrystal codes).

All blood is holy. It’s not just a particular race or bloodline. Even a lizard’s bloodline when activated is holy. Blood is simply the body or container, where the spirit of the blood is the ancient light and wisdom that can connect you to your Christforce ‘super powers’ that Christ modeled to us. Magdalene did too, and she was a tantric queen, but we won’t get into that here. 🙂

Is sacred wisdom really held in your blood?

In your human bloodline, each generation adds its wisdom and knowledge to the divine vine, modifying each generation of fruit/wine slightly from the original seed. Each generation of star-meets-blood represents the sun/or son coming to earth, merging through earth and water to create a new generation of children or seeds, coming from the sweet euphoric wine produced during the mating of matrices. Male to Female, star to earth, Christ to Magdalene, seed to birth. From each generation can be birthed a fruit just as sweet and divine as the original divine creator. Through this exchange of Twin Flame love and ancient ancestral blood, earth, light and seeds, we weave together a new tapestry of wisdom that is still being formed, along with the cosmos, the stars, the earth, the humans, and the universe. It is a divine and holy dance that our ancestors have participated in since the beginning of time. Which is why it’s important to acknowledge them and integrate them into your tapestry of experience.

In order to reclaim the divinity of your bloodline, to restore the Twin Flame and Christ-Magdalene codes, and to bare a star-seed or ‘Starchild,’ you must clear out the wounds, the womb, and the mis-informed widow where your previous ancestors went wrong. Where your bloodline got trapped in fear, despair, desperation, starvation, prostitution, religious persecution, etc, so that the codes got scrambled or were written backwards.

Tribal wisdom, galactic codes, alignment and clearing

thumb-4Everyone comes from tribal and starry origins. Humans are a mix of local earth blood mixed with cosmic light. Our indigenous ancestors originally come from the stars too, and everything is just a part of a great divine recycle job! Like the rivers, rains, and waters of earth, everything eventually goes back to the ocean. Water is a great symbol of life and of the bloodline.  Your tribal origins represent your animal or human magic. Your starry origins represent your galactic or higher dimensional super powers. When you blend and merge both, you become an activated Christ or living breathing light crystal. Pretty cool huh?

If you are from a family with indigenous Germanic or Indian or Native American blood for instance, you have tribal wisdom to clear out the historical events that caused trauma or ‘shattering’ to the blood. Rape, violence, colonization, alcoholism – each of these toxify the blood and blur or distort the ancient memory.  For instance, if someone in your family line was a mystic a few generations ago, and she was beheaded for going against the Catholic Church, it’s very likely that you are shutting down your psychic super powers and you may even feel like the Catholic Church is going to kill you every time you open your third eye. It get’s really funny and ridiculous when you think about the fact that you’re in hippie California or somewhere where it’s really safe to be a psychic! But still, your bloodline holds this trauma memory, and so each time you open your psychic eye you get psychically attached. You become fraught with physical stabbing pains, someone burns off your hair at the beauty salon (because they would often cut witches’ hair before burning them at the stake to disempower and shame them).

Clearing torture and persecution in the blood

magdalene flower of lifeIf you are a healer and your bloodline is carrying torture codes, you will not be able to run a successful 6-figure BLI$$ness and safely share your psychic gifts with the world until you face the demons, slay the dragons in your psychic world, and rescue that ancestor who was persecuted for her psychic freedom. Look around girl, you are free now, it’s not 1432, no one is going to get hurt. But if you don’t free that dead relative from her cycle of abuse, you will keep feeling funky and stuck.

Start staring down them demons, cast ’em out, don’t be afraid! When you look them in the eyes with divine love, they ‘go home’ back to their original essence. Be strong! Start purifying your blood through prayer, hope, and love.

Resurrect the San Graal – the Flower of Life -into your bloodline to become a sexy, blissful, and empowered Christed one!

mary magdalene sacred bloodline

Twin Flame bloodline activation

Most people are carrying Karmic Soulmate blueprints in their bloodline and DNA. You may even have a blueprint of broken homes, single mom energy, divorce energy, or domestic violence.

thumb-6It is important to clear out destructive relationship and marriage codes from your bloodline in order to attract your Twin Flame, remember who you are as a soul, activate your soul purpose, birth Starchildren, and to heal and align your family and ancestral blueprints. Most people are truly residing in unaligned family bloodline blueprints which have gone out of alignment at some point in the generations. We have spun out into cycles of abuse, isolation, and destruction. These distorted codes are what keep attracting darkness and keep us feeling small, unworthy, and disconnected from our divinity.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of bloodline distortion:

