Bootcamp consists of 3 exclusive workshop intensives to help Divine Feminine entrepreneurs get to 6 or 7 figures in their pleasure and flow.

At this inspiring, interactive intensive, you'll turn your business into a high-end 'blissness' that aligns with your highest joy, gifts, and financial prosperity.

Let go of the hustle, self-doubt, or having to fit in. It's time to ground your root chakra in 6+-figure bliss!

So many beautiful, powerful priestesses end up falling into the traps of believing that making money has to be hard, painful, or even a sort of punishment. They've been persecuted and burnt at the stake so many lifetimes, they've forgotten how powerful their magic really is!

They either settle for a 'safe job' they don't truly love, trapped in golden handcuffs...

Or, they opt-out of the day job, but don't feel good enough to charge high-end rates, and their income stagnates below the 6-figure mark. They hide in the shadows and never fully break through their financial limits imposed by what I call 'priestess past-life PTSD.'

In reality, they can be making so much more income and more importantly impact as a High-End Priestess!

When I was in my twenties, I hardly made any money myself. After graduating Cum Laude from Duke University, Spirit guided me to follow my heart; so I ditched my corporate job and attempted to become a coach.

While I was able to help people in miraculous ways with my priestess skillset, I would always end up sabotaging myself! Deep down I was scared of my power...I forfeited business opportunities saying I "still needed more time to perfect my brand or website." When it came to actually enrolling clients, I'd always end up sabotaging the sale and my business became more of a hobby.

When I turned 30, I went through an intense spiritual awakening journey which guided me to take back my financial power as a High Priestess.

I learned how to create my own unique currency!  One that felt electrical, and even orgasmic...

I applied the spiritual teachings that I'll be sharing with you at Blissness Bootcamp, an approach that helped me go from stuck to 6-figures business in just a couple of years...

Today, I am excited to share how I blissfully sell $50K+ high-end coaching packages, which is why I created Blissness Bootcamp... It's time to create the new love-based currencies!

Let's exchange our 'BLI$$ Codes' around the globe to create transactions and transformations that heal the planet!

I'll also be sharing with you powerful business templates and structures that my soul guided me to apply. These masculine tools come from business coaches I've hired from around the world that I've tailored to align with feminine bliss.

And I promise to make Blissness Bootcamp super FUN and blissful! Plus, I'll be delivering real results for you and your business.

I can't wait to help you step into your business as a queen in her bliss; get ready to open to receive the abundant miracles of the Universe, while sharing your beautiful heart and gifts with the world!

Abundant Blessings,

  • You're tired of hustling and pushing to the point of exhaustion, especially since it hasn't been paying off or has lead you to burnout before?
  • You want a more feminine approach to business that truly works!
  • You have a ton of healing gifts to share, but you aren't sure what to do to monetize your gifts without seeming salesy or sleazy.
  • While you love healing people and making transformation in their lives, when it comes to selling, you lack confidence and often back down from sharing your work.
  • Visibility fears stop you from shining your light, and you're not speaking your full voice on YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and other social media platforms.
  • When you think about scheduling your next launch, you find yourself slipping into perfectionism and procrastination mode. 
  • When talking with potential clients, few of them say "Yes," and you're starting to doubt your sales skills!
  • You don't feel worthy of becoming wealthy, even though mainly you want to make an income so you can make an impact through charity and through your healing projects such as building a retreat center.
"My practice has increased five-fold in less than four months, and there seems to be no sign of the expansion slowing down. I see myself hitting my 6 figure goals right on target! AU has helped me create a life and bli$$ness that has made me the happiest I've been in a long time. In only a few months, I went from working for the man and not living to my fullest potential to  jumping in heart first and running my own soul-aligned business."
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Dr. Megan H., NYC

"Before I participated in Aphrodite University, I was just settling in life and in my business.  Now after working with Amanda and AU, my income has increased three-fold from 32K/year to nearly six figures, and it continues to grow! What is most important is that I clarified my soul purpose; and I now get to set my schedule on my own time and am able to have the freedom to do what I love which is travel and work from any location around the world."
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Sherley W., Texas

$18K in 18 days!
“I wanted to give you a mini rundown with my amazing sexy success with pleasure in my own beginnings at Aphrodite University. When I said yes to AU, it was a full out yes in my body, and so I basically gave it my every financial resource I had just to get started. I got deeply into the mastertations and pleasure modules right away, and I paired that with some of the beginning bli$$ness materials--initial handouts, trainings, and templates, and I made $9,000 in 12 days. And then a few days later, I did it a second time.”
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Asherah E., Hawaii
Life Coach

Easy Enrollments!
"I enrolled 2 fabulous female entrepreneurs in my high-end program within 2 hours, yesterday.
I had my first 3 hour VIP half day today at my new location and my client channeled her soul-aligned biz, niche and tagline.... SHAZAM!
I am equal parts giddy and shaky.
The best part? I am working with clients who inspire me to greater levels of bliss and who are an utter joy to mentor.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart."

