Are you a conscious, high-achieving single woman who seeks epic, lasting love?

Are you ready to awaken your Sacred Feminine energy, and manifest more pleasure in your love life (and life in general)?

Welcome, Beloved. We teach women how to quickly align with their Twin Flame Union, the Holy Grail of relationships. 

Yet the Twin Flame Journey is not for the faint of heart…

It takes commitment, proper guidance, and bravery to break through ancient blocks and early childhood wounds.

If you are a conscious bachelorette who is ready to align with her ‘other whole,’ then Aphrodite University is excited to offer you her support!

We’ve helped hundreds of women to create a new paradigm for love, starting at self-love and honoring the Divine Feminine. 

Your first step is to simply get started with our free checklist (PDF) the 22 Twin Flame Signs of Reunion, to assess where you are at on your journey.

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Dr. Amanda Noelle | Founder of Aphrodite University



Aphrodite University helps badass bachelorettes find and keep true love. 

We currently offer training programs in:

  • Self-Love

  • Healing Love Blocks & Negative Relationship Karma

  • Sacred Feminine Healing Arts and Womb Wisdom

  • Twin Flame Attraction for Single Women

Aphrodite University is the premier Divine Feminine university and mystery school for high-achieving women here to embody love and awaken humanity.

Aphrodite University focuses on personal development through love coaching and metaphysics, as well as business development and wealth generation. We lead with a blissful feminine leadership approach while applying masculine principles and tools for balance.


Want Unstoppable Self-Confidence & Self-Love?

Become magnetic to your Twin Flame, as a goddess of self-love, even if you’ve felt stuck for years…Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp is a 3-part live online workshop to reboot your love life and become the woman you’re meant to be!


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Ready to Bust Your Love Blocks?

Whether you’ve been stuck in the past, haunted by an ex or karmic attachment, or if you’re attracting the wrong type of guy and you’re ready to find someone who can meet you on all levels, the Twin Flame Awakening Package is the next step for you!

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Ready To Attract Your Twin Flame?

Are you a badass bachelorette who is ready to manifest her ultimate union? Marry yourself as the Twin Flame Bride and learn exactly how to attract your Twin Flame using our Twin Flame Alchemy Formula. 

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