Wondering if they're your true Twin Flame, or just 'fools gold'?
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End the drama & confusion... Avoid heartbreaks, counterfeits, and get a smart next step to attract your true love... 

• Embody the goddess of love frequency to fall into self-love and attract true, lasting love

• Align with their ultimate beloved Twin Flame for a lasting conscious relationship

• Learn to apply the 11 Phases of Twin Flame Alchemy to become part of a conscious power couple

• Become expert Certified Twin Flame Alchemists/Love Coaches/Life Coaches with an expertise in conscious relationships & the Divine Feminine Healing Arts

• Launch their own certification programs in the Twin Flame Alchemical Arts or Divine Feminine Healing Arts

The year-long 'Bachelorette's Degree' is designed to help smart spiritual women align and heal their Divine Feminine & Masculine energies, step into self-love, and manifest a lasting conscious relationship with their Twin Flame.

The 2-year long 'Mistress in Amor Degree' is also known as our Love Leadership Certification Program. Our MA graduates become Certified Life/Love Coaches/Twin Flame Alchemists who help clients balance their feminine and masculine energies, find lasting love, and accomplish their life goals.

Our year-long business degree, 'Mistress in Blissness Amour' helps love coaches and Twin Flame Alchemists build their 6 or 7-figure soul-purpose based businesses from their blissful feminine flow.

Our 2-4 year 'Doctorate in Priestess Healing' helps love coaches and Twin Flame Alchemists to claim their authority as spiritual teachers, expert speakers, and authors who birth their own unique certification programs, Divine Feminine universities, and/or mystery schools. 

  • Smart spiritual women call in and activate their Twin Flame Union and learn how to heal themselves.
  • Women step into their blissness, abundance, love, and aligned divinity.
  • Recall their soul-purposes and to turn them into 6 & 7-figure businesses that heal our planet, in ease and bliss.
  • The broken bonds of Soul Sisterhood are mended to activate a massive wave of Divine Feminine Love consciousness within ourselves, each other, the planet, and the universe.
  • Women discover the deepest sense of self-empowerment, self-esteem, and self-love within themselves; they finally feel safe to be powerful, sacred, and sensual Divine Feminine beings.
  • Wealth is restored to conscious spiritual women (High-Healed Priestesses) so that we create goddess community temples and New Earth villages around the world.
  • We adore and honor you as a woman, a daughter, a mother, a sister, and as a Goddess of Love. We cherish you for being you, encourage your growth, and celebrate your success. We see you through eyes of unconditional love.


Aphrodite University is the premier Divine Feminine university and mystery school for Twin Flame women.

At AU, we offer BA, MA, MBA, and Ph.D. programs for smart conscious entrepreneurs and Love Leaders who are here to awaken humanity.


We find unity in diversity, and come from all walks of life, from all corners of the galaxy. But loving hearts and compassion are our commonthreads.

We are here to build the New Earth with sustainable systems, wealth consciousness, soul-aligned entrepreneurship, eco villages, alternative health centers, goddess temples, new models of government, and an enlightened planet.

 I'm Dr. Amanda Noelle, the founder of Aphrodite University.

I help smart, spiritual women find lasting love and wealth in a pleasurable, feminine way. That way, the can align their worth and wealth the feminine way.

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