Dearly Beloved,

  • Do you seek epic, lasting love and romance?
  • Are you ready to discover and mistress the Divine Feminine Healing Arts?
  • Are you ready to awaken your Sacred Sexuality, and manifest with ORGASM?
  • Do you want to lead a love-based mission, and launch a prosperous business that impacts thousands of souls?

Welcome SeaStar! Whether you are a conscious bachelorette who is ready to align with her Twin Flame or a lightworker who is ready to build her 6 or 7-figure blissful business (bli$$ness), you are in the right place to lead from love as a High-Healed Priestess.

Aphrodite University is a Divine Feminine “yoniversity,” the premier priestess temple and mystery school where women get together as sisters. Where we coronate ourselves and each other, and learn to lead as revolutionary lovepreneurs and Twin Flame Lovers.

If you are ready to launch your soul aligned bli$$ness, call in your ultimate beloved, and tap deeper into your sacred sexuality, then get started with a complimentary Admissions Interview. Get started and hit the “Apply Now” botton here!

XO, Dr. Amanda Noelle

The Founder of Aphrodite University


Make Love, Make Money, & Make an Impact as a Divine Feminine Leader. Offering High Priestess Degree Programs in the Divine Feminine Healing Arts.

Ready For Your Twin Flame Union?

Looking to attract your Twin Flame as a powerful High-Healed Priestess? Ready to become an unstoppable love-leader and marry yourself as the Twin Flame Bride?

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Ready to Build a 6 or 7-Figure Bli$$ness the ORGASMIC Way?

At AU, we don’t do busy-ness as usual…We teach “bli$$ness,” where you merge your Sacred Feminine bliss with the Sacred Masculine 6 or 7 figure business structures.

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Ready to Become a Love Coach or Matchmaker?

Think you’ve got natural talent as a love coach or matchmaker? See if Aphrodite University’s Twin Flame Matchmaker Certification Program is a fit for you!

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Aphrodite University teaches love coaches and badass bachelorettes how to build lasting divine relationships with their ultimate Beloved.

We offer training programs in:

  • Twin Flame attraction

  • Love coach training and Twin Flame Matchmaker certification

  • Sacred sexuality, yoni awakening, and manifesting with orgasm

  • Business (bli$$ness) building for Divine Feminine entrepreneurs

Aphrodite University is a close network of sisters, as well as a mystery school for independent self-study and realization. Our coursework and retreat intensives are designed to fast-track your Twin Flame attraction, and/or your career as a love coach or matchmaker.

Our mission is to spread Divine Feminine empowerment through 144,000 Twin Flames across the globe. 

Our curriculum and community helps our SeaStars (student sisters) repair and avoid years of heartbreak and wasted investments on expensive dating coaches and matchmakers who don’t provide lasting results.

Dr. Amanda Noelle has helped thousands off single women in over 33 countries worldwide to awaken and attract Twin Flame Love. Our thriving community of over 22 High Priestess Professors contribute their trainings from decades and lifetimes of experience, to awaken your heart, womb, and soul.