  • Poverty and slavery energy, possibly for many generations
  • Abuse (sexual, physical, energetic)
  • Self-sabotage, low self-esteem, and self-hatred
  • Sexual shame, overuse, or sexual prostitution
  • Entities and demons that cause a heaviness, stuckness, or even suicidal thoughts
  • Mental illness and out of control emotions or repressed emotions
  • An indescribable irrational fear of everything, including yourself
  • Fear of the psychic, mystical, and metaphysical worlds
  • Single mom syndrome
  • Broken marriages
  • Emotionally abusive or elusive relationships that lead to abandonment and abandoning the children
  • Alcoholism and addiction
  • Root chakra issues

sang graal

If you come from lines where there was systematic rape, abuse, torture, persecution, etc., you must really focus on clearing this. For instance, the African American community has a lot of healing work to do, yet on the other hand there are several very stong ancient bloodline connections dating back to Africa to Maat, Sheba, Isis, and Ashtarte, Innana, and many other sacred beings. It would be quiet helpful for black women around the world to come together in prayer to these goddesses for bloodline clearing. Additionally, it would be helpful for white women to come together to support our African blooded sisters to support them in this clearing and goddess resurrection.  We are all one, and healing ourselves heals each other and vice versa. Slavery and racism are one of the fastest ways to disempower humanity as a whole, disconnecting us from divinity and oneness.

How do I clear my blood of impurities as quickly as possible?

Your blood is made of mostly water, which can become contaminated with physical toxins. It thus needs to be purified and crystalized both energetically and physically. In order to purify your blood physically, you can:

  • clearing the bloodline Do juice detoxes
  • Take cleansing herbs under the supervision of a naturopath, ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medical doctor, etc
  • Drink plenty of fresh pure crystalline spring water or charged distilled water
  • Do a heavy metal cleanse
  • Incorporate seaweed and pungent herbs and spices like ginger, coriander, parsley, cardamom, cayenne, etc which all purify the blood
  • Eat plenty of green veggies especially bitter ones like dandelion, arugula, celery, mustard, chard, kale etc.
  • Add chlorella, spirulina, or blue green algae and green powders to your diet (even Trader Joe’s has a good affordable one if you happen to be in America)

Your blood also contains plasma and other genetically derived and directed materials that withhold the consciousness. To energize, purify, and activate your blood through metaphysical awakening (meta means ‘beyond),  you will need to work the blood-magic energetically. In order to purify your bloodline energetically, you can:

  • Bathe in sacred springs and intentionally bring in a cleansed energy
  • Spend time near the ocean and inhale the negative ions and cleansing energy
  • Imagine golden light (or whatever color you like to use to purify and activate) running through your veins
  • Drink holy wine and bring in a sacred blessing
  • Visit high vibrational sacred sites and ask the devas to bless you with bloodline activations
  • Spend time with your soul family
  • Eliminate energy draining tasks, work, and people from your life who bring down or suck your psychic energy
  • Start treating yourself like a High-Healed Priestess (a high priestess or priest)

It is vitally important at this time for you to begin the heavy duty work to start clearing out your bloodline. This will activate your light line and your connection to the stars, to your soul’s origin. You will start remembering yourself, re-member-ing who you are (literally putting together your sacred mem ohr codes).

Mem Ohr – memory is derived from this Ancient Hebrew word or code mem ohr, where: mem = water and ohr = spirit

sacred bloodline So, to activate your blood/water’s memory you must activate the soul of your water. Remember your past lives, clear past psychic pain, and even reconnect the broken pieces of history in your family line. Were your ancestors raped, did they rape? Did they nearly starve to death? Were they persecuted for their religious truth? Did they get discriminated against for being an ethnic minority?  Were they wealthy kings who abused and shamed the people?  What pain, shame, guilt, abuse, past are you carrying?

To turn the past into Light you must ask, “I ask my angels to transmute my past into the Light so I can lead a future full of my heart’s desires.”

This is the the basis of the Mary Magdalene Codes – of turning past shame into future light and bliss. It’s about forgiveness, and seeing everything as royal. RoyAll.

Everything is Good, everything is God. Forgive, breathe, believe. Activate the sacred codes of the Mary Magdalene-Christ Mem Ohr memory inside of your blood. You are the Christ. You are the Magdalene. You are the consciousness. You are the Looking glass!

Namaste <3

the magdalene codes