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Jasmine C., Greece
Success Siren

Register for the Early Bird Special, and get the following bonuses for FREE
(a $3,333 value!)

Blissness 101 Home Learning Program LIVE 

Sign up for Bootcamp and get your 7-module 'Intro to Blissness' intensive training home study course to ground the 7 chakras of your 6 or 7-figure business, in bliss!

Dr. Amanda Noelle shares Aphrodite University’s uniquely feminine approach to building a spiritually-based consulting/coaching/healing business. BL 101 teaches you how to incorporate your bliss in every aspect of your business to inspire fun, flow, plus sustainable financial growth.

Blissness 101 includes 7 training modules based on the 7-Chakras. These incorporate step-by-step guidance and uniquely-customizable templates to help you take action your way!

You’ll receive sexy secrets to magnetize perfect-fit Soulmate Clients, including Dr. Amanda’s 6-Sacred Steps to Sensual Sales formula, as well as some kick-ass motivational coaching to help you take action to ground your High-End Priestess results.  Plus you’ll get some useful (and gorgeous) PDFs to make things simple and sexy!

 Blast Open Your Blissness as a High-End Priestess 
  • Learn Amanda’s step-by-step methods to transform your brand into a beautiful high-end feel that attracts clients who invest in $10K + packages.
  • Ground your business in feminine flow, awaken your bliss.
  • Heal self-worth wounds blocking your wealth.
Aphrodisiac Marketing
  • Learn how to find the fastest marketing methods that are right for your business to attract high-paying soulmate clients
  • Step into your feminine flow to keep a solid and consistent marketing calendar
  • Tailor your content to your ideal audience using these 3 secret hacks
High-End Love Launches
  • Webinars and workshops to grow your blissness
  • Girls just wanna have funnels! Map out your sensual sales funnel
  • Fill your next launch with a luscious landing page that represents your brilliance
  • How to have easy enrollments using super-juicy webinars or workshops
Sensual Sales
  • Discover our Six-Step Sensual Sales System 
  • What you need to do to melt fear and resistance
  • How to create a sacred sales portal of "transformaction"
Sexy Story Selling
  • Copywriting from your creative flow
  • Speaking from the soul
  • How to write a Bodacious Bio that speaks to your soul-aligned audience
Unveiling Your High-End Priestess Brand
  • Take your brand from hiding or ho-hum to highly magnetic and visible
  • Become brand-visible! Boost your confidence and your visibility in a safe, sensual way
7-Figure ORGASMIC Manifestation
  • Use our money mindset mantras to instantly increase your wealth frequency
  • Rewire your brain and body towards an abundant income
  • Discover our 7-Step High-End Priestess Practices for Abundance that have helped women confidently sell $10K+ packages in ease after struggling with money for years

In all, you’re getting around 6 hours of empowering, biz=building instruction that will change your business, vibration, and confidence to maximize your ability to enroll clients. Each module is concise, easy-to-follow, yet packed with the perfect strategies and activations so you can easily fit the incredible support into your week!

(a $222 value!)

BONUS #2: 7-Figure ORGASM Meditation

Do you have limiting beliefs about money? Do you find yourself working to the point of burnout just to live the life you want as a High-End Priestess?

Release negative programs about money and attune your money frequency to an orgasmic vibration!

Listen to the 7-Figure ORGASM Meditation every day for 14 consecutive days to reprogram your mind (and wombspace) to financially flow with your feminine wealth codes.

(a $444  value!)

Bonus #3: Sacred Bonus Calls

Plus, with your purchase of Blissness Bootcamp, you'll get 2 Sacred Bonus Calls:

Sacred Bonus Call #1 "The Warrior Priestess Sales Workshop" 

Sacred Bonus Call #2 "Healing Limiting Ancestral Patterns to Magnetize the Best Clients and Increase Your Income"

Dr. Amanda has decided to gift you these two juicy bonus calls to help you accelerate your 6+ figure growth!

