Soul Family Рalso known as Soul Group, Soul Pod, Soul Cluster, or Star Family Рconsists of a group of souls who are part of a greater spiritual family who are connected in the Higher Dimensions and who reunite on earth. Soul Families share the same soul purpose, a spiritual mission for learning, growth, and healing.

Essentially, your Soul Family shares the same oversoul, just like your biological family shares a common greater ancestry.  On a soul level, each of the Soul Family members have their own individual consciousnesses and also share a unified collective consciousness.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Soul Family.

What Does it Mean to Have Soul Family?

All of us have Soul Family. Some families are huge, some are small, some are very tight, others are distant and separated. Like your earth family, your Soul Family shares many common traits on a soul level, including: strengths, weaknesses, star origins (you may identify with being Lyran, Sirian, Pleiadian etc), beliefs, and blueprints. You and your Soul Family have been through many of the same traumas, wounds, and growth experiences in your various reincarnations. When you meet up in each lifetime, you get to activate each other, catch up on old times (usually unconsciously!), and heal together.

Is my Biological Family the Same as my Soul Family?

No, your biological family is not always the same as your Soul Family. In fact, many advanced souls and starseeds choose to reincarnate into families that are not 100% overlapped with their Soul Families. Many times, we have parents with whom we are only connected to on a karmic level. Or, there may be a half-Star Family connection, and half karmic connection. Sometimes you will reincarnate with just one Soul Family member in your biological family.

Those who grow up without Soul Family around can often feel isolated, depressed, and socially awkward. It is especially healing for these people to connect with Soul Family later in life so they feel wanted, connected, and loved.

What Is the Point of Reconnecting With my Soul Family?

Being around our Soul Family supports our spiritual mission and spiritual growth. This can be experienced in person, via phone, or even the internet.  Simply seeing a photo of your Soul Family member can often bring up great emotion.

It can be incredibly powerful to reunite with Soul Family. I have seen people who have been separated from their Soul Families their entire lives call in their Soul Family to clear depression, desolation, and desperation! However, many of us are programmed to think that we are “cheating” if we reunite with our Soul Family,¬†as¬†we sometimes¬†get addicted to difficulty. We can get used to pain, separation, and isolation in many lifetimes, and become the monk on the mountain¬†and we have to break the habits.

How Do I Know if Someone Is Part of My Soul Family?

  • You feel you instantly know them right from the start
  • There is a sense of reunion, joy, and relief when you meet, and a sense of “coming home”
  • You often experience many synchronicities together
  • You may have similar childhood experiences, affinities for things, and spiritual beliefs
  • While you may¬†share the same pain¬†and same weaknesses, you also complement each other with different strengths
  • You have a lot to teach each other
  • You activate each other’s soul purpose to a higher level

Most Common Mistakes of Soul Family Reunions

Sometimes we confuse Soul Family recognition with Karmic Soulmate recognition. For instance, you may think someone is your Soul Family member, but they robbed you in a past life! Or maybe they were a business partner, or were your spiritual teacher.  Every type of soulmate is here to teach you a lesson, but the bond of Soul Family will be slightly different. Most people can feel it and recognize it.

Just because someone is your Soul Brother, Sister, etc., you assume that you owe them karmically.¬†Just like with your bio family, you don’t really owe anyone anything. You have free will with the universe, so even though you may feel a strong soul bond, you have the free will to say no to any request. You can choose how to set boundaries with your Soul Family on a physical and metaphysical level.

You assume that you’re Twin Flames!¬†I see this so often! I see people reunite with a Soul Sibling and feel a massive Divine Connection. In the physical, it can lead to hot sex, an indescribable¬†heart connection, and a healing connection. These emotions and sensations are easy to be confused with Twin Flame Love. Sometimes the connection can end up in¬†heartbreak because both Soul Family members feel disillusioned and hurt. ¬†If this happens, send your Soul Family member love and know that you are forever connected no matter what!

You assume that your relationship will be life-long.¬†While many Soul Family bonds do last a lifetime and over an infinite amount of lifetimes, as truly we are all one, sometimes the connection isn’t meant to last forever. Sometimes Soul Family exchanges happen only for a few years, months, or even minutes.

Soul Family Is Sacred

I have had many wonderful experiences with my Soul Family members. Many of my Soul Family members are my Soulmate Clients, dear friends, and some are family. At Aphrodite University, virtually all of my team members, students, and High Priestess Professors are part of the same Soul Family. Many of us feel connected to the Pleiades, Sirius, Arturius, Venus, and  other starry nations. Many of us share past lives in Greece, Italy, Egypt, the Middle East, and remember being High Priestesses together.

Know that if you have met a Soul Family member, it is for a greater purpose, and that you are exchanging gifts, healing energies, and subconscious energies that will align you with your soul path. Soul Family connections can be for friendship, romance, family, Twin Flame Love, or business as your Soulmate Clients. Either way you slice it, Soul Family bonds are palpable, sacred, and to be cherished.