Attend these workshops live to ask your questions and address specific challenges or goals in your blissness.

Gain clarity, confidence, and get the support you need to move past confusion and self-doubt. You'll also feel the Divine Feminine activation in Amanda's healing presence as you let the old 'busy-business hustle' systems fall away! Oh, and the recordings are yours to download and keep.

(a $3,333 value!)

BONUS #4: One Complimentary Ticket To Blissness Bootcamp

Register for the Early Bird Special and you'll get to gift a sister-friend as your guest to make the journey more powerful and supportive.

($1,333 value)
BONUS #5: New Moon Rituals + Replays

Every month, join us live on the new to birth your own monthly business roadmap that aligns with powerful lunar energy to grow your income to 6 or 7 figures in ease, while making more impact.

The ritual replays will be emailed straight into your inbox, 12 total.

Register for Blissness Bootcamp 2023!
3 Workshop Intensives to Grow Your Biz in

$3,333 or $333 x 12
(a $7,000+ value!)
Frequently Asked Questions About Blissness Bootcamp:

What if I don't have a business yet? 

- That's completely fine! We have many women sign up who aren't necessarily full-time business owners yet, but who know they have offerings to share with the world, and they'd like to make an income and impact in pleasure.

Is it really worth the time, energy, and investment to attend? 

- Only you can decide that, but given what we know and what past clients are saying, we can safely say that this will be a life-changing workshop so we HIGHLY recommend you do everything in your pleasure and power to be there! We imagine you would feel terrible if you missed it and then see the other High-End Priestesses rise, and you are left behind regretting. We've been in that position in the past and now we don't ignore the "yes" to come if we feel it!

Will Blissness Bootcamp be recorded?
- Yes it will, and we will email you the recording links after the event  for you to listen to and keep!  Note that we may not record all event activities if they contain confidential guest information.

Where is the event located?  
- Currently, Blissness Bootcamp is a virtual live experience done from the comfort of your own home/office. This, it is “located” on Zoom video, wherever you can find an Internet (or phone) connection!

Is the event going to be a pitch fest? 

- Absolutely not. Amanda is the main speaker and she is committed to making it a transformative experience, and special guests will be there for support and miracle-manifestation!

Will I have the chance to interact with Dr. Amanda Noelle?

- YES. Blissness Bootcamp is a highly interactive event combining in-depth trainings, 'hands-on' experiences, blissness coaching, group shares and connecting. Amanda and her team are known for their ability to instantly cut through fear to get to the heart and soul of your blissness, and they're committed to doing as much laser coaching as possible throughout the event. These days, it costs thousands of dollars a day to work with Amanda, and you get to spend 3 days learning from her at a fraction of the cost. And she'll be available during the event for a chat... and for virtual hugs anytime you see her :)

What is included with Blissness Awakening Package purchase? 

- Your seat at the exclusive Blissness Bootcamp (3 workshop intensives to grow your biz, a $3,333 value!).

- Access to all Blissness Bootcamp course materials and replay recordings.

- Bonus #1 Blissness 101, and all course materials ($3,333 value)

- Bonus #2 7-Figure ORGASM Meditation ($222 value)

- Bonus #3 Two Bonus Blissness Q + A Calls ($444 value)

- Bonus #4 One Golden Ticket (Complimentary Ticket to Blissness Bootcamp LIVE)

- Bonus #5 New Moon Ritual + Replays

- Video download links to all of the above!

When and where is the virtual retreat? 

- Blissness Bootcamp happens LIVE online from the comfort of your own home via Zoom video livestream.

What's the dress code? 

- High-End Priestess style. We recommend expressing your own unique style such as adding flowers to your hair, some glitter, or whatever makes you feel like a queen!

What is your refund policy? 

- Due to the digital nature of this online package, there are no refunds allowed.

What happens if I have to cancel? 

- If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us at Blissness Bootcamp, then you can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place.  

Got Sacred Space?

What Jen Says About Blissness Bootcamp

Join this powerful community of High-End Priestesses and empower you and help you birth the blissness of your dreams...

We look forward to sharing sacred sisterhood, sexy secrets, and support with you!

Here’s to your blissness success!


Dr. Amanda  + The Team at Aphrodite University

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